Road Closed Due to Serious Accident

by March 22, 2012 at 9:23 pm 4,072 18 Comments

(Updated at 11:00 p.m.) S. Carlin Springs Road was closed between 5th Street and 7th Road tonight due to a serious accident between a Jeep and a moped.

Around 8:00 p.m., the Jeep driver was trying to make a left turn onto 6th Road when the SUV and the moped collided, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. Officers arrived on the scene and found the moped rider, an adult male, lying on the ground. He was taken to a local hospital via ambulance with what were thought to be critical injuries.

According to Sternbeck, the man had a high level of alcohol in his system. He’s expected to recover from his injuries. The female driver of the Jeep remained on scene following the collision, Sternbeck said.

Carlin Springs Road was shut down for an extended period of time while police conducted an accident investigation.

  • NoVapologist

    I bet the moped was an automatic.

  • John

    What a Jeep shot.

  • Brian K

    Does anyone know the Moped laws? I see so many on the major streets with no tags. Do they have to be registered to be operated on the public street?

    • JW
      • Brian K

        Thanks much .. so pretty much a souped up bike, ha.

        • JW

          I think you could probably run faster than most of those things

        • I have safely commuted daily between Shirlington & Ballston for 10 years on my 50cc scooter. 80 miles per gallon is a wonderful thing.

    • yo

      off topic but, i saw some dude driving southbound on the GW parkway on a moped. It wasn’t one of those fast moving scooters, it was a freaking moped. He was going slow as sh*t. It was right after the spout run road merges into GW parkway south

      • DK

        Unfortunately it’s a federal road and who knows what those regulations are. Besides, the Park Service always falls back on the fact that, despite the actual use of the Parkway as a commuter road, it is a “parkway”.

        • CW

          Also, “slow as sh*t” on the Parkway might actually mean “doing the speed limit instead of 40 over”.

        • Arlington, Northside

          The Parkway roads follow the same laws as the jurisdictions it runs through. A 50cc Moped is not legally allowed on the Parkway any more than a pedestrian or a bicycle.

      • Charley

        What time of day was this? Did the bike have plates and was the rider wearing visible attire?

  • Garden City

    I guess he’s going to discover that [f. All DUI laws apply to mopeds operated on public highways].

    • TCE

      … well since I’ve seen articles on people being arrest for DUI while driving their law mowers on the road… I suspect the same might apply to mopeds… (guy got arrested for DUI while riding lawn mower because he knew he was drunk and felt it was safer to drive the mower to and from the bar…) Don’t know if that would work in this state though…

      • Daniel

        I can vouch for the lawnmower DUI….that happened to the brother of a friend. This shouldn’t shock anyone, but he wasn’t exactly an overachiever.

      • Tabs

        In Australia, a guy was arrested for DWI while riding his motorized cooler/Igloo.

  • CW

    It seems that the definition of “moped” has grown quite a bit. I guess I am a purist, in that a “moped” is something that has a MOtor and PEDals. Not a Vespa; that is a “motor scooter”.


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