Metro Single-Tracking Due to Cracked Rail at Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com January 30, 2012 at 11:55 am 3,163 17 Comments

Update at 1:00 p.m. — Metro says via Twitter that crews have completed repair work on the cracked rail.

Blue and Orange Line Metro trains are single-tracking through parts of Arlington due to a cracked rail at Rosslyn. As of 11:55 a.m., Metro crews were reported to have repaired 50 percent of the crack.


Blue and Orange line trains are experiencing delays due to a cracked rail at Rosslyn.  At this time, Orange Line trains are single tracking between Ballston and Foggy Bottom, and Blue Line trains are single tracking between Arlington Cemetery and Foggy Bottom.

An estimated time of repair will be provided when known.

Customers traveling on the Blue or Orange line during today’s midday hours should allow 15 minutes of additional travel time.

WMATA also said via the agency’s Twitter account that every other Orange Line train heading toward Arlington from D.C. will “turn at Foggy Bottom back to New Carrollton.”

This is the third cracked rail that Metro has reported in as many weeks.

  • novasteve

    I was about to put this on the message board. Funny how on the metro this morning they said it was a switch problem, not it’s a cracked rail.

    • Rick

      They were having problems getting trains to switch tracks!

      I’ll be here all week

  • Terry

    Metro is what happens when you have a monopoly with no government oversight.

    • brif

      neither of those things are true of Metro.

      • novasteve

        While technically true, metro still is woefully incompetent, poorly managed and run.

        It took them YEARS to get rid of the announcement that went “First time on Metro? Good, here is [sic] some tips for your trip.”

        YEARS. That was playing for YEARS.

        • speonjosh

          Jeez. I never noticed that. Wow, I am glad I didn’t. Would have driven me crazy, too…..

          (The mere existence of the announcement was annoying enough…..)

        • Sam

          Not completely gone. It may be used less frequently but I heard that announcement last weekend. It drives me crazy. Although, not nearly as crazy as the female train operator that sounds like a robot (that I seem to have every day on the blue line).

      • CrystalMikey


    • drax

      Metro has no government oversight? Didn’t notice that.

      And are you suggesting competition for Metro? Two rail lines side-by-side so we can have our choice?

      • Terry

        Metro has government oversight? Didn’t notice that.

        No of course I am not suggesting competing lines. I am suggesting that SOMEONE needs to step in and help them get their act together. Current board members and management obviously not doing the job.

  • novasteve

    This is the third cracked rail in the past week, it’s not even that cold, nor have there been drastic temperature changes. Any chance this is earthquake damage just becoming evident?

  • bobco85

    They finished repairing it.

    From the WMATA website:

    “As of 12:20 p.m., Blue and Orange line trains are resuming normal two-track operations following an earlier cracked rail outside Rosslyn.

    Crews have made temporary repairs to allow trains to operate over the affected section. Permanent repairs will be made tonight after system closing.

    Residual delays are expected to be clear by about 1:00 p.m.

    News release issued at 12:15 pm, January 30, 2012”

  • novasteve

    Any wagers on when and where the next cracked track will occur?

    • It is not as cold outside as it was the last time a track cracked. While expansion and contraction still is happening (as it always is), the “extreme” weather conditions are not an excuse this time. I wonder what the temporary repairs were? A weld?

  • JimPB

    San Francisco’s BART built its Metro train equivalent around the same time as our Metro train system was launched. The weather in San Francisco is more benign than the weather here, but BART now has the oldest fleet of subway cars in the country. So, a comparison of BART and METRO seems reasonable re: finances, e.g., fares, government subsidy, and in reliably, including broken rails.

  • Civic Activist

    The sound system in METRO stations has been a problem for decades. Here’s why: When the first METRO stations were being outfitted, staff installed the speakers still wrapped in their packaging materials which dampened sound. This was discovered in the mid-1990’s and a committee was set up to figure out how to solve this. We are still waiting for a committee report and apparently for the last nearly two decades, the installation procedure has not been changed. Someone needs to tell the METRO board that “oversight” has a meaning other than “neglect”.

  • John Andre

    Another reason I try to avoid Metrorail…ever higher fares, continual trackwork delays!


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