Coming to Ballston: Red Parrot Asian Bistro

by ARLnow.com March 1, 2012 at 2:48 pm 6,307 52 Comments

(Updated at 2:55 p.m.) A new Asian fusion restaurant is coming to Ballston later this year.

Red Parrot Asian Bistro, which has locations in Baltimore and Hanover, Md., just applied for a liquor license for a restaurant on the ground floor of the office building at 1110 N. Glebe Road.

An employee at one of the Maryland restaurants said the Ballston open was probably about six months away.

The Red Parrot website says the eatery offers various types of Asian dishes.

“We introduce variations of South East Asian cuisines offering Thai food, sushi, and Asian fusion for food lovers to enjoy,” the website says. “Here, at the bistro, we offer cocktail drinks, delicious Asian food and bubble tea. And best of all, we have a relaxing and wonderful environment for people to enjoy the atmosphere and the food.”

Other current tenants of 1110 N. Glebe Road include Ballston Crossfit and The Melting Pot fondue restaurant.

  • novasteve

    ZZZZZZzzzzz. Eat least it’s not a froyo or cupcake place, but still we have a lot of these already.. I would like a strict Vietnamese place, given we lost virtually all of them when Clarendon became Tavern this and Tavern that and Lounge only and we lost all of the ethnic restsaurants there other than the one across from red top cab.

  • Pedro

    Hopefully it will not cater to Virginia Tech fans.

    • Greg

      Awww. Will you not go if it does? That’s sad.

      • E

        Pedro is just echoing the problem with Arlington. That should not get deleted or this.

        • Southeast Jerome

          yea– places with tvs that serve beers to fans of virginia tech are definitely the problem with Arlington.

          where do those people come from anyhow?

          Ugh. State school people. How do they ever manage to get through life? Obviously they must all live in group houses or in fairfax right? because they obviously cant be successful if they went to Virginia Tech to afford to live in Arlington on their own?

          Huge problem E, you’re right.

          • Rachel

            Hi ‘Jerome’ from ‘southeast’. Cute nickname, we all really think you are gangster. We are happy you loved you time at Virginia tech, college is supposed to be fun. Sorry to hear about the your post college adaptation to Arlington. Hopefully you go to a good grad school or work hard so you can get outta that plight. We all love how you vigorously defend vt, good for you.

            The sad truth is Virginia tech is average and Arlington is elite. Good night.

          • JamesE

            I hope my Internet sarcasm meter is working or else this is by far the most ignorant post I have read on this site.

          • Greg

            It’s not “Jerome from Southeast”, it’s Southeast Jerome. I get that you missed the reference, but you might want to ask yourself why you automatically equate Southeast with someone trying to be gangster.

          • Arlingtonian

            I giggled at that missed reference. Tried to get cute and failed. I think it’s just the same person posting under multiple names though.

          • Rick

            Rachel – come on.

          • Ty

            u mad bro? haha. UVA, WIlliam & Mary – smart kids! VT – Not so smart kids! haha, u mad!

          • JamesE

            Ty, are you still in high school?

          • Ty

            nope, graduated uva in 2005, but a virginia tech degree is about as strong as a high school degree. all the servers i keep getting went to virginia tech. never once uva. hi james. you will never stop defending your precious virginia tech. just because you field a strong football team will never mean you and other virginia tech graduates are smart or tough in any way. i will be at spider k’s tonight by the way, enjoying a drink that one of ur classmates will serve me. come on by i will buy first round! well, probably all rounds since you have that golden vt degree.

          • JamesE

            Ty, thanks, I appreciate the offer, it is nice to know you are so humble you sound like a really amazing person to be around.

          • Greg

            JamesE, you can’t pass up a night at “spider k’s” with Ty! That sounds awesome! haha.

          • JamesE

            I know Greg, I hope he gets me some Zimas. I usually cannot afford them since I only have an Electrical Engineering degree from VT and not UVA.

          • Sam’s Mart

            Enough college fighting everyone, go out and have fun, night is beautiful folks!

          • Arlingtonian

            Can we stop engaging these desk jockey trolls who take over the comments section trying to make themselves feel better about their lame 9-to-5 jobs by leaving remarks on every post about how high his school spirit is? I will certainly never hire anyone at my company that still talks like a freshman frat boy in his late 20s. He is a loser. Please, can we all let it go? (although if you want to let him buy you a drink go ahead, just don’t leave him alone with it at any point, he’ll probably pee in it and then call 50 of his alumnus friends to crow about how mature he is.)

