Parking has been temporarily restricted along the side of Old Lee Highway due to a lane striping error.

The VDOT-owned street was recently repaved, but the crew that added the double yellow line apparently failed to take parking on the eastbound side of the road into account. As a result, eastbound traffic has to partially cross into the westbound lane to get around parked cars. Residents worried that this posed a grave danger to drivers.

“It’s only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs,” one resident said on the Cherrydale neighborhood listserv.

Arlington County has now put up temporary no parking signs between Taylor and Randolph Streets, while VDOT prepares to re-stripe the lanes. Arlington County Director of Transportation Dennis Leach told the Cherrydale listserv that the work may be performed over the weekend.

“Weather permitting, parking and striping should [be] normal by Tuesday,” Leach said Wednesday night.



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