Fire Truck Kitten Ready for Adoption

by Katie Pyzyk December 6, 2011 at 3:00 pm 4,192 39 Comments

Here’s your chance to give a semi-famous animal a good home. Axel, the kitten rescued from an Arlington County fire truck’s engine compartment last month, is ready to be adopted.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington cleaned him up at their Shirlington shelter following the incident. He’s an orange tabby estimated to be about three months old, and has been neutered and vaccinated.

Axel has been hanging out in a foster home with some other kittens, but is now ready to find a permanent residence. Anyone interested in adopting Axel, or any other kitten, can check out the AWLA website for adoption procedures.

  • novasteve

    aww. i wish I could

    • novasteve

      argh. will someone here please adopt him? I would, but I already have 3 cats in a 1 BR apartment, and people are already accusing me of being a crazy cat lady. with 4 my parents would have me committed.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Great picture! If I was retired, so I could be home to take care of them, etc., I’d adopt a couple of them!

  • Yum!

    For pets or meat.

    • Grognak

      Fire Truck Kitten does kind of sound like a recipe.

  • Tabby

    AWLA needs a new photographer.

    Compare those terrified (and thus inadvertently mean-looking) cats with the ones on the Lost Dog site.

    AWLA gets them as soon as they arrive and have been poked and prodded, and then says ‘say cheese!’

    Let them settle in, give ’em a nice scratch and a pat, and then take the pics.

    • Josh S

      Look pretty cute to me.

    • Bob

      That is a photo from the foster home, not the AWLA. I suspect the kitten had already “settled in.”

    • Sam

      Well, just goes to show what you think you know.

      It is imperative that the shelter (and other shelters) take a picture immediately upon arrival regardless of their condition so it can be posted on websites such as http://www.petharbor.com. People are using the web to find their lost pets more often now, and the number of pets returned home greatly increases when the pet owner can look at the web (even when the shelter is closed to the public) to see if their pet has arrived at the shelter or for others who can “match” a dog/cat to a lost dog/cat poster. The animal may never look “settled in”; so waiting would not be prudent.

      If you really pay attention to what they do, then you would know that often they use volunteered time from professional pet photographers as well to assist in the adoption process.

    • charlie

      I don’t know if AWLA photographer is a professional or a volunteer. But the dogs and cats never look all that thrilled. And, yeah, it isn’t a great place to be. But look at the cats at the Alexandria Shelter and you are putty in seconds…

      • Tabby

        It’s an employee or volunteer. I’ve seen them taking pics.

        Sure, it’s important to get the photos up as soon as possible in cases where it’s a possible lost pet. But how hard is it to take a flattering photo of an animal? Lost Dog writes informative and charming blurbs as well.

        I know that the pic of Axel he’s in the foster home, but the foster carer has much cuter pics of him online.

        • Sam

          It would be great if someone who feels they can do a better job or someone else could do a better job would assist and make it happen. It’s unfortunate that so many take the time to criticize, but don’t take the time to help.

  • jslanger

    Wish I could take that kitten–my cat needs a friend. But my wife would kill me if I got another one!

  • Westover Chic

    Why can’t the firestation adopt him? Or if they really want to market the kitten, post a picture of the firefighter hold him. 🙂

    • Kid Boook Reader

      Like Pickles – The Fire Cat!!

    • bredmond

      Nice idea. But I’d guess that there are too many doors open when an alarm rings and the firefighters first action is to get into the trucks and be on their way. No time to look for a kitty when people may be in danger. All that said, I’d love to bring another kitty into my house, but my wife of 27 years and our 12 year old feline mistress of the home likely will have none of that!

  • OX4

    Awwww man, Axel looks like my cat, back when I first got her! Love those little tiger stripes.

  • SinSA

    I’m going to go see if Axle wants to live with me. He’s adorable.

    • novasteve


  • soarlslacker

    Don’t blame the photographer. It is likely stressful for animals to be at the shelter. Our 3 cats from AWLA all gained weight and a look of being less frighten after being in our home a while. every little creature deserves a home and someone(s) to love them. Having 3 cats and 2 dogs–all rescues– it is so well worth the time and money to adopt a pet. The unconditional love from animals is amazing.

  • Arlingtonian

    I don’t get what some of you think is so wrong with the AWLA pictures. They are all adorable. I would love to take them all home if I didn’t already have my hands full with two other (very spoiled) shelter kitties in a 1B apartment.

    • novasteve

      I have three. You could possibly do 1 more. However one of my cats is is more like a dog, so it’s really only 2 cats.

      • Arlingtonian

        I would love to, especially an orange tabby male, but one of mine is diabetic and a LOT of work. They both remind me of small children the way they follow me around, want to know what I am doing at any given moment, jump on the bed and harass me in the morning, etc. But maybe …

        • Tabby

          +1 on orange tabby males. I sent the original article with the firefighters to my mom, knowing what a sucker she is for orange tabbies. No dice, yet.

          • Arlingtonian

            Aren’t they the best? We had one growing up; such a sweetheart. And we just rescued a hungry stray kitty at the beach this past summer – a *female* orange tabby who is now my mother’s constant companion (and a lot less hungry)!

      • Loocy

        My orange tabby male thinks he is a dog. Growls at strangers who come to the door, cheerfully comes when called, follows me around, etc. Unfortunately, like many dogs, he hates cats and terrorized the poor cat I tried to move in at one point. But I still find myself poring over the AWLA web site falling in love with the kitties.

        • Arlingtonian

          It’s hard not to! 🙂

  • soarlslacker

    AWLA opens at noon today…

    • Arlingtonian

      Sounds like he won’t have any shortage of interested parties 🙂

  • Arlingtonian

    Oh my gosh … do you guys see that big yellow kitten named BUTTERS on the kittens’ foster mother’s site! He is SO CUTE. Do not let me anywhere near him!

    • Loocy

      They are all very cute. I’m in love with Ziggy. She says that all except the tiniest two are ready to go to their forever homes now…

      • Arlingtonian

        That’s good to hear!!!

      • Loocy

        I meant ready, as in big and healthy enough, but I don’t know if they’ve been claimed yet! Let her know if you are interested, they sound like lovely little kitties and they’ve been well cared for!

    • Maria

      I can tell you that Butters is the snuggliest little thing! Very sweet.

      • Arlingtonian

        Sounds like someone already adopted him … I already did a Google search on him 😉 Am I right? Love those big paws!

        • Maria

          Probably. He (along with quite a few kittens that were there last week) wasn’t there today, though I forgot to ask about it. It wouldn’t be surprising!

  • soarlslacker
    • Loocy

      They are all beautiful. They have a program in which if you are over 60, Purina will sponsor the adoption fee if the cat is at least a few years old.

      I wanted my dad to adopt Nouba, but he is unconvinced. She sounds like a sweetheart.

      • Maria

        She is and seems to need a LOT of attention!


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