Westover Beer Garden Closed, But Will Return With Music in April

by ARLnow.com February 23, 2012 at 4:50 pm 7,697 104 Comments

If you were hoping to enjoy the nice weather with a beer outside at the Westover Beer Garden, you’re in for a disappointment. Westover Market and Beer Garden (5863 Washington Blvd) owner Devin Hicks says the beer garden has been shut down until April 1 due to county zoning rules.

Arlington County requires that certain outdoor cafes, like the beer garden, be closed for three months of the year due to the seasonal nature of the business. Hicks says he wasn’t serving beer outside, but was allowing customers to bring their beers to the garden (which has a fire pit) from his indoor bar area. That, he says, earned him a citation warning letter from the county.

Until it reopens on April 1, the beer garden will be off-limits to customers. Hicks says he’s disappointed with the county’s strict enforcement.

“You would think they’d be on our side but apparently they’re doing everything to make our business less successful and less available to the community,” Hicks told ARLnow.com. “They’re not being business friendly. I don’t know why they keep picking on us.”

When it does reopen, however, music will finally return to the beer garden.

Under a compromise reached between Hicks, neighbors and the County Board, music will be allowed at the beer garden on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. In April and May, only non-amplified music will be allowed. From June 1 to Oct 31, amplified music will be allowed on Saturdays.

Hicks says he’s in the process of booking bands now.

“It’s going to be a ton of fun for everybody, obviously everybody’s been waiting a long time for it,” he said.

Update at 11:40 a.m. on 2/24/12 — Via Facebook, the Westover Market says they will open the beer garden tonight (Friday) in defiance of the county’s orders:

“We tried to cooperate and follow the county’s imaginary rule about outdoor patios required to be seasonal; we took out the tables, chairs, tvs, bar. That apparently wasn’t enough. The county wanted to cripple our business even more so they told us to take out the stumps, turn off the lights, and not allow patrons to go outside. Enough is enough. WBG & Haus in Full Force open 11am-1:30am.”

  • Quoth the Raven

    Being forced to close for 3 months sounds a bit random to me. I agree with Hicks – why is the county trying to hurt his business? Put another way, how could letting customers (like me) take a beer outside to sit by the fire possibly earn a business a citation?

    • R. Griffon

      Agreed. Why not leave it up to a business and their patrons as to when it’s appropriate to be outside?

      Doesn’t make any sense.

      • Mario

        The county is totally harshing their buzz over there. Well, actually from what I’ve seen, they are not even close to doing that.

    • Baja

      +1. This seems like a total overreach on the part of the County.

    • CrystalMikey

      Alright, who is the snitch?

  • Sue

    According to information posted in an attachment on the county’s website, there is no explicit requirement that an outdoor cafe be seasonal or be subject to a parking requirement. This was guidance written by a previous zoning administrator and I wasn’t aware they were ever given authority to write the rules.

    I’m sure Clare and Don’s in Falls Church is open – beautiful day to be outside in a business friendly environment.

    • Burger

      Your second paragraph…Falls Church v. Arlington. See the difference.

      • Lou

        Yeah, maybe the businesses in Falls Church are all nice and they’re happy to take your money too. But I’ve always found the citizenry of the place to be anti-outsider. They don’t like people from over the borders. Started years ago when they turned everything 25mph. I mean really, Rt 7 25mph? And the hyper-agressive Don Beyer Volvo speed traps and enforcement, the speed bumps. They were Zimmerman before Zimmerman was Zimmerman.

        • Rick

          When you write as many tickets as Falls Church PD does they don’t need to ticket businesses

        • drax

          Because a 25mph speed limit means they hate outsiders. (rolleyes)

          • Ballston

            If anything, they’re trying to keep you in Falls Church longer.

          • drax

            Excellent point!

    • Zoning Victim

      That’s the entire problem with the Arlington County Zoning Department, the County Board and County Manager let the Zoning Administrator make up whatever rules they want.

      At one point when I quoted the ordinance to one of the Zoning Administrator’s employees and complained that they weren’t following the county ordinance or state laws that the Zoning Administrator is free to interpret the law any way he/she (she at the time) sees fit. Now that made up ordinances and procedures are still going on, it’s 100% clear to me that the County Board and County Manager not only condone this illegal practice but actively promote it.

