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Coach Men’s Store Coming to Pentagon City Mall

by Katie Pyzyk March 9, 2012 at 1:30 pm 5,265 31 Comments

A high end tenant is getting ready to move into the Pentagon City mall. An advertisement has gone up for Coach Men’s Collection.

It’s located next to the Apple store, and is expected to open in May. The company appears to be accepting employment applications for the new store, according to a note on the ad.

Although Coach is now typically known for its designer women’s handbags, its website says: “Founded in New York in 1941, Coach was originally a men’s leathergoods company.”

The new men’s store will join the already existing women’s Coach store in the mall.

  • John

    People are always putting down this mall, but it has done amazingly well over the last 25 years. And it is perhaps more upscale than it was when it opened. Tysons, Fair Oaks and Montgomery Mall are not the only mall options in the DC suburbs.

    • Bad planning, period

      When you look at the mall as one person with an interest in convenient, high-end stores you may say this “has done amazingly well over the last 25 years”, but if you were actually to look at the demographics of the mall compared the stores they’re putting in there’s a clear reason why the high-end stores often do not last through long lease periods and multiple renewals.

      I worked there for 10+ years and I’ve never seen a more bizarre mix of clientele and store options in a retail venue. As for shoppers, even at Christmas you rarely see a majority people walking through the mall with more than 1 or 2 bags in their hand, which is totally opposite of Tysons. This is an upscale Ballston in my mind… honestly. There’s the restaurant/bar/skating rink scene at Pentagon Row for the “entertainment” side of the mall and stores where someone comes into the mall looking for one specific thing, parks closest to the store where they must get in and out, and do not stop to window shop or make multiple stops.

      Now one person who does this will argue and say “I do that all the time”… that’s not my point. I’m talking about the majority of shoppers. Very few want to pay for than the $1.50 for the first hour or two, so they speed in, get one item and get out. I realize some would say that’s what malls are for, but those who have worked in retail know that this is the opposite intention of a mall… it’s to have so much in one place that you can come in, get swept up in the environment, spend your money in multiple stores to get the whole family clothed, fed, and accessorized, etc. They’ve removed toy stores and the like over the years to “bring in” high-end customers, but they haven’t brought in anyone new. They send 100-1000 kid tour groups into the food court to give them reduced portion meals at full prices and give them a mall to walk through the “high-end” stores and shoplift because there are no stores left that cater them in a price range they can afford… The only customers in these stores don’t want the hassle or traffic of going out to Tysons, but I can almost promise they would not spend longer than an hour in the mall by choice and would prefer to be in and out in under 30 minutes.

      It’s a poorly managed mall that treats its retailers badly with outrageous rents and digs into their sales percentages with limited communication from management and lack of options for retailers to give their own input. I promise that there are retailers in that mall that have worked there long enough to go through various mall managers given limited training or ramp-up time (all positions have regular turn over of at least every 2 years if not more often) who, if offered the opportunity, could turn that into the amazing venue it’s intended to be.

      It’s Ballston with a really, really good plastic surgeon.

      • Ouch

        Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
        The “bizarre” clientele you speak of general come from across the river in D.C. since they have no real mall there.
        It does make it a weird weird mix of people in there.

        • Lloyd

          Do people who work in retail have a “right side of the bed”?

          • Mattress Dis Counters

            C’mon down to Sleepys where we ONLY have “right sides of the bed.” Guaranteed a good night sleep. On commission, so only shop 1-4pm.

  • Chris

    In Northern Virginia, Coach Robs You!

    • Pag

      It doesn’t rob you in other parts of the country? Oh yeah, it’s normal to pay $500 for a purse.

      • Chris

        I’m sorry, but NovaSteve has clearly stated that only Arlington related posts are allowed. I chose to rebel against his establishment dialectic by including the other counties but you have simply gone too far.

  • brendan

    i wonder if the mall charges extra rent simply for being next to the apple store…

    • Peggy

      Plus, I have no idea where that is. How about referencing its location in relation to the cigar store? That is more the Coach men’s clientele.

      • OldTimer

        Middle of mall above food court. Cigar store is way down by Nordy’s. Not that far of a walk.

  • There’s sure to be “bottomless hommos” here.

    • AllenB

      You’re probably right. So you’ll be setting up “shop” in one of the dressing rooms?

      • Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t ‘bat for the other team.’ Maybe you and Larry Craig can set up a venture in the bathrooms at Lebanese Taverna, “bottomless hommos” are all the rage there.

        • AllenB

          Given your apparent homophobia, your alleged heterosexuality is no disappointment to me.

          But sometimes the ones that protest the loudest are the ones hiding something. Just sayin’.

          • Sometimes those who speculate are grasping for firmer ground or trying to bait someone into painting themselves in a corner.

  • DarkHeart

    Why does none of this stuff go into Ballston Mall? All the spin class peeping toms?

    • Well

      It doesn’t help when your anchor store is a run down Macy’s and you’re next to Wet Seal.

  • yo yo ma

    sounds about right

  • Terry

    Oh good it will fit right in with the Juicy Hooker Couture that just opened up. I give it less than a year before it’s out of business.

  • mapchick

    There is also a Bose electronics store going in on the food court level next to Lush. I just saw the sign go up for that last weekend. Not sure if that has been mentioned yet.

  • Man Purse

    It’s European!

    • Jerry Seinfeld

      I can never find anything in here!

  • Detective

    So “Darkheart” how did you know it was a spin class? The article only said “watching women work out”. Please come downtown and turn yourself in.

  • DSS10

    I think the one trend that you are missing is that the prime targets for high end stores is not “high end” customers but rather “aspirational” customers who are most often middle class customers who have the most affinity to high end brands. If coach and any of the other luxury brands were just looking for the 1% customers they would not dilute their brand by having a store in this mall. Where they really make there money is by selling the cheap stuff (key rings and wallets like coach) to people what to feel rich by shopping there. Gucci and Tiffany’s (excluding Newt) make about 75% of its revenue from trash and trinkets. The parking fees, as well as all parking in Arlington, is down right stupid. Its a bit of an insult to be nickeled and dimed for parking when your going to spend money. I think the lot across the street gets filled up by people stopping by costco for two hours of free parking before that go across street.

    I agree with you that the mall is both mismanaged and marketed but the owners are focused on short term gains. The “big Mall business is in trouble at the moment and a lot of the shopping developments are in trouble or are on their way to being in trouble. Another example of this is the mall in Georgetown, I’d hate to be holding that mortgage on that property…..

    • Lloyd

      I feel the same about Rolex’s. Just bought by status seekers and people who want to feel good about themselves for being able to afford it. I mean, that’s pretty much why I bought mine 25 years ago.

    • I don’t see rappers rocking Coach for Men… Can’t be very aspirational if you ask me.

  • Don’t know how well Coach for Men will do there. The demographic just isn’t there. Plus there are already two Coach stores with men’s stuff at Georgetown and Tysons Galleria.

    That said, a dedicated Coach for Men shop would be welcomed. Pentagon City is a lot closer than New York City.

  • dTagg

    I am not quite sure why everyone is bashing Coach. I was given a Coach briefcase years ago for graduation and I must say it is extremely well made and does not even look slightly used. I am all for paying a little extra for something that will hold up over time.

    • Mario

      Haterz gonna hate.

      I have only purchased one item from Coach. A basic black bi-fold wallet. I’ve had it for over 20 years. High quality, simply made, and worth the price.

  • DSS10

    I did not mean to use any code words for any race or ethnicity. It may not be the rappers but the middle age guys in dockers who will be rocking the coach in da house! The aspirational purchasing behavior tracks not to ethnicity but rather to income level.


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