Route 50 Exit Closing for Construction

by ARLnow.com February 28, 2012 at 1:15 pm 4,913 21 Comments

An Route 50 exit used by Clarendon area drivers is set to close for the rest of the week.

The Fairfax Drive exit from Route 50/Arlington Boulevard will be closed from Wednesday to Friday so that VDOT contractors can install new storm water infrastructure. The construction is part of the ongoing Arlington Boulevard/Courthouse Road/10th Street interchange project.

Lane closures are also planned in the area on both east- and westbound Route 50, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., through Friday.

Work on the interchange project is scheduled to continue through fall 2013, and is expected to result in additional periodic lane, exit and road closures.

Image via Google Maps

  • Brian K.

    Does anyone know what they are building directly on the other side of 50?

    • courthound

      I think it’s a new power substation for the area.

      • OldTimer

        Yup. Tore up 10th Street something fierce between power station near Hess gas station and Fort Myer. Still hosed up a bit.

  • Why

    Does anyone know why the roads in North Arlington are so nonsensically named? Fairfax Dr off of Rt. 50 turns into N. 14th street out of nowhere. There is also N. Fairfax Drive going from 66 In Ballston to Clarendon. It makes no sense since these roads don’t connect at all. Was the person that named the roads drunk at the time?

    • rob
      • speonjosh

        I don’t think that addresses the question of discontinuities in the streets.

        • cartodude

          In the RB corridor Fairfax Dr follows an old railroad alignment. It’s since been broken up by development. You could see the alignment on an old 1900 map of the County (Alexandria County) that use to hang in our former public works offices.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            Do you know where I could find / buy old maps of Arlington? I’ve seen a few in various offices in the area and I think they’re pretty cool. Would love to hang some in the house / office.

            Thanks for sharing any info you might have!

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            Whoops – just saw Tre’s post a few down. Nevermind!

    • courthound

      Think back. Waaaaay back before 66 and even before Route 50. It’s likely that Fairfax Drive was the main route between Washington and Fairfax.

      A hundred years of development have cut the streets into pieces.

    • Frito Pie

      I like the intersection of 10th Street and 11th Street one block south of Barton. Nice touch. Kind of like the intersection of Glebe and Glebe in S. Arlington.

    • ArlingtonChick

      It’s not just north Arlington….it’s all of northern Virginia. It’s to confuse the carpetbaggers.

  • JamesE

    That entire area of 50 is a mess that will destroy your car.

  • CW

    I’m a Clarendon-area driver and I only use the 10th street exit. I hate those blind hills on Barton.

  • Gary

    This area is going to be a cluster-F—they are going tear down that house and parking lot at 50 and N. courthouse and build a apartment building sometime soon as well.

  • “An Route 50 exit” really??

    Come on, guys. English is not that hard.

    I know you’re thinking “An exit” and then inserting “Route 50” but that’s not how it works, is it? If I’m wrong, let me know now because I’ve been doing it based on the starting sound of the word following “a” or “an” since 3rd grade when it was taught to me…

  • bred

    If I remember correctly, using “a” or “an” isn’t determined by how the next word sounds but if it starts with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u [and sometimes] y) or a consonant [all the other letters].

    • “An Route 50 exit” really??

      Sorry, I didn’t phrase that very clearly. Technically it’s whether it starts with a vowel SOUND not just a vowel… for example, if you ask if the man who died had “an heir” you don’t say “a heir” you say “an” because the “h” is silent and the phrase starts with the vowel target/sound of say, “air”. Haha… that’s what I meant by what it sounds like not just what it looks like on paper. Had this said “an exit off route 50” they’d be correct, but “an route”… not so much.

  • Dj

    Are they going to fix the archaic exit from Courthouse Rd onto Route 50 east? And 50 West? Why are they constructing buildings when it is obvious that the land is needed for a bigger cloverleaf interchange?


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