Ray’s Hell Burger Robbed by Armed Men

by ARLnow.com December 12, 2011 at 2:57 pm 9,734 66 Comments

Ray’s Hell Burger in Rosslyn was the scene of an armed robbery on Thursday night. The well-known restaurant was robbed by three men dressed in ski masks and sunglasses, we’re told.

From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

ROBBERY, 12/08/11, 1700 block of Wilson Blvd. On December 8 at 9:30 pm, three unknown men entered a restaurant and demanded money while brandishing a handgun. They fled through a rear door after receiving cash. The suspects were men of average height and weight, wearing all black clothing, black ski masks and sunglasses.

Initial news of the robbery was first reported by an ARLnow.com commenter last week. A police spokesperson was unable to elaborate on which Ray’s Hell Burger was robbed; both the original Ray’s Hell Burger and Ray’s Hell Burger Too are located in the same shopping center. Ray’s Hell Burger does not accept credit cards and operates as a cash-only business.

  • novasteve

    Oh wow this sucks. These robberies in this area are getting out of hand. Time to get a CCW Permit.

    • Always Right

      Right On!

  • Joe L

    Glad nobody was hurt. One of the obvious down-sides of being a cash only business.

    • KalashniKEV

      I’m sure it’s more than offset by the “tax advantages.”

  • novasteve

    Places Obama have visited haven’t had the best of luck. Lots of them have gone out of business, or ones that do well get robbed. Now I wouldn’t lose any sleep over Liberty Tavern closing down, but I doubt that would happen.

  • G

    Yup, not surprised. I would definitely go here more often if they accepted credit cards.

    • porkchop_milkshake

      They do have a no-fee ATM right next to the cash register.

      • CW

        I would point out that the no-fee part is only on their end and that one’s own bank can still charge fees, but then a mob would jump on me and chastise me for using a mega-bank instead of a credit union.

        • porkchop_milkshake

          If you’re part of the 1% whose interests the megabanks look after, you probably don’t mind the fees anyway 😉

          None of the banks we use (not the largest of the large, but two of the three are in the top 15 on SNL’s list of largest US banks) charge those fees on our accounts.

  • yep

    Time to re-think that cash only model.

  • brendan


    they don’t have to pay as much in taxes and they can claim whatever they want w/ the insurance company.

    ridic. especially in light of the recent changes to merchant fees.

    • Aaron

      Rawr! Occupy Hellburger!!! Stop Corporate Greed!!!

    • ArlintonCountyTaxpayer

      cash transactions:
      no merchant fees
      no accuracy to money given to Arlington on meals tax collected
      no accuracy to money given to Virginia on sales tax collected
      no accuracy to money given to staff for wages

      i’m not accussing them at all — but it is part of society — cash transactions don’t get reported for a reason.

    • Kevin Malone

      insurance companies don’t pay cash losses

  • B

    Man Lands on Moon – old news

  • As others mentioned, glad nobody was hurt.

    I love that place, but the credit card issue is crazy this day and age.

    • Tee Party

      Yes, because the banks deserve their skim off every transaction.

      • Ballstonia

        That, and because customers enjoy the convenience of paying with plastic (and tend to spend more when doing so to boot!).

        • Southeast Jerome

          Yea- banks should just provide free services for me, allow me to store my money there free of charge, let me write checks for free, allow me to pay electronically for free. The banks should probably also pay my student loans. And, its probably the bank fault too that my house isnt worth as much as it used to be.

          • ninetyninepercenter

            allow me to store my money there free of charge

            Seriously? You think we should pay the banks so they can use our money?

            You sound like a candidate for an interest-only balloon mortgage.

          • Southeast Jerome

            then dont use a bank account. banks lose money on the “free checking accounts” that they offer b/c they provide services to customers for free like online banking, ATM cards and other customer service functions associated with it.

            Normally- they can invest your money in short-term securities and make up the charges there, but right now, they cannot, because interest rates are so low. Thats why the free checking is going away….

          • Tee Party

            Hardly. They can borrow from the Federal Reserve at 0.01% and lend it out to the public at 29.9%. Poor dears.

  • ArlingtonWay

    At $9 a burger, I think we’ve all been held up at Ray’s.

    • DudeGuy

      DANG you took my comment!

    • CowboyCafe

      Cowboy Cafe’s burgers are half price all day on Tuesday at $4.50 each and with a $2.50 domestic bottled beer at happy hour, your bill will be less than $9! Plus we accept Visa, MC, Amex, & Discover. Oh snap!

      • ArLater

        Sooo, every other day your burgers are 9 dollars as well?

        • ARLbefore

          Oooooo, double snap!

      • ARLahora

        Y que paso with my tip pendejo? they no pay tips in ray’s, don’t encourage me no get tips.

    • JB

      It’s a place that makes premium steakhouse burger, not a fast food joint, and one that’s cheaper than most steakhouse restaurants. You want poor-quality meat and a hockey-puck patty with no juice, feel free to go to Five Guys or BK.

