Eventide Rooftop Barbecues Begin on Sunday

by Katie Pyzyk May 3, 2012 at 2:45 pm 2,982 36 Comments

Eventide Restaurant (3165 Wilson Blvd) is kicking off the summer grilling season this weekend by beginning its annual rooftop barbecues.

The barbecues will take place on the first Sunday of each month throughout the summer.

On the menu are items like grilled bratwurst, barbecue chicken and angus burgers. The bar team will be featuring summer beers, bourbon and specialty cocktails.

The events run from 4:00-8:00 p.m., and are $30 per person for all-you-can-eat food and samplings of bourbon. Children under 10 will eat free when they accompany a paying adult.

Anyone with questions can call Eventide at 703-276-3165.

  • i aM FiReD uP!!

  • novasteve

    Why are they allowed to grill on their roves, but we cannot if we live in a condo/apartment?

    • nom de guerre

      “Anyone with questions can call Eventide at 703-276-3165.”

      • Frito Pie

        Nice free advertising for Eventide.

        • JohnB2

          There seems to be a lot of free advertising lately on ArlNow.

          • Josh S

            Careful – you’re not supposed to complain about stuff like that around here……

          • Tom

            And I’ve said that a few times but always get ringed out for doing so. ARLNow is becoming more Patch-ish, less news. more free advertising

          • Maria

            Why is it such a bad thing to have different types of stories here? I for one didn’t know about this, and it sounds like something I’d be interested in, so I appreciate the information.

          • Oversight

            Tom you’re definitely on to something. How is it that “Maria” is defending arlnow, yet “she” is the only one who does NOT have the reply link in “her” comment? That sounds very suspect to this 99%er.

          • Are you new?

            @ Oversight… once you get to a certain level in the replies you can no longer indent further and continue to reply. Are you new here?

          • drax

            Hey, look, Oversight, now YOU don’t have a reply link your comment either!

            It’s a massive conspiracy by the 1%, and you’ve been co-oopted by The Man!

          • Maria

            It’s been a long day, and “I” needed that laugh. Thanks.

    • marie antoinette

      I suspect they own the building outright. You probably have a 1/200 interest in the condo–depending on the number of units.

      The other 199 dont want to come home from work one day to find out they have no place to live because someone was trying to get their bratwurst on.

      • drax

        Fire codes apply whether you rent or own.

        Either there’s no law against rooftop grilling (as opposed to grilling on a balcony, where flames can get into the building much easier) or they have a natural gas grill up there, or something.

        • Inspector

          Or there are different requirements for residential / commercial properties, or insurance requirements.

          Or something.

          • drax

            This is boring. Let’s just speculate.

      • novasteve

        Yeah, but I can deep fry turkeys inside or you trust me to use my oven or gas stove?

        • drax

          Go ask the fire marshal, steve.

    • JamesE

      Well we can, just electric only.

    • Josh S

      Raise your hand if you knew that rove was past tense for reeve.

      What? Oh –

      reeve – v. to pass through a hole (with a rope, silly)

      • nom de guerre

        [ Raises Hand ]

        I though rove- v. meant to wander about at random, especially over a wide area; roam.

        • Rove

          I thought it meant to raise and spend vast sums of money to ensure right wingers get elected?

      • Merriam Webster

        now I understand “rove v. wade”

      • Roy Munson

        Sorry – I can’t raise my hand – I was Munsoned. I can raise my hook, though.

    • Wiz

      Lots of places in Arlington have rooftop grilling. I was at my friend’s condo the other night where there were two grills on the roof directly piped into the building gas. The thing you CAN”T have is a patio grill in your own unit.

      • nom de guerre

        What is the difference between a “patio grill’, a “balcony grill”, a “rooftop grill”, a “deck grill” and a regular grill?

        The Location.

        • Josh S

          Isn’t the objection the fuel source? You can turn gas off, but you can’t turn charcoal off? Plus fewer sparks?

      • esmith69

        Agreed, my apartment building has two natural gas grills on the rooftop. When they’re on the roof at least you don’t need to worry about disturbing neighbors with smoke smell (not that many people seem to care too much about their neighbors).

        Also believe it might have something to do with the building construction and material surrounding the grill. Ours are surrounded by non-flammable concrete pavers, and the roof has a layer of concrete. Even if there were a fire it likely wouldn’t spread, whereas it’d be a piece of cake in a wooden-frame building for a fire to spread.

    • Condosleaza Race

      Did Bush grill on his Rove?

      • Tabby_TwoTone

        Please, Sir, I want S’Mores.

        • Done and Done

          There you go being all bitter and meanspirited again 😉

  • marie antoinette

    Does sound good though.

  • SteamboatWillie

    Does the $30 only cover food and bourbon samples, but the beers are separate?

    • Tom

      SteamBoatWillie only drink bouburn floating down the mississippi

  • Clarendon

    Did Eventide get their new sound system installed on the roof ?

  • are they kidding?

    30 bucks and no pulled pork or brisket? just burgers and chicken and sausage? Come on. what a ripoff.


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