Lane Closures on the Pike Due to Medical Emergency

by ARLnow.com April 26, 2012 at 11:24 am 2,945 18 Comments

Columbia Pike is down to one lane in each direction near S. Glebe Road due to a medical emergency.

Initial reports suggest an 82-year-old woman passed out in her car, possibly while waiting for a traffic light. Passersby tried to assist her, but by the time medics arrived she was not breathing and CPR was being performed.

Emergency vehicles are reported to be blocking one lane in each direction on Columbia Pike.

  • Novanglus

    > woman passed out in her car, possibly while waiting for a traffic light

    I know how she feels, that is a LOOOONG light!

  • nom de guerre

    Based upon recent events she may have witnessed a pedestrian in a parking lot abusing his johnson with his hand.

  • YTK

    No nom de guerre– she couldn’t have seen that — she didn’t have her magnifying lenses with her.

  • Sad to see people joking about this. Hopefully she did not die. Any idea Arlnow?

  • Chris

    I was one of the passersby I suppose. It was definitely a serious situation. The FD started chest compressions pretty much immediately upon arrival.

  • Bob the Builder

    If the fire department is doing chest compressions, you are dead. Now, if they used a defibrillator and brought her back to life, that’s a different story.

  • Josh S


    An hour has gone by and no one has brought up how much more terrible this would be if there was a trolley……

    • Newsy Mom


  • Numbers Sense

    Thank you, Lauren, for being a voice of reason and humanity.

    • AllenB


      • Elmer

        I passed by the scene on my way home from an errand.
        Sad. I’ll keep the lady and her family in my prayers.

  • Wayne Kubicki

    Incidents like these are why some question the wisdom of a fixed-rail streetcar in shared traffic lanes on the heavily traveled Pike.

    • nom de guerre

      I completely agree. Other impediments could include UPS or other delivery trucks. Maybe they envison putting a cow catcher on the front of the lead streetcar.

  • novasteve

    Was her car in park? Did it move and hit anyone as she lost consciousness?

    • Maria

      Please don’t make this into a battle over manual vs. automatic.

    • Chris

      I believe that she must have realized something was wrong and she did put the car in park. It looked like she may have been trying to turn into the church parking lot on the north/west side of the street.

      Where can we find an updat on her condition? I would like to know.

  • citizen

    Hope she’s ok.

  • darlene

    An 82 year old woman passes out at the wheel of her car and is not breathing when paramedis arrive and that is funny? Wow, what a bunch of comedians we have in Arlington! What if it was your mother or grandmother? would it be funny then?


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