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New Stores Opening at Pentagon City Mall

by ARLnow.com June 4, 2012 at 3:45 pm 12,391 34 Comments

A number of new stores have opened or are planning to open soon at The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City.

A Bose store is now on the mall’s Metro level (ground floor). According to a mall press release, the location is a Bose “Personal Audio Store,” described as “the newest concept retail store featuring select products for the on-the-go customer who wants Bose to be a part of their active lifestyles.”

The Limited has moved into a new storefront in the mall. “The newly enlarged store will continue to offer the exclusive array of The Limited brand clothing and accessories and will introduce eloquii, their new line of full-figure fashion for plus sized women,” the press release says.

Coach is launching its first “dual concept” side-by-side men’s and women’s store in the nation. Set to open in “early June” on the mall’s second level, the expanded store will “feature a full line of Coach, America’s preeminent designer brand for both men and women.”

Tumi is scheduled to open a new showcase store on the mall’s second level. The travel and business accessory maker hopes to open on June 14.

Chioptle is set to open in the food court at some point during “the week of June 14.” The Mexican restaurant will be located next to a Taco Bell restaurant.

Finally, a Microsoft Store is expected to open at some point later this year. A rep says the store will be “opening soon” — but declined to elaborate. Microsoft currently has 20 retail stores in the United States.

“These incredibly successful retailers enhance the powerful and exciting offerings at The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City,” mall marketing director Todd Jerscheid said in a statement. “We’re extremely pleased to welcome their brands and unique fashion forward designs to our center.”

  • AllenB

    A Microsoft store???? Can’t I buy their garbage in plenty of other places?

    • sam

      they have a store at tysons too. You drinking the Apple Koolade again?

      • AllenB

        So I can buy their garbage at Tysons also? Wow, good to know. (translation – who cares)

    • FedUp

      The owners of Ballston Mall are not interested in improving their mall.

      • JohnB2

        I’m sure the owners of Ballston would love to improve their mall, it’s just that the retailers are too smart to move in.

    • Glen Carlin NOW

      As long as they don’t put it next to the Apple Store. The Sony store next door is the saddest place in the entire mall. The Apple Store is constantly full of people, while the Sony Store is usually empty except for a couple of lethargic sales-drones.

  • Weird

    How is it that Crystal City, home of the Americana Motel, is going to have nicer stores than Ballston Mall, in N. Arlington?

    OK, so they have a Porsche dealer. But still…

    • Weirder

      How is it that you focus on the Americana Motel instead of the Ritz Carlton, the Hilton, the multiple Marriotts and other nice hotels in the Pentagon City/Crystal City area?

      • Pentagonian


        Ballston Commons is a glorified homeless shelter with a few bars, a gym, a second-rate movie theater and an ice-skating rink on top.

        • E


        • drax

          Ballston is a small, modest, below-average, missing an anchor, but otherwise normal mall. Only in Arlington would it get so much hate.

    • Mary-Austin

      The Pentagon City Mall is in Pentagon City, not Crystal City.

    • Glen Carlin NOW

      The Highlander is closer to BCM than the Americana is to PCM.

  • Brian

    Closing soon: Taco Bell. See: Chipotle.

    • Josh S

      Seriously. Won’t that be a scrum. I doubt it will be as bad as the Apple / Sony deal two floors up, but Taco Smell is gonna lose a lot of customers.

  • YTK

    Yo quiero Taco Bell – it’s cheaper.

    • Where’s the beef?

      Taco Bell is cheaper because there’s hardly any food in their offerings. 1/2 oz. of beef, maybe. Chipotle is better, although a food court location might not be as good as the usual Chipotle.

      • JohnB2

        Yeah the lines will be terrible in a Chipotle food court environment. Especially when the tour groups show up and mob the court.

    • The Taco Bell Chihuahua

      Taco Bell is low grade dog food.

  • arlgirl

    Same old same old…

  • I(heart)ARL

    If everyone is going to be eating at the Chipotle, that means the lines at Popeye’s will be shorter — sounds like a win-win to me.

    • Olive Oyl

      Popeye’s is short, if you catch my drift. And people wonder how he got those big forearms.

      Brutus. Now there’s a man who could satisfy my needs.

      • jigga


    • porkchop_milkshake

      And if people are eating at Chipotle and Popeye’s, that means the lines at the toilets will be insane. I hope the landlords have upgraded the plumbing.

      • Newsy Mom


  • Gibby

    Chipotle, not Chioptle.

  • CC

    If there’s a problem with plumbing in the food court, feel free to use the “full service” men’s restroom at Macy’s.

    • KalashniKEV

      I already do.

      • drax

        LOL. Do you partake of all the services rendered, Kev?

  • SouthArlGuy

    I was at Pentagon City Mall (aka Fashion Centre) the night they cut the ribbon and offically opened the stores. It was an exciting place to be in the late 80’s & early 90’s. Like most malls that are attached to a metro line, it’s a pretty sad place these days. The Nature Co. & The Musuem Store were probably the coolest stores there and now they are gone along with Crate & Barrell, The Disney Store, movie theater and a bunch of yummy restaurants. At least it’s not Ballston…yet!

  • Merikacruz cruise

    Where is this mall located ?

    • Greg

      If you’ve successfully found an Arlington news blog on the internets, I have confidence that you can find this mall without help.

  • Westover2

    SouthArlGuy, three out of the fours stores you named went out of business on their own by fault of their corporate parents. Pentagon City had nothing to do with it.

    • SouthArlGuy

      Never mentioned that the mall had anything to do with it…just that they were strong stores when they were there. And actually you may need to do your research on that! Crate & Barrell is obviously still around. There is a Disney Store at Tysons I and The Nature Company was purchased by the Discovery Channel which eventually resulted in The Nature Store closing and a Discovery Channel store opening on the 3rd floor. Remember, never question someone who was there the night the mall opened 🙂


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