Arlington County By the Numbers

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Arlington County has released the latest version of its annual Profile publication, a compendium of vital statistics about the county. The 2012 Arlington County Profile includes information about the county’s demographics, economy and cultural resources.

In terms of population, Arlington’s Community Planning, Housing and Development (CPHD) department estimates that there are 99,900 total household in the county. Arlington’s population, meanwhile, will exceed a quarter of a million by 2040, according to CPHD forecasts.

  • 2012 Population: 211,700
  • 2012 Employment: 227,500 (jobs located in Arlington)
  • 2040 Population: 252,400 (est.)
  • 2040 Employment: 308,400 (est.)

Government was the top job sector in Arlington, based on 2012 estimates.

  • Government: 26.4%
  • Professional and technical services: 20.7%
  • Hospitality and food: 7.1%
  • Transportation and warehousing: 4.5%
  • Real estate: 3.7%
  • Information: 2.9%
  • Finance and insurance: 2.4%
  • Construction: 2.1%
  • Other services: 21.4%
  • Other (including retail): 8.9%

As of 2011, the top ten private employers were:

  • Deloitte: 5,100 jobs
  • Lockheed Martin: 2,700 jobs
  • Virginia Hospital Center: 2,120 jobs
  • Marriott International: 1,940 jobs
  • Bureau of National Affairs: 1,906 jobs
  • Booz Allen Hamilton: 1,400 jobs
  • SRA International: 1,360 jobs
  • CACI: 1,217 jobs
  • SAIC: 1,200 jobs
  • Corporate Executive Board: 1,060 jobs

Arlington’s economy remains strong, with low unemployment and high household income. The 2012 median household income in Arlington is $99,600, while per capita income is $78,000. Total retail sales in Arlington came to $3.14 billion in 2011. The residential rental vacancy rate was 4.6 percent while the average rent went up by 2 percent from 2010 to 2011. Arlington’s civilian labor force of 141,073 had an unemployment rate of 3.9 percent as of March 2011.

Arlington’s 2012 tax base was divided between 49 percent commercial and 51 percent residential.

Arlington is also rich culturally. The county had 8 libraries, 149 county parks, 13 community centers, 3 nature centers, 6 senior centers, 120 athletic fields, 118 tennis and basketball courts, and 86 miles of bicycle routes and jogging trails.

  • RCW

    It is per capita income. Not “per capital income”

  • Mike

    I’d love to see this data compared to national averages and other similarly populated areas.

    I’m sure I could look it up but I do prefer to be spoon fed my data.

    • PUP

      +1 for being spoon-fed.

  • CrystalMikey

    Curious how those top 10 companies will look this time next year.

  • John Fontain

    And bike helmets per capita?

    • drax

      Thank you for not going for the easy flip-flop joke.

  • drax

    Interesting that we have more jobs than people.

    • PUP

      not really. lots commute in.

      • drax

        I didn’t say it was surprising, just interesting. It’s a way to measure how urban we are, I guess. We’re more a job center than a bedroom community now.

        • Ivy

          I noticed the same thing. I too thought that was interesting.

  • CW

    I’d love to see the upper quartile household income. Median is still probably not representative.

  • JB

    The living and workforce population continues to go up, up, up.

    Yet the ACFD still has the same number of Medic units as they did years ago. Everyday Arlington “runs out” of medic units and nobody who lives or works here knows….

    In addition, the ladder truck in Clarendon and the Rescue Company serving South Arlington are understaffed, leaving the citizens at risk.

    This shouldn’t happen in wealthy Arlington!

    • LP

      Stats to back this up?

      • Jb

        I’m a fireman in the County….I live it everyday. Send me your email and I will send you all the #’s you want. As a fireman I’m at risk just like you ad a citizen….im not bashing, just providing a fact.

    • drax

      How many units are there, and how many are recommended per person, Jb?

      • Jb


        Multiple safety agencies that regulate minimum staffing for fire departments state that at least 5 firefighters should staff ladder trucks and heavy rescue companies. The ACFD staffs the Clarendon Ladder Truck that serves Ballston to Rosslyn with only 3! This is a major safety problem for both Arlington citizens and firemen. Rescue Company 109 is also understaffed with 3 in South Arlington.
        As for Medic units, Arlington is a big city and shiuld have at least 10 medic units during the day to handle basic EMS services.

        The Arlington citizens and those that work/visit us deserve adequate fire/EMS services.

  • PUP

    some peeps wanna hate no matter what. in all seriousness – what a great place, we should really be proud of our ‘hood.

    • MC 703


    • SoMuchForSubtlety


  • Mongo

    Hot numbah’s, y’all! Makes me wanna go to Jay’s Saloon and get a little silly.

  • MC

    It looks like job growth will be higher than population growth. One assumes that commercial taxes will soon make up the majority of revenue here. The one caution is that Defense spending is so dominant for both government and private sector jobs, and that’s likely to contract in real terms.

    • drax

      Commercial taxes eclipsed personal property taxes in Arlington several years ago, though I don’t know if it has remained that way.

  • hellothere

    If the country actually lived within its budget, Arlington county might look like a different place.

    • Car-Free Diet

      This country living with its Budget? Nooooooo Way!

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Nothing like SPIN…. “Arlington is also rich culturally” – guess all the snobs would be surprised to know Loudon County fits the bill too with 8 libraries, 10 community centers, 1500+ acres spread over 30 parks (It’s not clear if the AC # include things like Iwo Jima etc.), and probably as many sports facilities and trails.

    • tumblebum

      Loudoun is over 520 sq miles and Arlington is a bit over 26 sq. (smallest county in the US) so a comparison of park land, trails, etc is not really a legitimate exercise. Arl does pretty well with it’s limited opportunities.


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