Taxi Customers Asked to Fill Out Online Survey

by Katie Pyzyk April 16, 2012 at 2:20 pm 4,379 14 Comments

If you ride around Arlington in taxi cabs, the county wants to hear from you.

An online taxi survey has been set up to gather information about experiences with the cabs throughout Arlington. Residents, visitors and businesses are all encouraged to fill out the survey.

According to Richard Viola, the supervisor for the transportation planning section with Arlington’s Department of Environmental Services, the county is in the midst of re-evaluating how many taxi certificates to issue. It’s a process that takes place every other year, and cab drivers must have a certificate to operate in the county.

Viola says the survey will help to determine how well the current system is working, and whether the public is interested in expanding the number of taxis available throughout the county. It will also help to point out areas in need of more cabs, or certain times when more would be beneficial.

“We want to make sure the right number of cabs are on the street,” Viola said. “Putting too many on the street could be detrimental. You’ll see them waiting, circling and creating more traffic. It also hurts the cab drivers because they don’t have enough business and can’t make a living.”

There are currently 765 taxis throughout Arlington. So far, there has never been a decrease in the number of certificates issued; most years the number holds fairly steady.

The survey will be available through the middle of June. Soon after that, a summary with the results will be released.

  • Rebecca

    “It also hurts the cab drivers because they don’t have enough business and can’t make a living.”

    Well, maybe, just maybe, if you chose to pick me up versus not picking me, you could make a buck. I have waited over 45 minutes at time for cabs at time. This isn’t DC. There aren’t many cabs (there are few) that drive around looking for someone to hail them off the street. Most VA cabs get called.

  • BreakPause02

    Dump the per passenger fee.

    • Arlington Taxi Commission

      Thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion. We read and carefully consider every comment we receive and respond if and when we can, in the case of your comment, we can.


  • Lee-n-Glebe

    Not a very well-designed survey. One of the very first (if not the first) question is: How do you use Arlington Taxis?

    – Arlington Resident
    – Worker in Arlington
    – Business Traveler
    – Leisure Traveler
    – Leisure

    And one other choice I can’t remember. No option to pick more than one of the above – 4 of the above 5 apply to me. Same with a few other questions.

    • Daniel

      Six options, and you may be overthinking them…

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        Could be, although I’ve rarely been accused of *over* thinking something.

  • Good Grief

    All cabs must accept credit cards. Seriously, its 2012.

    • HighViewPunk


  • zzzSleeper

    I wish they would get rid of the blue box in the cabs. The mini tv things. They annoy the drivers to distraction. They annoy me too.

  • Über. COsts about 10% more and you don’t have to deal with the cab cartels.

  • Dave in SA

    County survey – using “Survey Monkey” ? A billion dollar budget should afford many better tools.

    • Aaron

      Yeah, with all those starving computer programmers in the County, we totally could have spent a few million to devise a shoddy, less functional version of a free product.

      • WeiQiang

        As if. Those programmers are busy out scouting new condos in the R-C-B corridor for which they can get County financial assistance.

  • Mike

    Mr.Viola, it’s unconstitutional for the government to deny a person their right to earn an honest living by in this case denying them their right to own and operate their own taxi. The old “traffic” excuse of allowing “too many” cabs is as lame today as it was when gov’t-imposed barriers to entry started in the 1930s. It’s also unconstitutional (14th amendment) for the gov’t to deny taxi permits as a way to “protect” the profits of incumbent taxi drivers. Just like other businesses, the free market should be the determining factor of how many taxis there are at any given time.


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