Suspicious Package Investigation in Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com April 13, 2012 at 9:12 pm 4,787 13 Comments

Update at 10:05 p.m. — The bomb squad “disrupted” the package, resulting in a “boom” that could be heard in the area.

N. Nash Street in Rosslyn has been shut down between Wilson Boulevard and the Golds Gym for a suspicious package investigation.

Some sort of suspicious package or device was spotted on the sidewalk, we’re told.

Police, firefighters and the Arlington County bomb squad are on the scene.

  • Frightened Commenter

    Frightened Comment!!

  • BC

    There have been a lot of suspicious packages around Arlington lately. Mostly outside of 7-11s.

    • Oscar Mayer Weiner

      “The bomb squad “disrupted” the package, resulting in a “boom” that could be heard in the area.”

      That would certainly deter the masturbators who feel a need to “disrupt” their own “packages” in public. Boom, boom, boom.

      • drax

        BOOM! AIDS.

  • Bimmie Zondi

    Our police need more affordable housing so they could live in the high priced condos along Clarendon Blvd and then they would not freak out over a box of cupcakes. Currently their training only informs them about donuts.

    • PTSJ

      You make no sense. The bomb squad is the one that handles this (just as it says). The police help with traffic control and whatnot.

      • OMG Humorless Alert

        Do any of the local comedy clubs offer comedy lessons? I don’t mean how to be a comic, but how to understand comedy. Many commenters seem unable or unwilling to comprehend that some comments are jokes or riffs on current debates.

        • drax

          Hey, that’s not funny.

  • novasteve

    I see this a lot in DC. It’s homeless people leaving stuff. There needs to be an education campaign for homeless people about the post 9-11 world.

    • Josh

      I was thinking for the other people, where I grew up, a box left behind is… TRASH. Not a reason to call the bomb squad (normally a division of the police or fire department) from their high priced condos.

  • CMG

    There are a ton of suspicious packages in that Gold’s Gym, if you know what I mean.

  • Truthi

    Any update like what it was.

  • NoVa Green

    Who is going to bomb Rosslyn at night? The area couldn’t be any more sparsely populated.


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