    • Kevin Malone


    • jjl

      It’s $9.99 for the original hellburger.

  • OX4

    What, no Ray’s Your Hands jokes?

    • John Fontain

      Nice one!

  • Inquiring Mind

    [This comment has been deleted]

    • Inquiring Mind

      Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.

      • drax

        Waaaah. Get your own blog.

        • Inquiring Mind

          How ’bout I post on your momma’s blog.

          • drax

            Your momma’s so fat, she crashed the internet when got on her blog.

      • Quoth the Raven

        If you don’t want to be censored, don’t post things that make you sound like a racist.

        • Bawlmer

          Perhaps it was only your interpretation that was racist.

      • Josh S

        I believe the inclusion of “media outlet” in that definition probably is there to refer to media that makes use of the airwaves – theoretically a publicly-owned resource and so various restrictions are given to private broadcasters when using the airwaves.

        I don’t know whether your ISP is subject to those same restrictions.

        So I don’t know whether the owner/operator of ARLNow is subject to any sort of definition of “censorship.” Especially if the speech restrictions are not directed at any particular protected class, like minorities, gays, etc. Since we are all anonymous, it would be very hard to argue that they were aimed at any protected class.

  • Eric

    Seriously Rays, accept credit cards, don’t be stupid any longer!

  • Michael H.

    Could these be the same criminals who have been operating in Tenleytown? Three men in masks and gloves were reported in at least one incident. I’ve also heard about a more recent robbery in that area. One DC blog indicates that there were 4 robberies in the Tenleytown/Friendship Heights area between Aug. 1 and Nov. 12. They fled on the Metro after one Tenleytown robbery.


    In any case, I hope these thugs are caught soon, before an innocent victim gets hurt.

    I hope local authorities coordinate to track possible crime sprees like this. Does the ACPD talk to DC police on a regular basis? Given the lack of communication among local federal agencies, I have to wonder about the local agencies and departments too.

    • Cathy Lanier

      I doubt there’s a connection.

  • novasteve

    Nice, saw the link of this story on WTOP..

  • MikeinARL

    Dispatcher: Car 21 we have a 10-55 in progress at Ray’s Hell Burger.
    Cop 1: We’re on it.
    Cop 2: Uh, which Ray’s? The new one with the cheese steaks?
    Cop 1: No that’s gone! i think.
    Dispatch: No, it’s across the street now.
    Cop 2: The sit down?!
    Cop 1: No, that’s “Too”. So it’s gotta be the original.
    Cop 2: So that’s the one that’s being robbed?
    Cop 1: How the hell (burger) do I know!
    /Drive to scene, can’t find parking.
    Cop 2: Tell ya, after this, I’m hitting 5 Guys.

    (And scene.)

    • Suburban Not Urban

      +1 Nice

    • R. Griffon


    • dirt

      +3 that rules

      • CJ

        +4 truly does

    • Kevin Malone


  • novasteve

    All the robbers would have to do to keep people out is put up some hand written sign saying “closed” and customers would have probably thought it was legit.

  • ArlingtonCountyTaxpayer

    where are the images from THEIR cameras?

  • George

    Hell, I haven’t been there in a few months. Last time I was there it was $6.99 for a 10-oz burger made with freshly ground high-quality beef, with lots of free toppings offered (sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, etc) no extra charge. And standard cheese is an extra buck. Sorry, people, but if they can still deliver that product for $6.99, then they can stay cash only in my book. On the other hand, if they’ve Raysed the price to $7.99 for a plain burger (or when they do), then they should start accepting plastic at that point.

    • Clarendon

      I haven’t been there in far too long. Au Poivre with Danish Bleu, I need one now!

      I never felt that it wasn’t a good value given the quality. On the other hand, I always enjoyed Big Jim’s down in Charlottesville. Maybe less on the meat quality (still good though), and no fanciness but a giant burger and a mountain of fries for < $5. I think they may have closed the restaurant though and only do BBQ catering now. 🙁

  • charles

    So what fool would want to go to a place named “Hell” anyway? Or was the name some sort of “really funny” macho ironic thing? Ha ha ha. Being robbed is pretty macho.

    • Realist

      I think the authors of that fictional book in which you find your “Hell” would think you should have greater compassion for your fellow man.

  • ShirlingtonBF

    Hmmm, must Open Carry next time I visit.

  • S.P. Mulligan

    getting robbed is horrible for any business come on people. plus, I love rays because the burgers are good and they have NO CORKAGE FEE for wine. god I love that.

    here’s my thoughts on the place: http://www.thefreewineblog.com/2011/12/whats-greatest-thing-in-world.html

  • John

    The suspects were men of average height and weight, wearing all black clothing, black ski masks and sunglasses.

    What a great description. I’m sure the police will find them now.

    Ray’s has some awesome burgers. The first time I had one it was like a religious experience. It sounds like sometimes their food is not that great. Some of the cooks aren’t very good sometimes?


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