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by ARLnow.com February 14, 2012 at 8:00 am 2,552 22 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day — Be sure to check out this article from last week for a list of last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Big Win for Washington-Lee Gymnastics — The Washington-Lee High School girls’ gymnastics team has captured the Northern Region gymnastics title for the first time in school history. The team is now a contender for the state title at a competition on Friday. [Sun Gazette]

Bicycle Ridership High for January — Thanks in part, perhaps, to the mild weather, Arlington County counted 140,252 bicycle trips along local trails during the month of January. The count is high by seasonal standards. [CommuterPage Blog]

Parking Spots in Shirlington — How many off-street parking spots are there around Shirlington Village? There are 2,446 such spots, according to a handy map of Shirlington garages. [Shirlington Village Blog Spot]

Flickr pool photo by Chris Rief

  • Cannon Fodder

    No better way to start Valentine’s Day than with some cannon fire practice. Thanks, Ft. Meyer! Why you can’t practice after 3 pm is beyong me. Hope you had fun. I know I did.

    • Frank

      Someone would complain about that too – it’s impossible to please everyone.

    • CW

      I was out running and at 0700 sharp was greeted with the sound of freedom! The first salvo was definitely pointed right at the Clarendon/Courthouse area…subsequent ones did not have as much pop to them.

      • CrystalMikey

        Damn straight. Guess what people, that Fort has been around a lot longer than anyone living here. You knew it was there when you moved here to Arlington!

        PS. I love jet noise too!

        • Chief Powhatan

          I was here before the damn fort, genius.

          • CrystalMikey

            My apologies, Chief. You did spend a lot of your time in SE VA though.

        • drax

          I’m sure you never complain about anything that was invented or built before you got here, CM.

          • CrystalMikey

            I try not to. Although my gripe is mainly with people who live near military bases who complain about the noises that come with the territory. Especially since, for the most part, most US military bases have been in operation for quite some time. This is a huge problem in Virginia Beach, where encroachment from development leads to more complaints about the jet noise coming from Oceana Naval Air Station.

            Disclaimer: I’m probably more sensitive about this than most, being a vet.

        • CW

          It is amazing; years ago I thought I would never be able to live with jet noise and now I don’t even notice it.

          • Josh S

            It helps to wake me up in the morning. But in a good way.

    • spell check

      *Ft. Myer*

    • Josh S

      Along with complaints about brown flip flops and a lack of “dive” bars, mentioning and complaining about the cannon fire practice at Ft Meyer should be grounds for immediate ban from ARLnow.

  • nunya

    i <3 the sound of canon in the morning.

    • other side of the river


  • charlie

    and it was great to hear her heart pounding back this morning!!

    • Tina

      Couldn’t have put it better myself!

  • susan

    Meanwhile back in the real world, another armed robbery occurred last night, this one in Rosslyn. Two black male perpetrators, one armed with a handgun, apparently got away after robbing a resident of an i-phone and $400.

    • ArLater

      What are you implying is not the real world? Also do you have a source of this robbery?

    • Southeast Jerome

      Why they be walking around with $400 in they pocket?

    • CW

      Cue thread on the pros and cons of concealed carry…

  • other side of the river

    Great photo, Chris.


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