Video: What Is the Arlington Way?

by ARLnow.com April 12, 2012 at 2:00 pm 5,700 59 Comments

What is the “Arlington Way,” exactly?

It’s essentially an open conversation between the local government and the people who live and work in Arlington. But the Arlington Way can mean different things to different people, as the video above seems to prove.

Last month, under the leadership of County Board Chair Mary Hynes, Arlington held launch events for the PLACE (Participation, Leadership and Civic Engagement) initiative. PLACE is Hynes’ effort to “refresh and reinvigorate” the Arlington Way.

The video above was created as part of the PLACE launch events by the Arlington Virginia Network, the county’s cable TV channel.

  • Josh S

    Surely the first question should be: Is there an “Arlington Way?”

    • Clarendon

      All jurisdictions have public hearings on items and people who are interested speak up on issues. On the spectrum of engaging citizens during the thought process on policies and stuff (before the item comes up for a vote), I think Arlington is on the “does more than average” side. The thing that really makes Arlington more unique, IMO is that the residents are more heavily represented by activists, policy wonks and experts in the various public policy areas than typical jurisdictions. This is due, of course to the location near the nation’s capitol, but it definately adds a dynamic that most other jurisdictions do not have (for better or worse).

    • HighViewPunk

      There is, if the individual speaking believes there is.

    • jade521

      Yes, there is an Arlington Way. Although the Arlington Way is different for employees working for the county…

  • novasteve

    The arlington way is to vote for the candidate with (D) after their name.

    • drax

      How often do you vote for someone without the (R) after their name, Steve?

      • novasteve

        Not that long actually as I used to be a democrat until about 2007.

    • SomeGuy

      Best answer so far. But I expect this thread to have many more good ones.

      • Are you sure??

        I can’t possibly know for sure until both Josh S & drax have weighed in at least two dozen times each. Only *then* can I formulate an opinion.

        • drax

          Listening to what I have to say and then forming your opinion – THAT is the Arlington way. Or should be.

    • truth be told

      + ∞

    • So?

      So? What’s wrong with that?

  • Successful Troll

    The Arlington Way, also called route 50, is a road that doubles as socioeconomic boundary that splits Arlington in half with a crime ridden, poverty stricken North, and a highly developed urban south. This situation is comparable to Detroit’s “8 mile” street. Do people really not know this?

    • KalashniKEV

      Are you a new lieutenant, by any chance?

      • Successful Troll

        I am Sublieutenant on the Air Force dirigible “USS Bergenhind”. But currently I am currently on administrative leave at the Pentagon.

        • robby

          I thought it was the North where the $$ is and the South was crime/poverty and dispair….correct?

    • Are you sure??

      I thought The Arlington Way was 4-lanes-in-each-direction of I-66.

      It’s either that or the unofficial name for the trolley line.

      I know The Arlington Waaaah is anything that Cooch says.

    • North of rt 50 is low crime and higher income – not crime ridden and poverty stricken. you have it mixed up. the north is more urban closer to DC, but not in the outer part of North Arlington.

      • Irony Challenged

        I think that the county has a full program for the “Irony Challenged” including rent support and job training.
        You might want to look into to it

  • Ted Knight
  • PUP

    *raises hand* the arlington way is masturbating in public.

    • drax

      (Raises only left hand.)

    • SomeGuy

      I’d rather not know what the unraised hand is doing.

    • Clobberer

      Knock it off or I’m going to clobber you with a wine bottle.

    • Handy

      I like to sit on the hand I am going to use until it goes numb. That way it seems like someone else is doing it for me.

    • Dr_Klahn

      Maybe that explains all the car roll-overs…

  • autoexecbat


  • KalashniKEV

    The Arlington Way is to steal a whole lot of money from a whole lot of people and spend it on your personal whims and desires- regardless of public need or constituent support.

    Ref:ArtisFAIL, TrolleyFolley, ASPAN mansion…

    • drax

      Should I get off your lawn?

      • truearlingtonway

        complaining about govenrment spending while living your entire life on the government dime as a contrctor or GSer

  • nom de guerre

    The Arlington Way is preceded by putting your elbows on your knees while standing. Assume the position!

