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Taqueria Poblano Opens on the Pike With Limited Hours

by Katie Pyzyk May 9, 2012 at 4:30 pm 5,498 26 Comments

Taqueria Poblano’s newest location at 2401 Columbia Pike has opened, but only for limited hours.

Workers have been preparing for the opening for weeks, and the interior is now all set. The public was allowed to come in and taste the food this past weekend.

For now, the restaurant will open at 5:00 p.m. from Monday through Saturday, and at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. A manager tells us that once the kinks are worked out and things start running smoothly in a couple of weeks, the normal lunch hours will kick in as well.

In the meantime, the restaurant is hiring for a variety of positions to get up to full staff by the time regular hours begin.

  • (another) Greg

    My wife and I went last night.

    The food was delicious, absolutely delicious.

    They still are working out some of the kinks in service, though, so put your patience pants on before you go.

  • Ray Davies

    Me and me band hope to be worked out soon. Cheers!

  • Next to another Greg

    I and my wife were there last evening for supper, too; and I had the exact opposite experience from the above Greg.

    I thought the service was fine: smiles, prompt, courteous. But the food is like… well, fast food. I don’t think they’re pretending it to be anything else, though.

    My wife did say her margarita was very good ( my 2 bottles of corona were just fine), but our fast food meal was over $50 bucks.

    If I liked the mcnuggets I’d go to McDonalds.

    • drax

      You may not like it, you may not think it’s “authentic,” you may not like how it is served – but TP’s food certainly isn’t comparable to fast food.

      • Car-free diet

        Why? Because it is just as unhealthy and tasteless as fast food but served slowly?

    • I have to agree….

      I have to agree with you Next to another Greg. I went there over the weekend for dinner with my husband. The food lacked flavor and was bland and greasy. It was disappointing.

    • meh..

      spot on assessment!
      I feel very let down after waiting so long for the place to open. Not sure what it is about this place that it maintains a positive buzz in the region..

    • EastPike

      I’m agreeing with another Greg. I went opening night, and while crowded and kind of slow I thought service was great.

      My food on the other hand (tacos and an order of guac) was just okay. Nothing to brag about. It was way too bland and cookie cutter which I believe is why Greg compared it to fast food.

      My margarita was very good, and I plan to give the food another chance. I saw a burrito walk by that looked tasty.

  • nom de guerre

    I hope this location is better than the one in North Arlington. I had the $12 tostada at their Lee-Harrison location recently and 75% of it consisted of shredded iceberg lettuce-about a quarter of a head.

    • Raised on Refried

      You want good, affordable TexMex? La Union on Wilson @ Jefferson. Excellent, family-owned, relatively cheap–most entrees about $10-12. (They’re Salvadoran and also offer pupusas, but trust me, their TexMex is FANTASTIC.)

  • YoQuiero

    That’s my take on Taqueria Poblano, so-so Tex-Mex food, so-so service, very small kids meals (almost a joke) and high prices.

  • CPiker

    Do they have a happy hour?

  • JohnB

    The Lady and I had dinner there last night and thought it was great. It’s obviously not a Jose Andres place but it doesn’t pretend to be, but it certainly isn’t fast food. My meal was very tasty and appropriately priced. An app, two entrees and two non-alcoholic beverages came to $44 with tax and tip which is a little less that we would have spent at Guapos in Shirlington which we also enjoy. It’s a great option between crappy fast food and the more upscale options we’re lucky to have in this area.

  • John Fontain

    What we need in Arlington is a Tippy’s Taco House.

    • nom de guerre

      There used to be two Tippy’s located in Arlington-one was on Wilson Boulevard at the top of the hill in the strip mall across from Upton Hill Park near Patrick Henry Drive and the other was on Columbia Pike near South Barton Street.

      • 5555624

        The one on Columbia Pike was down behind K-1.

      • John Fontain

        I used to go to one in Springfield as a kid. I would describe it as “classic American-style Mexican food.” Nothing fancy, but something good about it.

