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Half Off Tickets to Taste of Arlington

by ARLnow.com March 21, 2012 at 12:35 pm 5,398 50 Comments

Like last year, early birds are getting a steep discount on tickets to Taste of Arlington.

This year the annual food festival, Arlington’s biggest, will take place between 12:00 and 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 20. More than 35 restaurants are expected to participate and serve about 15,000 attendees. As always, the event will be held on Wilson Boulevard in front of Ballston Common Mall.

KGB Deals is offering half off tickets to the event — $15 instead of $30 — through next Tuesday. As of 12:30 p.m., the website had sold just shy of 100 tickets.

Proceeds from Taste of Arlington will be donated to three nonprofits: the Arlington Community Foundation, Virginia Hospital Center and Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic.

  • JamesE

    Go early, hit it hard, leave early. Anything after 2 pm you have no chance.

  • SomeGuy

    Does ArlNow get a kickback from kgbdeals.com for referrals through this article?

    • We used to have an affiliate relationship with WTD, which was purchased by KGB Deals. That relationship no longer exists. We will not get a “kickback” of any kind from this article. The only purpose is to tell readers about a big discount on tickets to a very popular event.

      Rest assured that only articles marked “Sponsored Article” involve any sort of business relationship. Sometimes we write articles that involve advertisers, but those articles are chosen on the merits of their news value/reader interest alone and the relationship is disclosed within the article.

      Commenters always seem to want to conjure up nefarious motives for articles about businesses, but you’re welcome to talk to any of our advertisers about how seriously we take the separation of business and news coverage.

      • SomeGuy

        Wasn’t challenging your integrity or conjuring up any “nefarious motives.” Mistakes happen. I noticed some extra parameters in the hyperlink URL and thought maybe you had forgotten to tag it as a “Sponsored Article.”

        Thank you for answering the question.

        • Apologies, did not mean to imply that you were directly assigning nefarious motives. Just speaking in general about the repeated “how much did you get paid for this?” questions we seem to get on articles about local businesses.

          • Josh S

            Might you consider just not doing those kinds of articles? The appearance is sometimes just as bad as the fact of it.

          • Speak for yourself

            I’m happy to know that this is happening as I bought my tickets early last year and forgot they were a special price. If this would be considered on the list of articles not to publish to be “safe” then what’s the point of having a local blog to tell us of events, deals, local businesses, etc. If you just want news read a paper or their direct sites, this is a combination of news and community and for the most part, people seem to like it that way. So leave it a lone. If you don’t like an article, move on to another and don’t bother commenting.

            Sometimes I’m convinced half the people don’t even read the articles, but troll the comments to start arguments and pick fights.

          • nom de guerre

            I agree with your comment-you beat me to it.

          • John Fontain

            I whole-heartedly disagree with Josh’s suggestion. Maybe I need a new tinfoil hat, because I don’t see any bad appearance in this type of article. Arlnow is simply providing info to us. Much appreciated info.

          • Josh S

            I’m not necessarily referring to this article in particular.

          • Parkington

            I’m really glad they do these types of articles. Nobody is forcing you to spend your money anywhere – bend yourself back into shape buddy and unbunch those panties.

    • Transplant

      Who cares? Since when is it illegal in America to make money? The worst greed and corruption I’ve ever seen happened at “save the world” Non Profits (was part of a review committee).

      • SomeGuy

        ArlNow’s purveyor cares. And based on his 3-paragraph response, he believes his readers care. The question wasn’t about money. It was about disclosure. I thought that was pretty clear.

      • Josh S

        Just because you haven’t seen the situation from another’s point of view doesn’t mean that that point of view is less valid than yours.

    • G Clifford Prout

      I wonder if they have a ticket quota?

  • CW

    I last went 2 years ago and enjoyed myself. Given how much Arlington has changed even since then in terms of population and popularity, though, I’m kinda scared to go this year. Might not be able to move, even at the beginning of the event.

    • JamesE

      Last years was fine for the first few hours.

  • j

    Is Virginia Hospital Center a non-profit? I was not aware of that. Thx

    • nom de guerre

      Technically it is considered not-for-profit. A not-for-profit organization pays taxes and may make a profit, but those profits are not distributed to its owners or members.

  • JamesE

    I think closing off more streets and opening up the event would really alleviate the crowd issues.

    • Maria

      I agree in theory, but I think the issue is that all the side street there have buildings with parking garages that can’t really be blocked. At some point, it’s going to have to be moved because it gets out of control after 1-ish.

  • DarkHeart

    Is the Testicle Festival coming back this year?

    • E


    • Tabs

      To your mouth!

  • dallynd

    Geez ….. thanks for posting!

  • nunya

    will FREDTERP have a booth?

    • JamesE

      I will stay all 5 hours if there is a FREDTERP booth

      • Transplant

        I want a hat or t-shirt that says FREDTERP.


        • JamesE

          FREDTERP urban sombrero.

        • drax


          Let’s do it. Then we can all look for each other at Taste of Arlington and be in on the joke.

          • Fred Jr

            FREDTERP #FTW

          • Tabs

            I’ll man the booth for an hour. Free massages from Fans of FREDTERP.

            Paid for by the FansofFREDTERP.

      • METOO

        Me Too! METOO

        • nunya

          you’ve seen the “Who is John Gault?” shirt.

          now wait for the “Who is FREDTERP?” shirt.

          • CourthouseChris

            FYI to the first person to grab it: “FRDTRP” is an available VA vanity license plate combination. I presume this goes well with the U of MD plate (or perhaps the “Unlocking Autism”??).

          • Josh S

            I think I’ll vote for FREDTERP for Congressman this year.

          • nom de guerre

            What about Hank the Cat for US Senate?

          • drax

            Name recognition is everything.

          • Lee-n-Glebe


  • Hungry

    I would have thought more restaurants would be involved…

  • E

    Over/Under on Flip Flops worn at the event. 441.5. I am going over that. Wear sneakers people, stop being lazy. God forbid you have to do your wash on socks.

    • Maria

      I almost never wear closed-toed shoes in the summer. My feet get hot enough wearing them in the winter! Some people actually wear them for climate control purposes, not style (or lack of, if you prefer).

    • Rebecca

      That “joke” is so played out. Get over it, already.

      • Richard Cranium

        We need to call them what I called them growing up – “thongs.” That’ll confuse people.

    • yuk!

      “Sneakers” are for running or tennis and other sports. Only lazy people wear them in the streets.

      • Josh S

        Of course you have plenty of other casual, summer appropriate footwear to choose from other than flip-flops, which really shouldn’t leave the beach, or maybe the locker room.

        • Parkington

          You’re a real stick in the mud, Josh.

  • Transplant

    Me and wifey are going. I’ll see you all there!

    • paddy

      please wear thongs

  • yo

    May 20th? I can’t plan that far in advance.


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