Weekend Track Work on Blue, Orange, Yellow Lines

by ARLnow.com January 20, 2012 at 3:40 pm 2,541 9 Comments

Metro will be performing major track work this weekend on all five rail lines, including the Blue, Orange and Yellow lines. Riders should expect some delays starting at 10:00 p.m. Friday (tonight) through system closing on Sunday.

Orange Line trains will be single-tracking between the East Falls Church and West Falls Church stations for testing of the Dulles rail project. As a result, Orange Line trains will be running roughly every 24 minutes in each direction.

Blue Line trains will be single-tracking between Braddock Road and Van Dorn Street for rail rehabilitation. Trains will run every 24 minutes in each direction. WMATA says Blue and Orange line trains will be coordinated to that one arrives every 12 minutes from Rosslyn to Stadium-Armory.

Yellow Line trains will also be single-tracking, between Braddock Road and Huntington, for rail rehabilitation. Like the Blue and Orange lines, Yellow Line trains will be running every 24 minutes in each direction.

Metro says that additional trains may be placed into service on any of the three lines “based on ridership and available track space.”

  • charlie

    when does this stop being news and start being standing OP?

  • novasteve

    Actually this is worse than the weekend norm for orange line, unless you are going to stations that are completely closed and have to take shuttle busses. Just be thankful it is running. My only expectation of Metro these days is to eventually get to my destination. This is pretty bad for the car free diet folks though despite I don’t drive much at all while living here.

  • John Andre

    This explains why I rarely ride Metro any more–seems they are continually raising the fare, while closing large sections all the time for track work!

    Kinda makes me wonder how long-established subway systems such as those in New York and Chicago handle their track maintenance and why we never hear about their delays. Seems I never hear about track work delays in their systems whenever they are doing their rail maintenance…and New York subways run 24/7/365!

    • CrystalMikey

      I highly doubt WMATA’s track maintenance is newsworthy outside of the DC Metro reason, same with with transit systems you mentioned and the locales the serve.

    • Sam

      NYC has more than one track in each direction. They can divert trains onto another track while performing maintenance.

      • novasteve

        NYC’s subway is over 100 years old. Why is it that its creators had a lot more foresight than Metro’s?

        • AllenB

          Because they weren’t penny wise and dollar foolish.

    • DS_36

      Because of all the disruptions in New York City transit the MTA’s website goes to a special weekender page from Friday night through Monday morning showing exactly how service will be running. Also visiting a local NY news website they sometimes report about transit service advisories, especially when there will be a significant number on the weekend. The NY news websites never report on when DC’s Metro service changes, though.

      Oh and what typically happens is either all trains run express or local between two express stations while in the other direction service is normal so the delays aren’t too bad, but people do have to backtrack.

  • thanks

    Thanks for posting this, ARLnow — had to make multiple trips downtown this weekend and it would have been frustrating to be faced with 24-minute waits. We drove instead.


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