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Fundraiser Offers Chance to Rappel Down Crystal City Hotel

by ARLnow.com March 29, 2012 at 12:24 pm 5,359 10 Comments

If you’ve ever dreamed of rappelling down a tall building, here’s your chance to actually do it, legally.

The Special Olympics of Virginia is holding a fundraising challenge called “Over the Edge,” and the prize for raising at least $1,000 is the opportunity to rappel off the roof of the Hilton Crystal City hotel on Friday, June 22.

Fundraisers can either sign up to repel down the 15-story building themselves, or nominate someone else to be “tossed” off the building — a boss, for instance. Registration is limited to the first 75 rappellers.

In addition to the fundraisers, several media personalities and VIPs will be rappelling down the side of the hotel on Thursday, June 21, in an effort to bring additional attention to the cause. The rappelling is being supervised by a company that specializes in running such fundraisers.


    What media personalities will be involved. Jim Vance? FREDTERP

  • YTK

    REPEL down the building? So …. the building is ONE BIG North Pole magnet and they’re going to strap another North Pole magnet on you, and then send you down with the rope????

    Is this how well they teach spelling in Arlington’s schools today????

    • CourthouseChris

      Obviously class was not taught wherever you were schooled. Do you feel good about yourself for being such a pedant? Geez, give Arlnow a break.

    • so….

      IS THIS……..how they teach punctuation in Arlington’s schools today????

      • Rebecca


  • Bemused bystander

    I’d love to repel tall buildings. Is there a fundraiser for that?

  • Chris


  • nunya

    no, i dont think so.

  • duke

    I say we hang YTK over the edge of the building…

  • Tabs

    Hey commenters!

    Remember that mug shot of the guy who buried guns next to 66?

    I think I saw him on the Orange line this morning!


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