      I’m sure if I were some big builder giving thousands of dollars to the board members campaign funds, the Zoning Administrator would have “interpreted” the ordinances and state laws applicable to my project very differently.

    • Larchmont

      I know for a fact that Clare and Don’s is glad to be out of Clarendon.

  • Wilson-G.Mason

    OPEN the beer garden at 60 degrees and above…no matter what the date.

  • Shentonfreude

    The owner of the business and its customers should decide when it’s appropriate to sit outside. Why does the county think it should be the arbiter of seasonality, or customer comfort? I’ve quite enjoyed sitting in chairs surrounded by snow, warmed by the fire pits at WBG.

    The county is losing tax revenue and discouraging community with this completely arbitrary and business-hostile rule.

    • Sue

      Wow – I was just at the market and they said the county also made them turn off the outdoor lighting in the garden. These are the lights that guide patrons to the door of the restaurant, and show that they are open for business.

      Not sure they can survive if they can’t show that the restaurant is open for business (but maybe that’s the goal).

  • The Westover Fly

    Because the county has a bug up its butt about the beer garden……and there is nothing worse than an Arlington County bureaucrat with a bug up its butt…..

  • JimPB

    Is ARLCO friendly to local businesses and to residents pursing life to the fullest w/o impairing others? Not if the hyperactive ARLCo government can say No Way, No How We need a county board that will reign in the bureaucracy and focus it on public health and public safety.

  • Sam

    It’s not Westover, the County makes all the restaurants in Shirlington put their outdoor seating away….but isn’t it interesting that in some areas, they don’t….hmmmm, why is that?

    They just make up “zones” or whatever and just make up rules that have absolutely no common sense applied to them. Even if it’s cold, if I have a jacket, and want to sit my happy behind on a cold chair and sip my coffee, I should be allowed to do so and the business should be allowed to provide me a place to sit.

    But, that just makes too much darn sense now doesn’t it?

    • Sam

      Meant to say, “not JUST Westover”

    • JimPB

      Yes, freedom of inididual choice.

    • drax

      I imagine the point of the rule is to keep businesses from setting up permanent outdoor seating that violates some other rules, in other words, it’s an exception that the beer garden is working under as a “temporary” (i.e. seasonal) seating arrangement or whatever. So it may have some logic behind it. Still, it sucks and should be changed.

  • matt

    I’d be willing to bet the county is acting on a neighbor’s (or neighbors’) complaint…

  • Steve S

    Ironically many restaurants along the Clarendon Mardi Gra parade route on Monday had outdoor seating without any issues. This restriction has zero benefit to anyone. It is selectively enforced in an unfair way and it reduces tax revenue and business opportunities. I like Arlington a lot, but if I were to open a business I’d have to consider paying rent on patio space knowing I’d have a full quarterly loss of revenue every year for that space. A space that across the county line I could easily make money off of after a small investment in heat lamps and fire pits. I hope Westover not only challenges the citation but also convinces the appropriate officials to change the zoning rules, and if they won’t change them at least have the common decency to enforce the rules consistently. A dumb law is one thing, an unfair enforcement is even worse.

    • Sam

      Yes, anyone from the County care to answer about why it’s ok to have outdoor seating all year in Clarendon, but you make the Shirlington businesses (and others) put their chairs/tables, etc. away?

      • Lou

        It would be nice if some of the ad-hoc decisions like this could be handled more directly by a local neighborhood, or civic association or whatever. Actually give them some power to fine tune this type of policy. Signage too could be handled that way.

        • Burger

          No, it wouldn’t. The ad-hoc would essentially make the local neighborhood board de-facto dictatorships since many are run by the ultra-NIMBY’s. More than likely it would violate Dillon’s law, too.

      • mike

        They claim it is all about parking. Places close to the metro get a waiver, since people can metro and don’t need to park. They say Westover doesn’t have enough parking to be open year round, and isn’t code enough to the metro. Sounds like it is a plan to try and get growth only around metro stations and punish any establishments out in the surrounding areas that aren’t large chains with huge parking lots.

        • Zoning Victim

          Maybe they can build $300 million Westover Trolley.

        • Burger

          Isn’t the Beer Garden along several bus lines? And, people do not take bus lines? Interesting enough – no ART line goes through that part of Arlington on Washington Blvd.

