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Scooter, Taxi Involved in Accident on Glebe Road

by ARLnow.com March 22, 2012 at 4:52 pm 4,083 27 Comments

An accident involving a moped and a Red Top taxicab occurred around 3:15 this afternoon on S. Glebe Road, just north of I-395.

The scooter’s owner was largely uninjured and was not taken to the hospital, according to police. No word on which party, if any, was found to be at fault.

Southbound Glebe Road was partially blocked for 15-30 minutes during the accident response.

Photo courtesy Derek Taggart

  • geezer

    May the speculation of fault and generalizations about driver competences begin

    • OldTimer

      I’ll drink to that!

    • ProfessionalObserver

      The cab was obviously conducting an illegal U-turn to pick up a fare and hit the scooter. Cab drivers are the worst drivers, closely followed by tour bus drivers and tractor-trailer operators….

      • drax

        And we have one.

  • nobasteve

    I believe all scooters have automatic transmissions.

    • novasteve

      The cab surely has an automatic transmission.

      • CourthouseChris

        Phew, came here to make sure this was said. The world is right now, thank you.

        • drax

          Flip-flops, Donaldson Run, FREDTERP.

    • SteveP

      I don’t know about the mopeds (I grew up calling them that – I always thought a scooter was the two wheeled thing without a motor that you push with one foot) in the US, but that is certainly not the case. I’ve seen/ridden/driven on ones in Italy that are 3 speeds ranging from the low end models to the Vespas that are powerful enough to be allowed on the Italian autostrada.

      • The 49-50cc mopeds top out at around 30mph. I had a 150cc one back in college that would haul @$$, topping out at 60mph. I believe there are also 250cc up to 500cc mopeds and some in between. Unfortunately many people I’ve seen riding them don’t know how to operate them which might explain why there were two reported accidents in one day and a bevy more which have been covered by ArlNow.

  • Expert Accident Reconstructionalist

    Based on the picture showing the angle of the Red Top Cab, the positioning of the scooter, the lines and markings on the road and from driving through that intersection before, I can surmise without a doubt, that the sky is indeed blue and there is a firetruck in the picture.

    • rockemsockem

      fire truck appears to be at-fault as it seems to be on the wrong side of the road.

      • bob

        Actually, the fire truck is on the right side of the road. The taxi, apparently trying to turn left across the oncoming lanes, was going in the opposite direction. Most important is how our lookie-loo action photographer “Derek Taggart” decided he needed to risk the over-the-left-shoulder-as-I-drive-by phone pic so he could make “breaking news” on arlnow.com… I’m quite certain, though, that he was devoting his full attention to traffic in front of him as he took that pic. I know, “I/he was stopped at a red light when I took the pic!”… I’m sure if you got stopped and ticketed for that, you would blame it on quota-gate…

  • Troll Patrol

    Are these vehicles allowed on the road without license? I have seen these on Arlilngton Blvd. at night doing 25 mph in left lane – very dangerouse and scary.

    • CrystalMikey

      Same here (in terms of on 50, and even Washington Blvd between 395 and 50).

      • Like the old woman on the pink scooter that takes 50 over the TR Bridge into DC each morning. She is a menace.

        • Josh S

          How fast is she going? Cause I think the speed limit on the bridge is 45.

  • Mark

    What will be interesting is if the Scooter drive is found to be at fault. Scooters of that size aren’t required to be registered or have insurance.

    • I’m not sure that’s true

      As long as it’s under a certain engine level (40cc’s or can go up to 30mph or something like that) the “size” of the bike itself doesn’t matter. I could be wrong, but those were the rules a few years back as my roommate had one with no license or registration but it was a pretty big size, just not a very powerful engine and it was within regulation.

      • Arlington, Northside

        49cc’s, is the rule.

  • yo

    i hate those freaking scooters. get your DUI ass of the road. (allegedly)

  • nobasteve

    I would guess that a good percentage of moped/scooter riders are using this form of transportation due to the fact that they have lost their license due to a DUI conviction.

    • Or…

      They might not drive often and don’t want a car payment, insurance, and the other fees that come with having a car when you’re within a decent distance to a metro. You’re already paying more in rent to be near the metro, why own a car unless you have the extra $$ if you’re single and not toting around kids or hauling anything large?

    • Josh S


  • DK
    • yo

      d. Although you do not need a driver’s license to operate a moped, you may not operate a moped if you have been declared a habitual offender or your license is suspended or revoked for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

      they need to pull these folks over, and if they have had a DUI arrest, then impound their scooter and make them walk or take the bus.

  • Chris

    Scooters follow their own laws on the road. illegal turns, disobeying traffic lights. They act much like bicyclists, in their own world.


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