Spotted: Snow Flurries in Arlington

by ARLnow.com January 9, 2012 at 1:24 pm 4,862 33 Comments

(Updated at 1:45 p.m.) Normally, a few non-accumulating snow flurries in mid-January wouldn’t be the least bit notable. But given the anemic winter we’ve had thus far, we thought the brief bout of snow activity spotted around Arlington this afternoon was worth a mention.

Forecasters say the flakes could last a couple more hours, and could create a light coating on grassy areas, especially for points south of Arlington.

Don’t expect a triumphant return of winter weather just yet, however. High temperatures are expect to head back up to the mid-50’s by mid-week.

  • OPM

    Unscheduled leave or early dismissal?

    • JimPB

      “Dismissal in place”

      • Southeast Jerome

        Occupy Desk

        • j

          i like that.

  • Matthew C.


    #snowmaggedon2012 till tomorrow, at least; then it’s back to #globalwarming2012.

  • Tre

    Can we get a report on Donaldson Run? Are there survivors?

    • Arlingtonian

      I, too, was dismayed by the lack of mention of Donaldson Run in this article. It’s like it’s not part of the county anymore or something!

      • Richard Cranium

        I shudder to think of what will happen in D.R. when this blizzard melts!

      • Michael H.

        The turbulent and voluminous flood waters from the snow melt have caused the Potomac River to wipe out Donaldson Run completely. Invoking the little known Provision 32(b)(iii) of the D.C.-Virginia “Treaty” that grants D.C. control of the Potomac River up to the Virginia shoreline, the D.C. Council has claimed the Donaldson Run area as a part of the District. Marion Berry led the charge, assisted by his associate Harry Thomas (in his last act as a councilmember).

        So Donaldson Run no longer is part of Arlington or Virginia. Thus, ARLnow will no longer cover news or weather events that affect Donaldson Run. Move along now.

        (The above statement may or may not be true.)

  • Loocy

    Hurry, get to the stores! Need milk, water, toilet paper!

  • Ugh

    Let me think of a funny and witty comment, everyone will love me!! If I wonder how many people will comment on my funny and witty post!!

    I hate all of you. And yes, please don’t reply to this post, I just wanted to make sure I hate you all.

    • ballscrossingurface

      they have medication for whatever you have, buddy

      • Ugh

        Oh look at me (ballscrossingurface), I HAD to write something because I have to have someone look at me! Ugh…

        • Troll Spotter

          Thanks for your valuable contribution. You can leave now.

        • Southeast Jerome

          You need some twinkies dude

        • ArLater

          So by posting your original comment you werent thinking the exact same thing? Oh I am going to post an obvious troll comment, oh I wonder how many people I can set off. Oh look at me look at me.

          Get a life.

          • Arlingtonian

            I like how he/she says they had to post the comment to make sure they hate us all … by posting the comment, they can be sure of their hate. LOL

          • Ugh

            My original post is now confirmed. Thank you.

        • CW

          I like turtles.

          • Sam

            Greene Turtles?

          • koko

            niceeee one!

  • Richard Cranium

    3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .


    • 5555624

      What’s that got to do with snow?

  • Joe

    Arlington: soon to be Cordova South:


    I hope the National Guard is here for us when our time comes….

  • Salt Victim

    I’ll bet the County is out spreading tons of salt on the 39 degree roads. VDOT spread salt on Lee Highway just because it was cold (but 100 percent clear and dry) last week!

    Of course, if we actually get more than a couple inches of snow, then they’re nowhere to be found.

  • James

    A should be a sweet ride on the Innerloop of the belt way to get in to MD…

    Check out Google Maps.


    • ArLater

      looks like a nice sunny day?

  • Rob

    wait, should I panick?

    • SchoolMarm

      No, just learn to spell.

  • JimPB

    North Arlington, 4 pm — Falling snow dominates the horizontal view and is accumulating on other than roadways.

    • Aha!

      Fortunately I view vertically! I will not be dominated! Also, accumulation on “other than roadways” means: “it’s not on roadways.” Penetrating, Jim, penetrating.

  • Bob



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