          This is just using county policy to favor preferrable businesses that pay their “dues” by agreeing to County Board policies

        • drax

          The parking thing a good argument for closing ALL Westover businesses down for three months of the year. In other words, a dumb argument.

          And every time I’ve gone to the beer garden and parked my car, it involved going to one of the other Westover businesses first.

        • Cheryl Hightower

          I would argue that WBG is within walking distance to most patrons. There has NEVER been a parking problem. You can see outdoor seating all over the county all months of the year.

          • drax

            Cheryl, let’s not overstate the case. Parking is not easy around there on a busy night. But that’s normal, and true for all the businesses there – one shouldn’t be blamed for it or have to close down so the rest can have better parking.

  • Westover fan

    The restaurant inside the market is OPEN serving awesome food and beer. You wouldn’t know it from looking at it since there are currently no lights on.

  • Burger

    Didn’t Zimmerman in the beginning of 2011 say he wanted the county be more business friendly.

    I’ll intrepret that statement to mean the county is more business friendly to those that are willing to line the county board members pockets with “donations.”

    If you vote for the Democrat in the upcoming election, you are voting for the continuation of the same old – smoke-filled rooms, crony capitalism and “do as I say, not as a I do” believes put forth by the County Board.

    • Charlie

      Oh dear, Zimmie, who has never run a business or worked in private industry, wouldn’t know what ‘business friendly’ meant if it sat on his face.
      What he thinks is ‘business friendly’ and what the average joe thinks is business friendly ain’t the same. after all, Zimmie thinks allowing logos on umbrellas was his big success of 2011.

      • Deb

        Hey Charlie…the election…Democratic voter ALL THE WAY….after the pit the Republicans have dug for themself this election cycle….

    • FedUp

      County staff does not think it needs to continue the small business initiative from last year, because, they say, Chris Zimmerman is no longer the chair. So his initiative no longer counts. I am not making this up: they really feel that way. In fairness to the members of the county board, though, I don’t think they know how unfriendly some of the zoning and permits staff is toward the beer garden, since the board members are not involved in the day-to-day operation of the zoning and permits departments.

      Also: the previous zoning administrator’s “guidance” is just that: guidance. She’s gone, so the new zoning administrator, whoever that is, needs to get with the program and bring the customer-unfriendly staff with him/her.

  • steph

    It is sad that Arlington County is NOT supporting their local businesses. The Beer Garden is a community place and neighbors can hang out in a family friendly establishment. Way to go Arlington County.

  • Michael Joy

    Who would have thought that selling Wilson Blvd out to shallow condo dwelling yuppies would turn the county management into such raging fascists. Rename the beer garden Starbucks or Pottery Barn and they’ll probably let you do anything you want.

    • drax

      The home-dwellers near the beer garden who hate it probably say that all the patrons are shallow condo dwelling yuppies. Just as lame.

  • Arlingtonian

    This is so ridiculous!!! County Board full of Buzz Killingtons …

  • ksu499

    Fun being had was detected.

  • Steve

    Let’s just call this for what it is…..
    The County zoning “staffers” have their noses out of joint since the board members turned around to them and told them that “there is no precedent, this has never been done before” was not a good enough answer.
    I watched that county board meeting and it was of great entertainment value. Melinda Artman and gang were sent back to their desks with their tails between their legs and of course extra work to do.
    Now in the absence of board decisions, they are exacting a revenge.

    Petty small minded politics that serve only to stifle the growth of an independent small business.

  • ArlingtonNative

    Stoopid, Stoopid, Stoopid … County lackeys.
    Was just at WBG a week or two back – and enjoyed a nice beer outside by the fire pit. Myself and a good friend (40-somethings, one WL one YT grad) had a great conversation with a couple 20-smthing YT & HB grads also hanging out.
    Not too many places in ArlCo where you’d get that cross section interacting and a great example of how WBG brings the community together.
    While I don’t doubt that the Zoning staffers have it out for the owners of WBG, I also have to wonder (as someone noted) did the Zoning act based upon a complaint from a neighbor? Some of them clearly want to insure people are not having too much fun in “their” neighborhood.

    • Quoth the Raven

      Totally agree – I think the county does indeed have it out for the WBG owners – they’ve had so many issues with that place, from bathrooms to live music to (now) outdoor seating and lights. Maybe it’s a result of the vehemence of the neighbor’s complaints or something, but it certainly seems like the county is making it pretty hard on WBG.

