County Lifts Advisory for Four Mile Run

by ARLnow.com April 6, 2012 at 5:35 pm 2,772 7 Comments

Arlington County has lifted an advisory for Four Mile Run, three days after several thousand gallons of raw sewage reportedly spilled into the stream.

The advisory, issued on Tuesday, called for people and pets to avoid contact with Four Mile Run from Columbia Pike to the Potomac River. From a county press release:

Arlington County has lifted the advisory it issued on Tuesday April 3, 2012 to avoid the water in Four Mile Run, near S. Dinwiddie St. and Columbia Pike. The advisory was issued following the discovery of a sewage release resulting from a blocked sewage pipe. The precaution was meant to allow the effect of the discharge to be diminished by the natural flushing of the streams.

Following several days of stream flow Arlington County is lifting the advisory. Residents may resume adherence to the normal precautions for safe use of its urban streams.

  • Whatever. Four Mile Run is always dirty. There will just be another sewage spill tomorrow. It’s a damn shame because it’s a pretty running trail/stream.

  • nom de guerre

    This gave me an idea for an Arlington based microbrewery that will be located near Arlington Mill. It will utilize residents from the nearby affordable housing that will feature sustainable hand crafted brown ale. I might just call it the Four Mile Run Ale That Makes You Pale.

  • geezer

    The bugs there yesterday were f’ing ridiiculous – I suppose due to this – I was covered in bugs after my bike ride

  • Larry

    time for a swim!

  • CourthouseChris

    It’s safe to drink now, right?

    • Rick

      I don’t think Steve-O would drink that water

  • CW

    I hope that they were able to salvage some of the sewage before it was contaminated by contact with Four Mile Run water.


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