  • PUP

    nom nom nom nom nom

  • Brian

    I wonder where in that building? Pretty sure that is the one with Booeymonger and Citibank

    • No, it’s the one attached to Melting Pot, which is next to Booey.

  • Arlingtonian

    This is AWESOME; I work right next door and it will be nice to have an additional lunch or happy hour option in the Ballston Plaza area. I guess this will be going in next door to the Melting Pot.

  • Not a foodie

    What was there before? Wasn’t Boogeymonger there?

    • Arlingtonian

      Booeymonger is in the building next door. It’s still open. The one with The Melting Pot in it is the 1110 N Glebe building.

  • nunya

    will they be serving vulture?

    • rays the parrot

      only parrot I’m afraid. Perhaps a little Albatross too.

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      How about fresh flank of Cougar,…do they have that?

      • nunya

        fresh cougar….oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp.

        aint nuttin fresh about a cougar. meow.

  • BC

    What a terrible location. That is a total dead zone.

    • Well

      Your face is a dead zone.

      • D'oh!

        This comment made me laugh way too hard.

      • ballscrossingurface

        i can help with that

      • E

        hahahaha! that was funny Well!

    • John B

      They should take over Chevy’s spot. That’s actually a decent location, for Ballston.

    • SouthPikeGuy

      It really is a terrible retail stretch. That particular space, IIRC, has been vacant for years.

    • zzzzz

      Booeymonger’s seems to be doing well enough, so I imagine this restaurant would too if it’s good. And for people working in the new office buildings at the Peck/Staples site, it’s closer than a lot of other restaurants in Ballston.

  • Well

    The renaissance of any area has to start somewhere doesn’t it?

    • MC

      The County will be improving the intersection at Glebe and N Fairfax, so that should help some with pedestrian traffic reaching the spot. No idea if it will be good, but I will welcome more diversity in food offerings.

  • Ballston4years

    Looks like a convenient place for all the annoying crossfitters from next door to go. However, i’d hate them to drive away all the other customers and make the place go out of business before the rest of us try it. Maybe they could implement a “no workout clothes” policy.

    • Arlingtonian

      I hope nobody goes in there after any gym without a shower first.

  • OldTimer

    Red Parrot, Green Turtle… just need Blue Balls Bistro.

    • SouthPikeGuy

      That’s Rock Bottom.

    • nom de guerre

      The Marymount building-a.k.a. the Blue Goose-is right next door!

      • OldTimer

        Then a great place for the Yellow Submarine Sub Shop.

  • Southeast Jerome

    They should really redevelop that Marymount building. Put the parking lot underground and add an apartment building on that land and re-do the Marymount building…

    • Scooter

      +1 The Blue Goose should go!

      • Arlingtonian

        Aw, I like it. It stands out 🙂

  • Ballston Irish

    This parrot is deceased!

    • TCE

      No no he’s not dead, he’s restin!

  • D.

    I love the Red Parrot! We go to the other RP location several times a year when we’re in that neck of the woods and the the food is really good. I’m usually skeptical of places that offer both sushi and hot food (other than Japanese dishes like tempura, teriyaki, etc.), especially Thai or Chinese food, because usually either the sushi or the Thai/Chinese is subpar, but RP is one of the few places that does all of it well. I can’t wait for the Ballston location to open – it will be great having this so close to home! What a great addition!

  • Glad something is finally going into that space, although I’m not too excited about “pan-Asian fusion cuisine” from Red Parrot. Pan-Asian cuisine is usually never very good. Everything starts tasting like mediocre Chinese food…

    • ESA

      I usually agree with you about “pan-Asian fusion” – it’s typically code for “we don’t do any cuisine well.” However, that was not the case at Red Parrot (at least at the Red Parrot location in Hanover, MD). I was very pleasantly surprised (ok, nearly shocked) when we stopped there after shopping at Arundel Mills – I expected it to be so-so at best, but it was actually delicious! I agree with D. above – Red Parrot seems to do it all well: I’ve had FANTASTIC sushi as well as great Thai and Chinese dishes there. Can’t vouch for their Vietnamese or Malaysian dishes though. I now make a point of trying to time road trips to the northeast so that we are driving up the B-W Parkway around lunch or dinner so I can stop at Red Parrot. Should be a nice addition in Ballston.


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