Best Cellars to Be Replaced By Spa

by ARLnow.com January 4, 2012 at 10:30 am 2,882 26 Comments

The former Best Cellars wine store in Clarendon is being replaced by Bluemercury, a luxury cosmetics retailer and spa.

The store/spa is “coming soon” to 2855 Clarendon Boulevard, according to the company’s web site. The storefront was previously occupied by Best Cellars, which closed in July after seven years in business.

Bluemercury is noted for its limited but high quality product lineup and its state-of-the-art spa treatments. The company is based in the District.

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  • Still miss Best Cellars, their great staff, and good wine selections. However, welcome Bluemercury and wish you well.

  • BC

    Damn, was hoping for a yogurt shop.

  • E

    i could have sworn a racquet ball store was gonna be there. that is what clarendon needs!

  • OX4

    I give it 6 months. I really wish someone would open a hardware store in the B-R corridor.

    • Cherrydale

      There’s one on Lee Highway in Cherrydale. Walkable from metro.

      • OX4

        That’s where I go. I guess I don’t consider that walkable from metro (subway, anyway), especially if you’re trying to carry anything heavier than a couple of screws.

        • JEB

          . . . well, it is walkable . . .

          • Chris

            It’s hike-able…

    • Grateful

      The Virginia Hardware Company was located at 2915 Wilson Blvd. until late 2005 where Ri Ra Irish Pub is now.


      • E

        too many softies who wouldn’t know what to do with a hammer and nail in the ballston-court house corridor.

        • Thes

          That hardware store was closed on Sundays. Made them unreliable in case you needed something to finish a weekend project.

          • Yep Uhuh

            How is that unreliable?

            You could rely on them to be closed on Sunday.

  • E

    an arcade. someone should open an old school arcade and roller skate rink.

  • karzai

    I reported in this space about a week ago that I cited people in that store, and took it as an indication the space had been rented. Now we have our answer.

    A spa/cosmetics store is, I suppose, a wash for the neighborhood. Would love to see more outdoor tables on that block, and it would be great to have a higher quality restaurant replace the low-brow Baja Fresh.. but oh well.

    What we really need are individually owned boutiques and stores with some variety, not more yogurt and cupcakes.

    • White

      We need more white people in this area, oh wait…

    • Clarendude

      This weekend I needed a soft cd case that holds 50+ audio cds so I walk into Clarendon and go to Barnes&Noble. Nope, they don’t have any but the guy says try Walgreens – didn’t see them there and then I hit CVS – no. So I go by Staples on Wilson and they don’t have them either. Drive to Best Buy and they do have them. Did I miss any place in the Clarendon area that has these ? I thought of Container Store but I was already down at Staples and didn’t want to walk back.

      • Thes

        Apple Store will sell you an iPod, which will hold much more music.

        • Clarendude

          Ha. It was moving the rest of my collection from CDs to my existing itunes library that prompted the desire for a multi-cd case. I want to get my shelf space back that was holding the individual cd cases, but I want to maintain access to the ‘hard copy’.

          • Elizabeth

            Clarendude, try ebay, amazon or even craigslist. These days those are your best bets I find.

          • Southeast Jerome

            Soft-cover CD cases are a very solid item to barter for/with on Craigslist. A sweet swap would be a Techno Super Bowl NES cartridge, straight up, for the CD case.

          • Clarendude

            You can pretty much find anything on Amazon. These cases aren’t hard to find in general- as I said Best Buy had them. I thought Barnes and Noble would – I mean they did stock Photo-Albums after all!

      • Harry

        They have a bunch of those at Container Store. That’s where I got mine, anyway.

    • Harry

      The problem is that with that part of Clarendon so gentrified now, it’s simply too expensive for independent stores to open. The only people with the kind of money to risk opening a store are chains and high-end places like this spa.

      As for a restaurant, Clarendon is so saturated with places to eat that it wouldn’t be worth the risk to open up a new one.

  • Always Right

    Should’ve combined the two. A glass of wine and then the spa, perfect!

    • Clarendude

      When the wine store first opened they had something like a mini bar where they sold “samples” of wine that were actually giant goblets and they had little tables in front to sit at. Later we learned that they didn’t have the right kind of ABC or other approval to do that, but it was great while it lasted. It was the best wine drinking bargain in town. Too much fun though, so the man had to shut it down.

  • Andy

    One yuppie place closes, another takes its place.


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