Ballston Building Seeks Permission for Lighted Sign

by Katie Pyzyk April 18, 2012 at 4:50 pm 4,026 28 Comments

The Ballston Point office building at the corner of Wilson Blvd and Glebe Rd wants to add a lighted sign along its roofline. The County Board is scheduled to look at whether to grant a permit for the sign at its meeting on Saturday.

AES Corp. requested the permit to put a 63-square-foot lighted sign on the eleventh floor of the cylindrical tower portion of the building. It would consist of the company’s logo, along with the letters “AES.”

The sign will not directly face any residences and there have been no complaints from nearby neighborhood associations. Reviewers found the request to be in accordance with the county’s current sign regulations and proposed changes to the regulations, and recommend approval of the permit.

The applicant agreed to only have the sign lit up from 8:00 a.m. to midnight each day, and to install a sensor that automatically adjusts the sign’s intensity based on the time of day.

  • Louise

    Kenny Rogers! KENNY!

    • MC 703

      Broccoli.. vile weed!

  • TJLinBallston

    It’s great that AES seeks to make its mark on the Ballston skyline. Tasteful signage makes sense atop that towering landmark building. When urban signage is in sync with community identities, it better informs the public that Ballston is a big and important place. It’s got it going on!

  • randomGUlawperson

    I think they had a big sign up on their Rosslyn building when they were down there.

  • John

    I love it. NYC has finance, Philly has insurance, Arlington has shady government military contractors *cough* I mean IT solution providers.

    • Sam

      Or an international energy provider which is what I think you meant to say. They’re actually a fascinating and complicated company.

      I believe this is the only Fortune 500 company headquartered in Arlington but I may be wrong on that.

    • Local neighborhood inhabitant

      LOL @ John. Yes, there do seem to be a ton of businesses here that are security related “IT solution providers”. Heavily guarded “IT” buildings… I always expect the FBI and a brace of MP’s to race into the entrances past the cop cars, carrying emergency loads of laptop cables, USB octopi, and export-prohibited encoding devices, don’t you?

    • KalashniKEV

      What makes you love it? Oh, wait… is that sarcasm I detect?

      Is the financial industry not the MOST corrupt? …and Insurance? I thought hating on insurance companies was one of the lefty talking points?

      • Defense Contractor

        Someone’s gotta do it.

        • KalashniKEV

          How come they don’t fight our wars for us for free? We like FREE stuff!!!

          • meh

            “fight our wars for us?”

            Don’t you mean “profit off our wars?”

          • KalashniKEV

            I mean exactly what I said.

            Do you have any understanding of what the “war” is?

      • nom de guerre

        How can the local Democrats and the financial industry be both the MOST corrupt at the same time? One would think that one or the other would have to be MORE corrupt than the other according to your opinion.

        • drax

          They’re the most more corrupt. Both of them.

          • KalashniKEV

            You guys are falling behind. Pay attention.

            Arlington Democrats- Most corrupt political group in the nation.
            Finance Industry- Most corrupt industry.

          • drax

            Chipmunk – Most corrupt mammal
            Z Boson – Most corrupt sub-atomic particle
            Women’s doubles tennis – Most corrupt sport
            Men’s Oxford chest pocket – Most corrupt shirt
            Anthracite – Most corrupt form of coal
            David Hasselhoff – Most corrupt star of Knight Rider

          • i’m down with that

            You, sir or ma’am, are truly inspired.

          • excellent

          • Karzai’s friend

            Sam’s Corner-Most corrupt deli in Clarendon and also rude and inconsiderate to the community.

          • meh

            The wheels have now officially come off the Sam’s Corner / Karzai’s friend meme…..

          • meh

            I guess a real soldier never retreats?

      • Don

        Why are you talking about the financial and IT industries when the article is about a power company and their sign?

        • KalashniKEV

          Follow the thread up to John’s comment from yesterday. Try to keep up in the future.

  • hilarious

    aint it funny how these posters (kalish and NovaS) think that everyone who disagrees with their POV on anything is a “leftie” and we all think the same om all issues.

    • Leftie

      I thought the same thing. Oh, wait …

  • still really wish the sign lit up “A S S”

  • MC

    Great to add some life to the skyline if done tastefully

  • peterjhon

    AES Corporation requesting the permit of 63-square foot lighted sign. It’s really a big business strategy. I think Ballston Building is the best place for advertising business in effect.


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