Spotted: Snowman on Prospect Hill

by ARLnow.com January 10, 2012 at 9:25 am 3,439 18 Comments

Last night’s inch or so of snow accumulation was just enough for some industrious individuals to use to build a snowman on Prospect Hill, near Pentagon City.

With his Prospect Hill Park home overlooking the Pentagon and Air Force Memorial, the snowman will be able to take in some great views before he melts amid today’s mild temperatures, which are expected to reach the mid-50s.

Courtesy photo

  • Bob


  • novasteve

    I’m shocked the co unty board hasn’t come after Arlnow for using a politically incorrect term instead of “snowperson”

  • novasteve

    Gee maybe if I post VAN HALEN! in a message being anti smoking ban I might get a message approved for once.

    • OX4

      You need to start your own blog Steve. I’d be your first subscriber.

  • CrystalMikey

    That must have taken some time.

  • E

    Story of the year right here

  • Skeptical

    I wish half the people in the DC area were putting their energy into something this productive.

  • Gloria S.

    How do they know it isn’t a snow-woman? Totally sexist male propoganda.

    • You are right. No carrot and orange genetalia.

    • drax

      They can tell its not female because it’s mouth is not open, whining about something.

      Also, it is holding a TV remote. (That was to balance the sexism out a little).

      • Tabs

        Definitely a local male–completely d*ckless.

        • drax

          Ooooooh. That’s a hit below the belt.

          • Punster

            I hate to cut this off . . .

          • John Wayne Bobbitt

            It’s okay – they can re-attach it. Nobody will ever know, and it’ll still work like brand spanking new

  • bobco85

    The snowman is facing the wrong way! How’s he supposed to enjoy the view?

    That said, Prospect Hill is pretty nice to look out from.

    • charlie

      no, it is facing the correct way.

      It is an Arlington County Snowman afterall…. and he is mooning all those dumb fairfax commuters.

  • Snow Lover

    Looks like Frosty’s gonna have a tought time today.


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