      I drove my Lyon Hall on my way to work this morning – outdoor seating nicely set up, and the lights were on. And they were closed. Selective enforcement?

      • Mario

        Most of the “issues” with the beer garden have been blatant violations of county, statewide, or national health and building code standards. I have a hard time faulting the county with enforcing their operating a restaurant without a license, or operating a non-licensed restaurant without handicap accessible rest room facilities, or providing live music without a use permit, or continuing to do any of the above after being cited for their violations. All of those are things that the business has done, and I believe they knew what they were doing (have admitted to knowing they were in violation) and the only excuse has been that they think the law is stupid and they are being picked on.

        You can debate the merits of various regulations, but the county has not singled out the beer garden for any inappropriate enforcement that I am aware of.

        • Quoth the Raven

          That all sounds reasonable, certainly, but what about the “closing for three months” thing? I have no issue with them having to be up to code in terms of accessability, food serving standards, etc., but I don’t get why they have to close the outdoor seating for 3 months while other businesses stay open year-round. Maybe I’m missing something, but that seems odd to me.

          • Mario

            I don’t know, it does sound arbitrary. But I am probably not going too far out on a limb by saying I bet he knew he had to close the outdoor area during a certain 3 month period and chose to ignore that.

          • Zoning Victim

            Read the article, he wasn’t selling them beer on the patio, he was letting people who wanted to bring their beer outside drink it out there.

            The next thing you know, the county will show up to my next party and cite me for serving alcohol without a liquor license.

          • drax

            If you are violating the liquor laws, yes, you might get cited for it.

            This requirement might be stupid, but it’s there. Don’t blame the county for enforcing the law, blame the law (and fix it).

          • Mario

            Doesn’t matter. Condition of the agreement was that he close the outdoor patio and remove all furniture during the time it was closed. They were apparently letting him slide on the furniture part, but by letting customers use the patio he was violating the part that said it had to be closed.

          • FedUp

            I am missing something, too. I couldn’t find anywhere in the code the requirement of closing for three months. The former zoning administrator issued a “guidance” that I believe she just made up.

  • Chipper J

    Sound like old laws that need updating and really make no logical sense to begin with… People need to use their brainpower, not just enforce useless old regulations that hurt the local economy. They should also do away with ABC. They are killing local businesses in VA with their strict and old laws that don’t help anything.

  • Pete

    ““The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.” — Abraham Lincoln

    • Burger

      Wow…great quote if he actually said it.

  • Dinglenug

    Give me a freakin’ break – the place is open outside certain times of the year – deal with it. From the comments on this website anytime there’s an article about any kind of Arlington policy, you’d think we’re in Soviet Germany. This is some fat bloated society if these are the things you feel bothered enough to complain about.

    • SteamboatWillie

      Sounds like Devin Hicks has learned a valuable business lesson. He estimated the three months to be closed as Dec-February, which seems reasonable. Maybe next year he will shut down from mid-November to mid-February. Even so, how long does he need to wait – one more week? Big deal.

      In any event, the owner is such a high on “life” airhead that even if he adjusts the times, he’ll likely space on when to open.

    • drax

      Why should I not be able to go to the beer garden and get a beer outside when I want to?

    • Richard Cranium

      “Soviet Germany?”

      Reminds me of:

      “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”


      “Forget it. He’s rolling.”

      • drax

        LOL missed that one. Soviet Germany.

        • Ren

          I’m giving benefit of doubt that it was intentional…and hilarious

          • drax

            He could be referring to East Germany I guess.

            Still worth a chuckle.

    • Zoning Victim

      If someone passed a law that prevented you from making part of your income for 1/4 of a year, you’d probably be pretty pissed off about it, and if it were put in an article on here, we’d probably complain about that on your behalf, too. Unnecessary government intrusion, even when it’s against someone else, is something we should all be working against.

      • Larchmont


  • dallynd

    Absolutely random enforcement of zoning laws and restrictions that do nothing but hurt Arlington small business. They’ve been jerking them around for well over a year over the complaints of a couple of neighbors who overall think it’s the “wrong thing” for our neighborhood, despite a clear civic association vote to the contrary.

    • SteamboatWillie


      Is the business in violation of codes or not?

