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Power Outage Hits Courthouse Area

by ARLnow.com December 7, 2011 at 4:54 pm 4,038 25 Comments

More than 1,700 Dominion customers are without power this evening due to a power outage in the Courthouse area.

The outage hit just before 4:30 p.m., causing traffic lights to go dark and sending office workers home early. One person was reportedly rescued from an elevator that became stuck as a result of the blackout. Firefighters responded to the AMC movie theater in Courthouse Plaza for a report of smoke coming from the roof, but it was quickly discovered that the smoke was coming from a power generator.

Drivers in the area are being reminded to treat non-functioning traffic signals as a four-way stop. No word yet on when Dominion expects power to be restored.

  • DLGlenCarlyn

    Any one know if Metro is affected by outage?

    • Shirlingtonguy

      Metro appears to be working fine. But nobody is directing traffic in the area and our ART bus was forced to detour and leave riders stranded at Vetch and Wilson.

  • Novasteve

    Metro is fine, streets dark and no traffic cops, almost got ran over crossing street

    • anon

      too bad you didn’t…

      • novasteve

        Stay classy, anonymous coward.

      • drax

        Lay off steve, he’s had a tough day standing outside all day in the rain smoking instead of working.

      • beth

        come on grinches, be nice. he was just responding to the question and being helpful.

        • Tabby

          And he has kitties.

  • aris

    Power just came back.

  • CSEM

    Power still out on corner of Clarendon and Barton.

    • CrystalMikey

      On now!

      • CSEM

        Back up about 30 minutes ago..

  • Aaron

    Two down escalators, no up escalators at Rosslyn metro. The station manager is hiding in a corner, avoiding all contact with customers.

    • Sikudhani

      “The station manager is hiding in a corner, avoiding all contact with customers.”

      Probably due to the sheer number of people who believe that he can snap his fingers and fix a broken system.

      • Josh S

        What about making an executive decision and switching one of the down to up? Can’t you do that with the flick of a switch?

        Must have been extenuating circumstances, I’m sure…..

  • I was appalled at the traffic today. No one observed the non-functioning lights as four way stops. I saw at least 15 cars zoom through an intersection, keeping a school bus from making the turn it needed to. I was very disappointed with the people in the area. They put getting 15 feet ahead of safety and that is never okay. And the intersection at the courthouse was the worse. I expected the police to come out and help direct traffic, but I didn’t see any of them.

    • novasteve

      Hence why I almost got hit at Clarendon blvd and Barton, no treating out lights like stop signs

      • Village Genius

        I treated the intersection at Clarendon and Barton as a 4-way stop around 7:30 pm. Did not trust cross traffic, so watched it very closely and, drum roll, almost ran over a pedestrian. Whoops. It was very dark and raining.

        • Marlington

          The combination of a dark rainy night and no street lights made it crazy dark. The headlights on my car seemed almost ineffective. I kept looking at my dash checking to see if I had my lights on!

      • D

        It was difficult to treat intersections with nonfunctioning traffic lights as 4 way stops when it was so dark that drivers not familiar with the streets could not see the nonfunctioning lights. FAIL on the part of the police not to protect drivers and peds. Well – the police did have to travel one block from their cozy offices.

  • Looking around the neighborhood during the power outage, there seemed to be no real pattern to which buildings had power and which didn’t. Some groupings made sense (for instance, all the Plaza buildings were out), but for the most part it all seemed fairly random. Anyone know if that’s normal? Or is Arlington’s power grid especially convoluted? Or maybe it depends on the developers and contractors, or the relative ages of the buildings? Just curious…

    • PeoplesCourthouse

      It seemed that Courtland Park at the corner of Barton and Clarendon was without power for an hour or so after everything else lit up, and the utility trucks were focused on that corner. Possibly something to do with the construction on the building?

      • CrystalMikey

        Yeah, I live in Courtland Park on the Barton St. side and it was killing me seeing the lights on right across the street. haha

    • novasteve

      As I was walking down barton street from Clarendon blvd Fairfax drive was the border. On one side of the street the power was out, on the other side the power was on. Fortunately I live on the side with the power on.

      • courthound

        Today I learned novasteve lives on the west side of Barton Street.


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