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by ARLnow.com April 2, 2012 at 8:15 am 4,303 26 Comments

Local Deer Population Growing — The local population of white-tailed deer is on the rise and having an impact on plant life in Arlington County, according to a county naturalist. “Shrubs like spicebush and pawpaw are becoming much more abundant at the expense of things like wild azaleas, oaks, cedars and American euonymus,” said naturalist Alonso Abugattas. [Sun Gazette]

New Trail Signs Installed — New “wayfinding” signs were recently installed along bike and pedestrian routes throughout the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. The signs are intended to make it easier to navigate to one’s destination, but sometimes can be unintentionally confusing. [Greater Greater Washington]

Arlington Civil War Shirts Available — The Arlington Plaza Library at 2100 Clarendon Boulevard in Courthouse is selling a t-shirt commemorating the Civil War sesquicentennial in Arlington. The Arlington Civil War 150 t-shirts are offered in three different colors for $10 apiece. [Arlington Public Library]

Flickr pool photo by Damiec

  • meh..

    Bethesda cheaper than Lyon Village???
    wait! What happened to the blurb about the Clarendon Blogger shutting down?? It’s in my RSS feed but not here..

    • It’s going to be a separate article. It accidentally slipped in the morning notes for a couple of seconds.

  • Garden City

    I’ve been sitting on the back porch with my .30-30 and nothing has come to nibble on my azaleas yet.

  • nunya

    speaking of wayfinding. arlington, one of the best walking towns…


    thank you, thank you very much.

    • Joe Hoya

      Just a few spots behind East L.A. (wait, what?).

      • nunya

        la has better thugz than arlington, clearly.

  • bobco85

    The photo looks like it was taken in front of the community garden across Four Mile Run Drive from Barcroft.

    I remember family friends who had a plot in the garden inviting us over annually to watch the 4th of July fireworks. It was a really good spot for watching, and I wish they would bring the fireworks back to Barcroft.

    • Lou

      I wish they would bring the fireworks back to Bluemont.

      • drax

        There are fireworks every year in Bluemont. Just not legal ones.

        • Lou

          By “they”, I meant the county.

          • drax

            I know. Just noting that teenagers take things into their own hands late into the night.

          • nom de guerre

            And someone “took things into his own hands” last week along the W&OD trail.

          • Hahaha…


          • drax

            Well done. I have to hand it to you for that comment. High five?

          • zzzzz

            So at what point do sex crimes become not funny to you people? Is it funny when a woman is groped by a stranger? How about being beaten and raped on a local trail? Is that just too hilarious??

          • drax

            When someone actually touches someone else, yes, that’s when it’s no longer funny.

            Otherwise, it’s funny.

            Any more questions?

          • First

            Yes, I have a question. When will you be performing your comedy routine along the bike trail again?

  • TJ

    In the link about the signs, there’s a link to the county website about the signs with a map of the signs and routes:


    That map points out “Blaze” and “Fingerboard” routes and stops. Does anyone know what that means?

    • Bonissa Meldi

      Mercifully, the signs omit the County’s poorly-received “new” logo.

      • You mean the jelly fish looking thing? Yeah, lame.

    • bobco85

      After searching for a while, I think I’ve figured out what they mean. If I am wrong, please correct me.

      On the page you linked to, look at the sample signs.

      The top part only shows the destination and is the blaze sign, just like with blazes on hiking trails you would have a specific color that you would know “this trail takes me to X place” or “this is the Y trail.” It’s there to let you know you’re still on the trail, like if you’re driving and you take an on-ramp to get on the inner loop of the Beltway you’ll see “I-495 Inner” signs from time to time to let you know you’re on the correct road.

      The bottom parts are the fingerboard signs, which are basically 3 parts: 1) this destination is 2) x miles away from here in 3) this (arrow) direction. It’s like if you were to ask a person for directions and they point in a certain direction saying something like “the gas station is that way about 4 blocks from here.”

  • DarkHeart

    No bullet holes or fake blood art on the t-shirts? Also, the library system should bring back totes for sale.

  • YTK

    No – what REALLy has an impact on the plant life in Arlington are all the bulldozers knocking down trees and “planting” McMansions.

    • John Fontain

      No trees were cut down when your house was built?

  • MC

    Why does anyone, much less the County Library, choose to “commemorate” the Civil War? Commemoration implies there is something noble to memorialize, but precisely what that was in the context of Arlington’s history is far from clear.

    • dk



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