      • Save the Westover Beer Garden

        No. The prior zoning administrator issued guidance which is now being enforced like a rule. Documentation on the county website says of outdoor cafes: “There is no explicit requirement in the Zoning Ordinance that requires them to be temporary or seasonal…”

        • SteamboatWillie


          Thanks for the reply, but how do you square that with the comment above from Mario (9:27AM)?

          • Save the Westover Beer Garden

            Mario is guessing.

            The rules don’t say that an outdoor patio is seasonal. It was something created by the prior zoning administrator. They thought the county would enforce only the rules on the books, and also that the issue would go away since she left last summer. The county knew from the beginning that the Beer Garden wanted to operate the patio year round.

          • Save the Westover Beer Garden

            Oops – I replied to Mario 9:47, not Mario 9:27. Mario 9:27 has a bunch of factual inaccuracies. The county regulations on the books don’t address a use like a Beer Garden. The Market has always met Health regulations and built the restaurant to be accomodate ADA and to meet the county’s requirement to have music.

        • Mario

          They received a use permit with 14 specific conditions. That is not “guidance”. They agreed to abide by all of the conditions in order for the use permit to be approved.

          • Save the Westover Beer Garden

            The permit doesn’t specify that the use is seasonal.

          • Mario

            I don’t have enough invested in this issue to get too riled up about it. But I will go this far: You are lying. Go to this page:


            Read the second to last bullet point.

          • Save the Westover Beer Garden

            Wow. Can only imagine what you say if you are riled.

            The market is not aware of any express written understanding that says the patio must be seasonal. It is not in any of their permits. This webpage has other inaccuracies – for example, it misrepresents the conclusions in the sound engineer’s report (which says the sound was compliant except for a couple of seconds, and that they didn’t do any testing after 9pm).

            I can’t explain the discrepancies. I don’t think either of us know enough to accuse anyone of lying.

          • Mario

            You are apparently affiliated with the beer garden. Do you intend to fight this latest citation because you claim you were never given express written notice about having to be closed at least 3 months out of the year?

          • Save the Westover Beer Garden

            I’m not affiliated – just a patron. I don’t think the market was cited for a violation last Saturday. Someone from the County Manager’s office came by, told them they should shut down the patio and turn off the lights, and handed him a copy of part of the guidance on Outdoor Cafes that’s posted on the county website. Attorneys are really expensive – I don’t know what they’ll do.

          • Burger

            Actually, it says no such thing with regard to the Beer Garden Patio being Seasonal and, thus, be required to be closed for 3 months of the year. Yes, the newsroom article makes the jump that the patio will be closed for 3 months of the year.

            The underlying Use Permit only deals with the seasonal use of playing music and all such use of the word “season” deals with the music season. The Use Permit makes no mention of the patio needing to be closed for 3 months.

            This is the zoning board PO that their nose was bent out of shape so they are trying enforce aspects of what they want – not what they Use Permits denies the Westover Beer Garden.

    • Cheryl Hightower

      Right on neighbor! Seems to me it must be those very few neighbors that have been out to doom the WBG from the beginning. At what point does that become harrassment and what legal remedies might there be????

      • Willy

        While there at it, can they get rid of the code that doesn’t allow dogs in? Clare n dons does and I’ve never seen a problem.

  • The anti-establishment arlington way

    Try NOT voting for any incumbent next election. And the one after that.

    • drax

      Yeah, don’t actually ask the incumbents, or their challengers, about the issue. Just assume! That will work out fine.

  • SteamboatWillie

    Maybe it’s karma for the owner being so bad at customer service inside the store.

    • Cheryl Hightower

      If you want five star service, not your place. If you want a friendly neighborhood place that serves awesome food, thats the WBG.

      • SteamboatWillie

        I wasn’t talking about the service at the Biergarten. I was talking about the poor service inside for the retail items. There was discussion about this here a few months ago. The owner has a history of flaking on large orders and leaving his customers in a bad spot when they show up to pick up their orders.

        I like the concept of a Biergarten and apparently this one has lots of fans. I stopped patronizing the place based on my own bad experiences plural, something that others have had as well.

        • Larchmont

          “If you want five star service, not your place.”

  • Mike

    I live right down the road from this place. I go here often. I think this is crap. I personally never go outside because it’s too cold, but if other people want to, who cares? This is garbage.