  • KRS

    Liberal, elitist, and NIMBY….with a splash of public masturbation.

  • South Awwwlington

    Mary Hynes is the only true representative on the Board and I hope she doesn’t ever change.

    She is the only Board member who doesn’t seem like she is in it only to push her own agenda.

    I am not affiliated with her, nor do I know her. She just seems like the real deal to me.

  • Arlington Hall

    The Arlington way means we can tell teachers how to do their jobs and then demand they get fired when our kids bring home bad grades (read: below a B+).

    <– not Asian, I swear *ROR*

  • charles

    Any “Arlington Way” must include

    1) approving ugly buildings with no set-back space from street. See Columbia Pike across from Bob & Ediths, or Pentagon City.

    2) poorly timed or too-long traffic lights. See most intersections in Crystal City but ESPECIALLY 18th and Eads on an early Sunday morning. Grrr.

    3) incompetent, unanswerable County employees. You never can get to the one.

    • drax

      The setback is on purpose, to create an urban environment instead of a strip mall hell.

    • robby

      you can enter Arlington blindfolded and know you are here by having to sit at every red lights at 5am on Washington while there is not a car coming from the side street. Must be some “law” they follow to set patterns. Wasteful on gas but GREEN for the County!

  • Bender

    Like I said the other day, “the Arlington Way” is for the County government to do whatever the hell it wants. If you agree, great. If you disagree with what the County government has decided it is going to do, to hell with you.

    • Bender

      The other part of “the Arlington Way” is self-congratulatory pats on the back for pretending to do what most other local governments actually do, which is to really listen to community imput, that is, to actually represent the wishes of the people.

      • South Awwwlington

        I do find this behavior to be annoying and oftentimes taints the public’s view of County Staff. It’s the Board, not the staff that are braggarts.

      • drax

        Which explains why the people get so mad that they keep not re-electing the county board members. Oh, wait….

        • Repooooooooblican

          I allege corruption! Even though we both know I totally got wasted and faked those signatures.

        • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

          And why the ACDC so vigorously opposed election by district……

      • Just the Facts

        Has anyone investigated this County Board for strong connections to witchcraft or group mind control? It’s the only way to explain Bender’s (and a dozen other malcontents’) repetitive whine that the Board doesn’t represent the people who continue to vote them back in with 65+% of the vote….

        • KalashniKEV

          Investigate the County Board? You mean like an IG?


      • Josh S


  • Wells Fargo

    We can’t discuss the Arlington Way with mentioning robbing banks. ACPD has quotas on how many bank robbers they must catch every month. Hint, the number is zero.

  • DSS10

    The Arlington way is a path bound by political acid tests and a myopic out look that ensures mediocrocy . It’s emotional investment and political entitlement!


    NIMBYism, self-entitlement and passing the buck! DERPHERP

  • S Tee

    Really, my taxes paid for that senseless video?

    • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd


    • robby

      Quinton Terintino backed out at the last moment…

  • Courthouse Diva

    Really? My tax dollars are being spent on producing a video on the Arlington way?

    • PUP

      i know, right? they could have at least done some cool transition effects w/ flames and cool music.

  • Car-Free Diet

    “The Arlington Way” a pretentious term for a pretensions people.

  • Just the Facts

    The Arlington Way is raving that local government listens to its citizens when you get your way and whining that local government is autocratic and overbearing when you don’t.

  • Nova Man

    bully landowners so we can house bums
    spend money to tell car owners they must ride bikes or bus
    openly supportive to illegal ailens

  • Brenda Kriegel

    Arlington does a good job with listening to citizens. Listening and responding to staff concerns and needs was sad at best. Historically, would rather spend money on poorly attended art projects, unused public transportation than on good services and staff. Go figure. Does this keep the public happy? Let’s hope for change.

  • KalashniKEV

    The Arlington Way is fielding a “Police Force” that only conducts revenue enforcement… since the only local crimes are Bank Robberies and Sex Crimes, and nobody is really too bothered by that.


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