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Arlington Author Releases Novel About Vampires, Cupcakes

by ARLnow.com April 20, 2012 at 3:05 pm 4,596 14 Comments

Arlington author Mindy Klasky has released a new novella, with a plot that features vampires, lawyers and cupcakes.

Klasky, a Princeton University graduate and former litigator, is the creator of a series of fantasy novels that center around Jane Madison, a librarian who finds out she’s a witch. Her latest creation, Capitol Magic, teams Jane up with Sarah Anderson, who works as a clerk in a secret supernatural court and who’s apparently fond of cupcakes.

From the book’s description:

Jane Madison is searching for a job that will fulfill her, enabling her to combine her peerless librarian skills with her witchcraft. Sarah Anderson, clerk of court for the District of Columbia Night Court, is just beginning to figure out what she can do as a sphinx, an ancient protector of vampires. Magic flies when Jane and Sarah team up to protect a rare collection of books. Along the way, both women need to balance personal goals, professional careers, and their often-unwieldy love lives!

This novella combines the beloved world of the Jane Madison Series with the excitement of the stand-alone novel, Fright Court. Where else can a reader find a novella of witchcraft, vampires, and cupcakes?

Capitol Magic is available as an ebook from Amazon.com.

  • novasteve

    The only way to kill an Arlington vampire is to make them wear silver flip flops, during daylight, while make them consume garlic froyo, and one must ram a 7-11 sign like a stake through their heart, while voting for someone with a (D) after their name, on your way to some place with “Tavern” in its name.

    • drax

      Not bad, steve. You earn one FREDTERP.

    • nom de guerre

      Replace the garlic froyo with garlic aioli on a sub from Sam’s Corner and have them abuse themself with the hand of their choice in front of a 7-11. Everything else is just ok.

      • drax

        He’s trying. It’s not like I gave him all five FREDTERPs.

        • nom de guerre

          I’ll see your one FREDTERP and raise you one karzai.

    • Quoth the Raven

      That was pretty damn funny.

  • nunya


  • Yawn……studies reveal the most potent aphrodisiacs to modern professional women include palid vampires, cupcakes, and litigators. These temptations are all the more potent amongst younger women who were heavily indoctrinated in Anne Rice and Ally McBeal.

    • drax

      Don’t forget standard shift cars. Those are hot.

      • nom de guerre

        Only if the interior smells like you are inside of an ashtray.

  • JimPB

    Congratulations to Mindy Klasky on her successes: pursuing her passion to write and the e-publication of her new novel.

  • Jason S.

    Good on her for writing a book, but why “Capitol Magic” and not “Capital Magic” for the title? “Capitol” is the building, but “capital” is the city and she works in a court in Washington, DC rather than a the Capitol. If the character is a Congressional staffer “Capitol Magic” would make more sense.

  • Miss Jane A. Barcroft

    So long as the vampires steer clear of the County Building. Miss Jane is not dead, only sleeping.

  • YTK



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