        I still occassionly go to a location out in Huntington (Alexandria).

  • meh..

    My wife and I went over the weekend also. Ultimately we’re not too impressed with this chain. It’s much cleaner and more inviting than the Del Ray location, staff is pretty friendly too…but I can’t get over how EXPENSIVE it is for ultimately mediocre Tex-Mex food. $40 for two people?? c’mon. The limited menu for Tex-Mex food is unforgivable. I expect at LEAST 4 pages of entree’s at a restaurant like this. This is DEFINITELY overpriced fast food.
    I’ll stick to ABIS and Pedro & Vini’s…. More reasonable prices and more authentic flavors too. I guess this is a good family spot with a bright inviting atmosphere…but they have to do something about those prices… $11 for a burrito?!?!?! c’MON!

  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Love the Harrison St. location. Great bartenders, staff and ownership. Maybe some of the detractors above hit a sub-par dish. After many visits I really like: Tacos Al Pastor, Duck Carnitas, Steak Tampiqueno… and the Margaritas!! I wish them well in LA (Lower Arlington).

  • Truther

    The food offered here, whether you like it or not, is not Tex-Mex. It is Mexican or Cal-Mex. Yes they are similar but they are not the same. P.S. Anyone who drinks Coronas shouldn’t be complaining about taste or price.

  • Maria Sandoval

    After reading some of the comments on here, I cannot wait until I get my Homemade Salsa up and going. Just got approved by Dept. of Agriculture that I can Make and Market my Homemade Salsa. Every single person that taste it tells me “When and Why are not marketing this” Soon, very soon folks.

    • Trina

      If you enjoy stuffing yourself with salsa [and chips]… Maria makes the best salsa… this side of Mexico. It is absolutely THE BEST!!! Maria takes a lot of pride in her salsa and all of her friends LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

      I don’t know why it took her so long to market her salsa but I am so happy she’s finally making it available to more than just her friends.

  • i’m pretty surprised by some of the comments here. i went to the new taqueria poblano twice over the weekend, friday and sunday. i thought the salsa served with the chips was very good, my margarita was excellent, and the tacos al carbon (once with steak, once with chicken) were a good deal of food for a very reasonable price, and very tasty. i used the sauces on the table (not sure what they are, maybe one is tomatillo, and the other something dark red with a kick?) and wouldn’t describe any of it as bland. friday night, the place was packed, with a line out the door just waiting to put names on the wait list, and our party of 3 was seated within ~25 minutes. the service was working out the kinks the first night, but with the place slammed on night #1 it was much better than i’d expected. and i’m not sure if the above commenters only eat at taco bell and chipotle or what, but i thought a bill for 50 bucks for 3 people (including margaritas, requiring doggy bags) is quite reasonable. i’d say the pricing is comparable to austin grill. i’ll most definitely be going back, often, and not just because it’s walking distance from my house.

    • nom de guerre

      I’m guessing you are the one who has only eaten at Taco Bell or Chipotle and have never tasted good and authentic Tex-Mex fare-at least locally. As someone who has experienced Taqueria Poblano at 2 locations may I suggest you try Los Tios in Del Ray and El Paso Cafe in Buckingham and get back to us after you compare your experiences.

  • Jay-nonamous

    It’s funny how many people don’t know about Abis, which has more variety…TP ultimate issue will be no parking validation, where-as 3 hour validation is one of William Jeffreys keys to success. Giant also gets a fail for 1 hour validation. All TP going in is going to do is upset the area residents more when the people who live in the surrounding neighborhoods can’t park on their own street! Also what’s the deal with no frozen margs and no queso!? More I remember why I only went to del rey location once….it’s their business, but I had dreams of frozen marg happy hours…maybe wjt can put a marg machine at the back bar 😉

    • Timothy

      Poblano along with Giant and all others in the same building have one free hour of parking in the underground garage. No validation needed.


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