  • Cheryl Hightower

    @Mario: the Save the Westover Beer Garden website was established by a fan of the WBG, not an affiliate. It is utterly ridiculous to close the oudoors to folks wanting to sit around a fire pit and enjoy a beer. Further, removal of the lighting, which added a safety feature, makes the Haus seem closed too. We have all worked so hard, at least 1400 residents to make this mom and pop favorite be successful. Over zealous code enforcement does nothing good for anyone. No good can come of it.

    • Mario

      Cheryl, I posted earlier in this thread that I was not necessarily talking about the merits of the regulations. That is a way different discussion than whether someone violates them. You may say something is ridiculous, but someone may also disagree with you.

      And I disagree with your statement about over zealous code enforcement. Quite a bit of good things come out of code enforcement, but we all pretty much take it for granted. But if you disagree with the code itself, that is again a much different argument you should be making.

      • ArlingtonNative

        Wow – for someone who doesn’t “have enough invested in this issue to get too riled up about it” – you certainly are prolific in sharing your opinions on the subject!
        What most of the proponents of WBG are not happy with is the apparently random (and therefore, potentailly biased) enforcement of the codes/regulations.
        One can wander through Clarendon on any weekend night and find plenty of bar/restaurant patrons standing outside smoking cigarettes – with beverages in hand. And no, I am not speaking of establishments that have approved patio seating. That is a clear violation of regulations, yet I’ve not once seen anyone (patron or establishment) cited for this activity.
        Additionally, it sounds like the code/regulation that the “violation” was based upon is sufficiently vague to question whether is is enforceable.
        Lastly, just what legal obligation does a business have to comply to a “guidance”?
        So maybe you can see that with the apparent vagueness of the Code/Regulation/Guidance (?) it would appear to the casual observer that the citation for a Violation was more a punitive act instead a concern for actual enforecement.

        • Mario

          I have a professional interest in the general line of discussion. I have no great emotional attachment to the beer garden.

          Is that OK?

  • Cheryl Hightower

    Write letters to your County board members, let your voice be heard! But seriously, why are continuing to have to fight after over a year???????

    • Zoning Victim

      Because Arlington County Zoning is still being run by mean spirited people.

      • FedUp


  • OccupyBeerGarden

    I was going to put in some good Skyrim time tonight, but I might have to venture down to the Beer Garden to see what unfolds when they open up.

    • Quoth the Raven

      From the Westover Market FB Page. What does “enough is enough” mean??

      “We tried to cooperate and follow the county’s imaginary rule about outdoor patios required to be seasonal; we took out the tables, chairs, tvs, bar. That apparently wasn’t enough. The county wanted to cripple our business even more so they told us to take out the stumps, turn off the lights, and not allow patrons to go outside. Enough is enough.
      WBG & Haus in Full Force open 11am-1:30am”

      • SteamboatWillie

        I also noted that on the FB page, one of the WBG “likers” offers this constructive contribution: “typical arlington socialist bulls*it (my edit), get the dems out and business’ (sic) will flourish”

        So he impugns the entire Democratic party in a public forum that is trying to build community support for a business? This is the same political party that is the overwhelming majority in Arlington County, so I’m not sure unnecessarily alienating a bloc of people is the smartest tactic.

        But it probably made him feel better.

        • Quoth the Raven

          Remember, it’s always a good idea to make broad, rumor-based assumptions about a given group of people you don’t like, assign them bad motives and ill intent, and then villify them for everything that is currently bad in society. What could possibly be wrong with that?

          • Mario

            Well they probably hit the nail on the head in the assumption the people hassling them are Democrats. This is Arlington.

            Whether their “Democratness” has anything to do with their actions is another story.

            See also: “Poking with sharp sticks”

        • Larchmont

          You’re state you’re concerned about a Facebook post in a comment on arlnow! Now that’s an LOL!

  • SteamboatWillie

    Bureaucrats are bureaucrats, regardless of party affiliation. And I enjoy the assertion that a sinful dranking establishment would find more champions in the party of Jerry Falwell and Rick Santorum.

    See how dumb sweeping generalizations can be?

  • YTK

    Das Bier! I’ll drink to that!!

  • Novaqt

    No one has gotten the ARLCo message yet. They make a lot of money from waivers to their regulations.


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