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Vietnamese Food Truck Coming to Arlington

by ARLnow.com November 23, 2011 at 1:02 pm 8,133 18 Comments

A new food truck is planning to hit the streets of Arlington soon.

The Lemongrass truck will serve a limited Vietnamese-inspired menu that includes banh mi sandwiches, banh mi-style tacos, a salad with homemade lemongrass dressing and three varieties of bubble tea (iced coffee, Thai iced tea and green tea).

The truck’s arrival should fill the void left by last year’s launch and subsequent closure of the Rebel Heroes bahn mi sandwich truck. The Lemongrass truck’s proprietors — a husband and wife team — say the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs inspired them to quit their jobs and launch a food truck.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish,” the pair wrote on the truck’s new website. “[Those] were the words Steve Jobs chose to end his 2005 Stanford commencement speech with. And it is with those same words that inspired my husband and me to make the leap of faith and move from the world of government contracting to the food truck business.”

The truck will initially launch in Arlington, but plans to also serve the District starting in early 2012, according to Food Truck Fiesta.

Photos via Facebook and Twitter

  • TGEoA

    Steve Jobs inspired? They won’t last until spring.

  • Tabby

    The eye goes right to “asstruck” before noticing the lemongr

  • Curious George

    Website requires Flash to see anything. Bah Humbug.

    • Steve Jobs


  • Arlingtonian

    Love the truck design! Really cute!

  • Jessie

    A place to get bubble tea in Arlington! Yay!
    Love the truck design.

    • GrilledCheeseConnoisseur

      There are already a few places to get bubble tea, although not well advertised. TNR Cafe in Courthouse makes pretty good ones.

  • So where will they park? Need some banh mi love without having to make the trek all the way to Eden Center (no car)

    • Smoke_Jaguar4

      Most likely They’ll make the rounds through Ballston, Rosslyn, and Crystal City. Ballston in particular may be a good stop (Welburn Square) since if they need anything from Eden Center, it’s 5 minutes up Wilson Blvd.

      Any word on the prices? I regularly run up to Eden Center for $3.00 Bahn Mi’s. I’d probably spend $5 to for the convenience.

      • That’s why I asked. I live in Ballston and Crystal City would pretty much make it a non-starter for me. Eden Center is a lot more convenient than Crystal City.

  • Brandon C

    I, for one, welcome our new Vietnamese Sandwich overlords!

    I only hope they can do the Bahn Mi sandwich on a Song Que level and not a Rebel Heroes level.

  • Swag

    One day Arlington (and by Arlington I mean Courthouse/Clarendon) will get an American food truck–or at least a roach coach

    • Daniel

      You mean like Doug the Food Dude, Bada Bing, The Cupcake Truck, Redhook Lobster, Willie’s Po Boy, and The Big Cheese? I’ve tried all of these in Courthouse.

  • Fantomette

    Love the idea of having Bahn Mi sandwiches and bubble tea easily to pick up in Arlington. I hope they are delicious!

    Best of luck with the truck!

  • Daniel

    I had Lemongrass today….as good as Song Que or DC Banh Mi…nice crispy crust on the bread….the rest of the sandwich was good and fresh, but that’s hard to mess up. It was $7.50, so definitely not as cheap at the brick & mortars to the West, but the sub is noticeably larger.

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  • cate

    Looks good from the pictures, hope they live up to the reputation of Vietnamese Banh Mi although they don’t seem to have the variety like my favorite place “D.C. Banh Mi” at the intersection of Arlington Bldv and Graham Road, or at Eden Center “Banh Mi #1”. Will try the buble tea but wish they have the fruity flavor like avocado, strawberry or Durian.

  • Sarah

    LOVED the Bahn Mi! Delish! I don’t travel to DC enough to have it regulaly, so I will try to replicate it this weekend. I highly recommend the Lemongrass Truck for fresh, light food with a spicy kick, that will satisfy the biggest of appetites!


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