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by ARLnow.com November 28, 2011 at 9:03 am 2,819 9 Comments

Older Arlington Residents Give County High Marks — Arlington scored well above the state average in a recent survey of older Virginians. “People over 50 years of age in Arlington say they have a high quality of life, feel safe and secure, and are happy with their access to healthcare services, educational opportunities and recreational activities,” according to a county press release. [Arlington County]

‘Hairspray’ Actor Is Local TV/Radio Personality — Local WETA on-air personality Robery Aubry Davis is playing the role of Edna Turnblad in the Signature Theatre production of ‘Hairspray,’ which opened in Shirlington last week. [Sun Gazette]

Fighting Deer Cause Ruckus — According to an Arlington animal control blotter item, a pair of fighting bucks crashed through a glass patio window in the 3600 block of N. Monroe Street earlier this month. [Washington Post]

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  • bobco85

    Looks like they’re filming another movie in this area: “The Bambi Ultimatum.”

  • JimPB

    Here in North Arlington by the border with Fairfax County, deer are appearing in number, and just not little ones moving out in quest of an area that can provide them with food. The day before Thanksgiving an 8 pt. buck leaped into the enclosed back yard of a neighbor on Williamsburg below Somerset St. To get there, the buck had to traverse some distance from undeveloped woods.

    Groups of deers have been sighted on Pawhatan just over the line into Fairfax County, presumably coming out of undeveloped woods and creeks that abut Pawhatan.

    The deer have chomped down fall flowers and other select yard growth in their quest to keep nourished.

    Time for turn about: fresh, organic, free range venison on dinner plates.

  • DarkHeart

    Bad car crash at exit ramp from G. Mason onto 50 WB this morning. Multiple officers working traffic. Major backups. Any pics/updates?

    • CrystalMikey

      I saw the lights while driving 50WB this morning, was curious what happened as well.


    I witnessed that crash this morning – it was horrific. I’d really like to get some update on the folks involved. Anyone have anything?

  • Joe

    Do the privatized Animal Control officers, under Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s (AWLA’s) employ, actually DO animal control? I understand their annual report talks about numerous visits to parks, as well as animals they supposedly rescue and so forth. Has the County done an independent performance audit on them? To make sure the visits aren’t just sitting on a bench eating a sandwich, or helping down an AWLA board member’s cat planted up in a treehouse? I’m not making any accusations, mind you. But if you privatize a public function to a private group, you have to conduct rigorous assessments to make sure the funds are being used for the function that is ostensibly funded. Based on this and other stories, the Animal Control officers simply do not seem to be a very proactive group.

    Look beyond the Leash Law issue, as I think we all realize a donor-driven organization is going to avoid at all costs enforcement of the leash law (which would necessarily ensnare said donors). Just focus on the notion of multiple deer crashing through a plate glass door in the 3000 block of North Monroe!!!

    This is not the first instance of deer parading around Arlington homes. The MONA listserv (Moms of North Arlington) has had a slew of posts about deer cavorting all through soccer games at Lacey Woods park, accompanying children 5 blocks to school (@ Glebe School)–and trying to enter the school, lollygagging all through neighborhoods in North Arlington, etc.

    With all of this, WHERE IS ANIMAL CONTROL??? People are seeing these deer all over the place–deer that bear diseases of one sort or another. Is it time to ask whether the Animal Control officers are de-facto public relations specialists for AWLA, rather than actual officers who practice animal control?

    • shirley

      i think your point that Deer should be part of animal control needs to be backed up some.
      Deer are a nuisance but not considered a “problem”
      And I agree, what exactly does Animal Control do?
      I had a stray cat in my yard. They wouldn’t trap it. They wouldn’t even come and get it if I trapped it.
      My neighbors dog barks all night, they tell me to call the police.
      Fox out during the day, they didn’t come for that.
      A bird hit my window, they did come for that.

    • Let’s Talk to the Village Genius

      Joe, the Village Genius misses the big picture.

      Why blame animal control when obviously the good people of arlington have failed to provide affordable housing for the deer! Deer have rights. Maybe the County should also provide orange vests for the deer or maybe shut down roads at dusk.

      Alternatively, we can blame Zimmie and his side-kicks for trampling 2nd amendment rights. If we all had guns, and lots of them, we could smoke those deer when they dared trespass. Deer jerky for all.

      As a real environmentalist, I favor releasing wolves and mountain lions to combat the unnatural deer population. Sure a few kids and old people will be culled, but usually only the slow or dumb ones get taken. Bring back nature.

  • Todd

    If I have a question about an organization’s purpose, my first stop is usually the group’s website. The AWLA website has an entire section on their duties regarding Animal Control including what they can do and can’t do. For example, the website states very clearly that dog barking, for example, falls under the nuisance laws and therefore is a police matter. They will not trap healthy animals – the job is public safety, not to eliminate wildlife from Arlington.

    The League’s goal is not to eliminate wildlife from Arlington, but to help us all coexist. You can’t evaluate their effectiveness based on whether or not wildlife exists. It always will – hopefully!


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