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by ARLnow.com May 29, 2012 at 8:40 am 3,233 19 Comments

Obama Speaks of Peace in Arlington Speech— In his Memorial Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery, President Obama spoke of a “milestone” reached in the past year with the end of the Iraq war. “After a decade under a dark cloud of war, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon.” Mr. Obama also spoke of protecting veterans’ benefits. [Los Angeles Times, Associated Press]

Arlington Church Hosts Rolling Thunder Riders — The Arlington Assembly of God church, located just off Route 50 in the Arlington Forest neighborhood, hosted 300-400 Rolling Thunder riders over the weekend. The motorcyclists made camp outside the church or slept in the church itself. [Arlington Mercury]

Artisphere Gets First Artist-in-Residence — Local artist Beth Baldwin has been selected to be Artisphere’s (1101 Wilson Blvd) first artist-in-residence. Baldwin’s residency will stretch between now and November 11. Her 500 square foot studio will be located off of Artishpere’s main entrance lobby. “Baldwin will collaborate with Artisphere to create programming that involves her work and allows for visitors to learn more about her artistry, including ‘Plushie Design’ classes for all ages,” Artisphere said in a press release.

  • Arty Arty

    At least Beth Baldwin will be able to work undisturbed.

  • DeportEmAll

    It was a pretty good weekend. Managed to avoid those Rolling Thunder rolling roadblocks. Glad they’re around only once a year!

  • Andrew

    Does “artist-in-residence” come with a monthly rent or does she get to use the space for free?

  • WeiQiang


  • Josh S

    Are you an artist if what you do is make stuffed animals?

    • sunflower

      “crafter in residence?”

      • speonjosh

        Better. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a crafter – much of their work is just as moving and impressive as stuff we might otherwise call “art.”

        But I do think there is a difference.

  • Southeast Ben

    Wonder if they’ll put up the “Starving Artist” who stands outside of East Falls Church Metro next?

    I visited the Crystal City art expo and it wasn’t too bad if you have time to kill. Warning for parents with small children…I forgot what floor specifically, but there was definitely some “art” I would not be too happy for my child to see.

    • ArlintonWay

      Hah! See her all the time. She holds up the “starving artist” sign taped to a black binder. BEHIND the binder she is reading a magazine. Saw her reading Vogue once. Starving “con” artist is more like it. But all of the team of not-homeless grifters that work that area have a schtick. One guy is the “Combat Veteran.” Another, the “Starving Artist.” Nonsense. Wish the ACPD would roust those phonies out. Can’t say how many potential rear end accidents I see from these people panhandling in the road.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        I’ve seen these two a lot and I wondered about them. I’ve seen a number of close calls both by them being out in the road to get “funds” and people almost getting rear ended when someone stops suddenly to give them money. I thought Arlington had facilities and programs to help the genuinely poor and homeless. If the guy is a combat veteran, I’m wondering why he doesn’t go, or is not getting any help from the DVA.

      • Quoth the Raven

        Don’t forget the “knee injury” guy who stands at Sycamore and Washington. His brace moves from left knee to right, with accompanying limp. Strangely, when I saw him walking out of the 7-11 in Westover, the limp was gone. In other words, a miracle happened at the 7-11!!!! All hail 7-11! Cease the public masturbation there and install ceremonial bollards!!!!

  • novasteve

    Why don’t they start calling all homeless people “artists” and put them in residence at the artisphere?

  • Clarendoodle

    I remember when Clarendon had its own artist in residence on the top floor of what is now Eventide. The Museum of Modern Arf. John Aaron taught classes there and had a studio with a ceramic kiln and did some paintings too. He also founded Chalk4Peace while in Clarendon I think.


    That was in the very brief period where Clarendon had blossomed, yet was still a cool place. It’s still OK, but it was IMO a bit more interesting with places like the MoMA. That was organically grown rather than being a government artifact.

    • novasteve

      I was just thinking about Modern Arf just the other day.

    • speonjosh


      And it wasn’t that long ago.

      • Clarendoodle

        It was many, many FroYo’s ago…

    • drax

      The cool people colonize the slum, then the money takes over. Same story everywhere.

  • nice picture – except it’s not in arlington. i’ve seen leaves just like that in DC. terrible reporting. thanks for nothing, liberally-biased ARLnow.


  • Arlington, Northside

    Obama pretty much discounted the sacrifce many of our Marines and Soldiers made in Iraq while making it a political event and thanking all of us living veterans. Memorial Day is NOT about veterans, it is about those who were never able to make it to the point of being a veteran, but instead gave their lives for our freedom!!! It is about those we lost and the families that have to keep living after such loss.


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