Candidate Is Running for County Board, Literally

by ARLnow.com January 4, 2012 at 12:30 pm 4,571 24 Comments

County Board candidate Kim Klingler is taking the phrase “running for office” literally.

Klingler’s campaign has scheduled a series of morning jogs with the candidate. The jogs are open to anyone interested in learning more about Klingler, a trained emergency medical technician and a certified personal trainer.

“Arlingtonians can start their new year off right and join Kim for a morning jog and discussion about how Arlington is doing as a County and how we can improve,” the campaign said in a press release. “This is an opportunity for those on the go to meet Kim, run with a group, and get to know different neighborhoods in Arlington.”

Five runs are scheduled between Jan. 5 and Jan. 16, in advance of the Democratic caucuses on Jan. 19 and 21. The chosen Democratic nominee will compete in a special election on Tuesday, March 27. (See run schedule, after the jump.)

“Runs range in distance from 2 miles to 5 miles, and those of all paces are encouraged to join,” the campaign said. “In addition to these scheduled runs, Kim plans on joining established running groups for a run, time permitting, and also invites area runners to suggest other runs.”

Campaign photo via Facebook. Disclosure: Kim for Arlington is an ARLnow.com advertiser. Advertising on ARLnow.com is open to all political campaigns and does not influence news coverage.

Run schedule, as provided by Kim for Arlington campaign.

  • Thursday, January 5th 7:30 am – Ballston to Rosslyn *Meet outside of the Ballston Cosi 4250 Fairfax Drive Arlington, VA 22203*
  • Saturday, January 7th 8:00 am – Columbia Pike *Meet outside of Columbia Pike Branch Library 816 S Walter Reed Dr Arlington, VA 22204*
  • Wednesday, January 11th 7:00 am – Dominion Hills *Meet outside of Dominion Hills Park 1060 N. Liberty St. Arlington, VA 22205*
  • Friday, January 13th 8:00 am – Nauck *Meet at Jeannie Dean Park 3630 27th Street South Arlington, Virginia 22206*
  • Monday, January 16th 7:00 am – Donaldson Run *Meet at Marcey Road Park 2722 Marcey Rd. Arlington, VA 22207*

  • CrystalMikey

    Watch out for flooding on Jan 16th.

  • When is Tejada going to invite us to play soccer with him?

  • OX4

    This is blatant jogism. Can I just drive behind her slowly and yell what I don’t like about Arlington?

    • Jamie


      Kim’s campaign has reached out to voters in multiple ways. Kim knocks on doors almost every day, calls voters, and has a number of coffees scheduled (see http://bit.ly/rsvpforkim).

      We’d be happy to have you meet us before/after a run to chat if jogging isn’t your thing.

      -Jamie Lockhart, Kim4Arlington Campaign

      • drax

        Coffee? That’s blatant anti-teaism!

        • Bluemontsince1961


        • Alliteration

          Is where it’s at

        • Richard Cranium

          Paging Mr. Drax – there’s a gentleman from the Hot Chocolate lobby on the phone for you. He sounds pretty upset.

          • drax

            Tell him I’m out running.

      • D’oh

        What is Kim prepared to do about the lack of sarcasm comprehension around here?

        • Sarcasm Detect-o-Meter Repairman

          At your service! Reasonable rates, service with a smile!

          • Tre

            What’s the sarcasm threat level today?

      • Always Right

        Thanks for the warning.

  • Tabs

    Wow, is this job really that great? Maybe I should throw my hat in the ring.

  • Josh S

    She’s the one that had that godawful video announcing her candidacy.


    • thejiggler

      hahahaha that is the worst video i’ve ever seen. she needs a new teleprompter that isnt her friend holding up a bunch of index cards. or she could just remember each 20 second speech instead.

    • KalashniKEV

      HO-LEE CRAP!

      That is the worst video I’ve ever seen. It can’t even be real. I wouldn’t vote for her to pump my gas.

  • Paco Wellington III

    The County operates a $1 Billion dollar budget. What candidates do we have?

    Kim the-activist, who cites her high school experience.

    Bondi the unemployed, who has never paid a dime in property tax, has no kids in school, but will know what is best for all of us.


    • Tabs

      Libby Garvey.

      Anyone else?

  • Tired, but still voting in January

    Garvey is obsessed with running for office, ANY office. The Zimmerman machine brought Noah Simon along to unseat Libby from the school board in 2012. This is payback for Libby’s dirty tricks that led her to victory in 2008. Now, Libby sees the handwriting on the wall with the school board and decided she could serve another way. Sound familar? That was her logic for running in the 30th senate district last summer, but voters knew Adam Ebbin was the right choice. When Libby loses the county board race, she’ll probably challenge Tim Kaine for the US Senate seat! She means well, in her own self-centered world. Voters have shown they know better.

    The field of Democrats (in alphabetical order) seeking the endorsement for Favola’s seat on the county board are:

    Melissa Bondi
    Peter Fallon
    Libby Garvey
    Kim Klingler
    Elmer Lowe
    Terron Sims

    • Tabs

      Garvey posts her husband’s 2006 obit on her website which I think is tacky.

  • RunRunRun

    I agree. Libby Garvey hasn’t found an office she doesn’t want to run for. If she hates the school board gig so much, she should just step down.

  • What a clever idea for a candidate running for office. Way to go Kim.

  • Betsy

    News you won’t see on ArlNow – Audrey Clement is on the ballot and will participate in the candidate debates, except for the Clarendon Patch-AIM televised debate on Thursday which Patch and AIIM won’t let her attend.


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