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“Top Model” to Hold Casting Call in Pentagon City

by Katie Pyzyk March 8, 2012 at 11:45 am 5,614 16 Comments

Here’s a chance to strut your stuff in an attempt to get on television. America’s Next Top Model will be holding a casting call in Pentagon City.

This season will be the “college edition” and casting directors are looking for ladies involved in all types of continuing education. They’ll be recruiting at the Pentagon City mall from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Applicants must be females between the ages of 18 and 27, and need to be at least 5’7″ tall. A filled out application and photo ID are required at the casting call. Additional eligibility requirements are available online.

  • My favorite “free date”…

    find a good bench near the line or judges tables and camp out with snacks and a good sense of humor. It helps if you packed cards that say “Male” or “Female” as it’s like one of those Maury episodes where they try to guess what the model was really born as…

    The PC mall line for this event is always quite the Sh!+ show. One thing I miss about working in and living near this mall. 😉

  • Tabs

    Oh come on. A height requirement and age limit but no weight limit or measurements parameter? Hahaha.

    • Quoth the Raven

      From the eligibility requirements link:

      “Please note that the Producers are looking for a variety of models including plus size models.”

      • Tabs

        Yeah but plus size is just normal size in real life. True fatties==no.

        • My favorite “free date”…

          Don’t enforce any limits… it will make my date MUCH less entertaining. If you see a young couple simply “observing” have no doubt it’s us. 🙂

        • Not a “true fattie”

          These kind of comments disgust me. I’m nowhere near “plus-sized”, I’m a healthy sized 8 (super tall, skinny waist, child-bearable hips, whatever size that combo makes me) so I’m not the tiny size either. And while I’m tired of seeing 16+ sizes go “I’m curvy, just because I’m not a 6 doesn’t make me unhealthy”, at the same time, I’m tired of seeing people call others “fatties”.

          There’s plenty of other ways to point out someone is unhealthy, but saying “fatties” makes any girl subconscious about her weight, regardless of size. I see plenty of overweight men and they never get teased by women.

          There are a lot of women out there that need to lose weight. I’m in the middle of my healthy weight range so theoretically I could stand to lose 5lbs. But calling people “fatties” is rude and not helpful and probably makes them even less inclined to get out and exercise.

          • Walk through Pentagon mall

            I bet if you go to that mall and sit in the food court (or upstairs outside the stores so you can’t just say it’s the people who eat in the food court) you will be truly disgusted by the combination of large people (men and women) in small clothes. They’re not healthy and although I don’t believe they should be teased mercilessly, I believe they’re fat. I’m not totally heartless and wouldn’t go up to a stranger and call them a fatty, but I’d probably think it in my head and I don’t feel bad about that.

            I’m not my dream body type, but I work hard to at least stay healthy and I’d like to motivate myself to work even harder. Someone who is “even less inclined to get out and exercise” because someone else thinks their fat is someone who will make every excuse under the sun. It’s not someone else’s fault. Once you’re at an age where you buy your own food and control your own free time you have a choice in whether you’re going to get off your ass and at least be the healthiest you that you can be or not. Zero sympathy.

          • Not a “true fattie”

            Trust me, I’m disgusted all the time. It really is hard to comprehend how people get that way, but to each their own. What’s even worse is when an obese person tries to sit next to you on the Metro and gets snooty when they press into you because you’re taking up their extra seat. Gross.

            I too work hard to stay decently healthy and I have no fears of getting out and exercising. My point was calling people degrading names is not going to help their situation. I’m all for calling them fat or better yet, obese. If they’re extra heavy, morbidly obese is fine in my book. But society thinking it’s okay to call a girl a “fatty” is rude and humiliating and is basically grown-up bullying. I have no sympathy for their size, how they got there, or the fact that they often don’t do anything about it. But making fun of them isn’t helping the situation.

          • Tabs

            Sarcasm-deficiency alert.

          • K

            *Dickishness alert*

            Glad folks on this thread are perfectly shaped and staying classy.

  • Biker

    I doubt very much a “fattie”–excuse the phrase– is even reading this and if they are, they aren’t aware they are the topic.

    • Not a fan

      So…let me see if I’ve got this right. You’re suggesting that being overweight somehow inhibits an individual’s ability to read and/or affects intelligence to the extent that he/she is unable to comprehend that you are being snarky and condescending?


  • sitruc

    I’ll be there to console potential contestants who don’t make the show.

    I expect the next Crime Report will be for Pentagon City.

  • OldTimer

    Bet my man-boobs can best many of the models-to-be.

  • Rachel

    where do we pre-register??

    • Lloyd



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