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Westover Farmers Market Approved — The County Board on Saturday unanimously approved a use permit for the proposed Westover Farmers Market. The market will operate on Sundays starting on May 6. [Arlington County]

Complaints About Parking Meters at New Park — The Arlington Soccer Association has raised concerns about parking meters at the recently-opened Long Bridge Park. It’s expensive for parents and referees to park their cars in the Long Bridge Park lot, Arlington County Board members were told over the weekend. Board members asked county staff to study the impacts of allowing free parking on Saturdays. [Sun Gazette]

‘Earth Day Every Day’ in Arlington — Sunday might have been the nationally-recognized environmental awareness day known as Earth Day, but to the county government “every day is Earth Day in Arlington.” In a press release, the county touted some recent environmental initiatives, including obtaining LEED Silver certification for Fire Station No. 3, reducing county government electric and natural gas use by 3 percent, and work in progress to install 153 energy-efficient LED streetlights along Columbia Pike. [Arlington County]

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  • drax

    Charging for parking on Saturday = every day is Earth Day.

  • WeiQiang

    Until the parking situation is fixed at LB Park, patrons can park on nearby Crystal Drive and 12th St. So.

    • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

      It was painful watching the board members bloviate on something as simple as parking at a park. Couldn’t they just have said “get it fixed,” and move on to the next topic. I’m beginning to think the Arlington Way means to come up with ten ways you agree with someone.

      • .-TGEoA

        spot on

      • i’m down with that

        I understand certain transportation-savvy staff had warned about parking at North Tract/Long Bridge for years (since it was a glimmer in the Board’s eyes). Proximity to Pentagon makes it a natural for visitors and commuters. Just wait until the aquatic center comes out of the ground.

        • cj

          Charging for parking on weekdays is understandable. The issue involves Saturdays, when parking in lots at most county parks (and in the Barcroft Park garage) is free. Changing that policy countywide would mean adding six-day-a-week meters at Barcroft, Bluemont, Gunston, TJ, Walter Reed and other popular fields, which isn’t likely to be done any time soon. Meanwhile it makes no sense to single out Long Bridge Park for Saturday fees, especially since the revenues don’t go directly back to the park.

          Overall, on-site parking for the three fields, and the parking to come with the aquatics and fitness center, have been carefully planned to meet everyday demands. There will be several dozen additional (and, yes, metered) spaces along Long Bridge Drive as soon as the road work is finally done. For special events, most attendees will have to use mass transit or park in Crystal City or Pentagon City, with event sponsors providing shuttle service to the park.

      • South Awwwlington

        They do love to stroke each other, don’t they? Their egos of course.

      • SomeGuy

        I hope that eliminating this small revenue stream won’t affect the raises they gave themselves.

    • cj

      Along Crystal Drive and 12th Street, the meters operate on Saturdays as they do on most Arlington streets. There is free weekend parking in the garage of Crystal Plaza North, the office building reached from Old Jeff Davis/Long Bridge Drive just north of 12th.

  • Josh S

    Kudos on the picture. Another winner.

    • nunya

      agreed. tho i do miss good old bob peck

    • TJLinBallston

      From any angle, 800 Glebe is a masterpiece.

  • Rebecca

    If you have money for your minivan and your soccor uniforms, you can pay $2 for the hour long game.

    A lot of people have to pay to park when they go to work. Self included. Parking at Skyline is $150/month by a private company. So, I choose to take the bus to work. Refs are no exception to this. It’s a city. Pay to park.

  • eghads!

    It isn’t enough that we subsidize all these damn soccer fields?

  • Ed

    Re. parking – I have walked from Pentagon City metro station to the apt complex next to Long Bridge Park many times, and have lived to tell the tale . . . although for Sunday games (matches, for you eurosnobs) you would be putting yourself at the mercy of metro’s infrequent trains, admittedly.

  • Rick

    Are the parking lots at the soccer fields behind Pentagon City mall metered yet? Seems like that would be more of a threat than Long Bridge. The real issue here is when will the roads be repaved so the meter maids can efficiently glide around on their new segways. The meter-maids and soccer moms should organize a protest

  • ronfrom22207

    LOL, paying to park to play sports in Arlington? Just bizarre.

    Played baseball, football and soccer growing up in Arlington, at fields all over north and south Arlington. Never was there any metered parking. What a weird change to the county.

    • drax

      That’s life.

      • Josh S


  • Bender

    “every day is Earth Day in Arlington.”

    Apparently, the “Earth” to Arlington County government means 20-story buildings densely packed together, just as “green” to them means concrete gray.

    • Lou

      Concrete is called “green” when it is being placed and before it develops its final compressive strength. Not that hippie “Green Planet” green either.

    • drax

      Yes, it does, Bender.

      Density is good for the earth. If you put all those people in 20-story buildings into 1-story buildings instead, they’d take up ALOT more space and have to drive cars to get around. They would degrade air quality more (all that driving, more energy to heat and cool their buildings, trees cut down) and water quality too (trees and open land catch an purify rainwater instead of catching pollutants on suburban roads).

      The small patch of concrete here replaces a much larger patch of concrete and asphalt and roofs that would be needed further out for housing or offices for the same number of people.

      Yes, density is very much earth-friendly.

      • Bender

        You know quite well that we are not talking about a “small patch” of concrete. County government wants to urbanize the entire area.

        Whereas, most people’s idea of Earth and green is actual open land and trees and grass. Even those areas where there is some of that here, County government is constructing a building practically on top of it to house their community center.

        Trees and land and grass aren’t only for the One Percent up there in North Arlington.

        • Josh S

          Gosh, it’s almost as if you didn’t bother reading what he had to say at all.

        • drax

          Did you actually read what I wrote? And think about it?

          Every square foot of dense concrete here prevents a much large impact somewhere else. So the more density we put here, the better it is for the environment in general.

          No, it’s quite obvious that the county does not want to urbanize the entire area. That’s ridiculous. Arlington has lots of parks and green space right here. Most of the urbanizing development involves low-density buildings being torn down and replaced by higher-density buildings, without much loss of green space.

      • sunflower

        poster density is an entirely different matter

        • Elmer

          Great comment.
          Love it.


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