Christmas Tree Collection Begins Jan. 3

by ARLnow.com December 27, 2011 at 1:00 pm 3,004 4 Comments

Arlington County’s official Christmas tree collection period is still one week away.

Christmas trees will be collected from Jan. 3-17 on normal trash collection days. All stands, lights and decorations should be removed, since the trees will be ground into mulch.

“Residents are reminded to place the tree on the curb no later than 6 am on your regular trash collection day,” the county said on its trash collection website. “Residents that do not have curbside recycling service, such as those living in townhouses, apartments, or condominiums, may also bring their Christmas trees to the Solid Waste Bureau during the Christmas tree collection season. Please call 703.228.6570 to schedule an appointment between 8 am – 3 pm, Monday through Friday.”

The Solid Waste Bureau is located at 4300 S. 29th Street.

Follow these safety tips from the Arlington County Fire Department to make sure your tree doesn’t become a fire hazard before your scheduled pickup or drop-off.

  • Burger

    Too late, mine’s already on the curb.

  • jimPB

    Savor the tree. As often as not, we relish the tree so much that we miss the last collection, and so the tree goes out back where the needles directly benefit the garden while the birds have more branches to perch on and the squirrels more branches to climb on until next year’s collection gets the trunk and barren branches.

    Oh, the deep black gloom when the lights come down. How I wish the lights would stay up and on with their cheerful illumination through this season of early sunsets and long hours of dark until the late sunrises and early sunsets yield to days with sufficient hours of sunlight to do the commutes to work without any darkness.

    • ArlingtonWay

      Simmer down there, Jim. Would it help if one of us emailed you a reminder?

  • charlie

    if my house burns down between now and next week because the County won’t come and get my tree, i’m blaming THEM.


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