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Potomac Yard Harris Teeter Closed After Flooding

by ARLnow.com May 11, 2012 at 7:35 pm 13,464 37 Comments


Update on 5/14/12 — This article has been updated here.

The Harris Teeter supermarket at 3600 S. Glebe Road near Potomac Yard has been flooded, possibly by sewage.

Authorities responded to the store for a report of flooding earlier today. A tipster described the incident as “a catastrophic sewage line failure that reportedly destroyed major sections of the store.”

“Ten trucks from Purofirst restoration are joined on scene by three tractor-trailer sized trucks presently pumping,” the tipster said. “One person on [scene] said the store could be closed for months for repairs and restoration.”

The store is on the bottom floor of the Eclipse condominium building, in the far southeastern corner of Arlington.

Photos courtesy Douglas Wendt

  • Rick

    Well comstock homes should have a lot of fun next week sorting out the claim on this

  • asd

    why do you keep pushing this non-news free advertising?

    just foolin

  • Stacy

    Wow, that stinks.

  • Hew

    As of right now, they are still working on the mess. The whole area smells terrible!

  • randy

    pretty sh–ty if you ask me…

  • Dude Where’s My Car

    “Cleanup required in Aisle Three… er, Aisles Three through Five… uhhh… Aisles One through Eleven… uhhhh…”

    I like the idea that someone can push the CATASTROPHIC SEWAGE LINE FAILURE button somewhere and ten trucks spring into action! like fire engines! Thunderturds are Go!

    why can’t they put THAT on TV? how does “Ice Road Truckers” get a TV show for years but not the Crap Patrol? 😀

    • Rick

      Would you really watch?

  • Michael H.

    Wow. I hope they manage to recover from this soon.

    I wonder what happened. Was it a problem at the water treatment plant (sewage backup?), which is located just a block away? Or is it a construction problem specific to that building?

    • Josh S

      That’s quite a stretch on the definition of a block…..

      • Michael H.

        Corner of Rte. 1 & S. Glebe to the corner of Eads & S. Glebe is one block:


        How is that not a block?

        • Josh S

          I guess what I meant to say is that by referring to it as “a block” the inference that many people might make is that the distance between the two places is small. It’s not.

          • InOtherWords

            You were wrong but still cannot admit it.

          • Josh S

            My, feeling a bit aggressive this morning, aren’t we?

            Yes, I know that technically it’s a block between the two locations. It’s just that that block is about 1,000 feet. The connection between the wastewater treatment plant and a possible sewage spill at the Harris Teeter seems tenous.

          • Michael H.

            How do you know there is no connection? The Channel 9 video linked below indicates that there is a connection. The main sewer lines in that area backed up, causing the flooding. I don’t have detailed knowledge so maybe someone will correct me here, but as more and more people flush garbage down toilets (items which do not dissolve or soften in water), the total amount accumulates the farther you go down the main sewer lines. The areas closest to the water treatment plant could be most at risk for sewer backups. At least that’s just my theory. You haven’t said anything to indicate that that’s not possible, other than your opinion. If you have facts, I’d like to hear those. But your redefinition of what a block is, well, that’s not particularly helpful.

            It’s possible that the grocery store itself is the culprit, if they are flushing too many items down into the sewers that don’t belong there, such as food wrappers, cardboard, construction debris, etc. I don’t know. I’m just tossing out what I think are some possibilities. I’d be glad to hear about what the exact causes are, from someone with facts.

            As for the word “block”, I will stick to what I said before. That block is of average size for Arlington, even in a residential neighborhood. 1,000 feet? Again, what are you looking at? Kind of pointless to argue about facts when it’s pretty easy to measure the distance on Google Maps. It’s not even close to 1,000 feet from the store to the nearest corner of the water treatment plant.

          • drax

            “as more and more people flush garbage down toilets (items which do not dissolve or soften in water), the total amount accumulates the farther you go down the main sewer lines.”

            I couldn’t help thinking about the comments on ArlNow when I read that.

          • ACDC Shill

            “You were wrong but still cannot admit it.”

            Being that I am a shill, apologist, (fill in your own euphemism) of the Arlington County Board I am on a first name basis with that condition !!!

  • alex1138

    The sh*t there is overpriced.

  • Spot
    • NPGMBR

      Thanks for the link. The Channel 9 report gave a little more info as to the actual cause of the problem. Thats one of my favorite stores!

  • Ken

    Not surprising. Wastewater treatment plant operation is another County Government charade – emergency after emergency while the County’s PR team goes after award after award. You would think that for $568 million the County could get pumps that don’t routinely fail.

  • Josh S

    Wow. I feel terrible for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a total loss for H-T and they have to permanently close. I can’t say that I’d ever be eager to visit that store again…….

  • Rick

    So what will cost more money, the cost of sanitizing the store, or the marketing campaign the county will undertake to remind people not to flush trash down the toilet?

    • NPGMBR

      The Plant operators will just have to adjust their schedule to clean that pipe no a more frequent basis because residents just don’t listen to what their givernment tells them even if its in their own best interest.

  • PKL

    Pump failure is routine at the wastewater treatment plant.

  • TuesdaysChild

    I hope no one was planning an open house sale in the condo building this weekend.

  • Bender

    They (the County and developer bedmates) just keep building and building and building to acheive hyper-hyper density, and all without the bother of improvements, upgrades, or additions to the infrastructure that is needed for all of these extra people, from sewage to water to electricity, not to mention roads.

    • Josh S

      Gosh, I thought we were all recently complaining about the $300,000 fence to enclose the newly expanded waste-water treatment plant?
      And what about the expanded pipe installation that disrupted the periphery of Penrose recently?
      Uhhhhh, expansion of Glebe Rd bridge over Rte 50?
      Expansion and reconstruction of Wash Blvd bridge over Col Pike?
      The creation and steady expansion of ART bus system over the last ten plus years?
      I’m not sure what the county can do to expand electricity service to the area, since it’s not their responsibility….

      • Suburban Not Urban

        Yea because a fence does so much, its the actual processing equipment that needs to be invested in not look and feel.

  • Plunkitt

    Who cares about infrastructure when you have Artisphere !!

  • Alex

    Seems like a lot more steps should be taken to protect any building use under residential. It’s sure not in the codes now.

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  • clark griswold

    Merry Christmas, shitter was full!

  • anon123

    Pump failed at the Potomac Yards Sewage Lift Station again today.

  • ArlForester

    Its a shame they are using Purofirst to clean it up and not Servpro. It will take them longer to re-open now.

  • Arlingtoon

    And you guys thought pink slime was bad!

  • JM

    Wow, that sucks. I really liked that HT!

    I’m glad one’s opening closer to me here in Old Town, at least.

  • Ralphie

    Everyone email [email protected] and tell them we want out Teeter back!


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