Robocall Not Meant to Be Misleading, Shuttleworth Camp Says

by ARLnow.com June 8, 2012 at 10:00 am 3,971 53 Comments

The campaign of Democratic congressional candidate Bruce Shuttleworth says a recorded “robocall” placed to local voters this week was not intended to be misleading.

Yesterday the Democratic blog Blue Virginia reported that the call claimed Shuttleworth was “doing a conference call… with [Democratic National Committee] Chairwoman [Rep.] Debbie Wasserman Schultz on women’s issues.” In reality, Blue Virginia blogger Lowell Feld wrote, “this call was simply ‘one of several monthly constituency caucus calls the Chair is making this week, with several thousand total participants.'”

In response, the Shuttleworth camp released a statement it sent to to Blue Virginia.

There was no intent to misrepresent the candidate’s status on the call as anything other than a participant.

In light of the ongoing attacks on Women’s rights in this country by the political right wing, Bruce Shuttleworth is encouraged by the DNC Chair’s initiative to energize women in support of the only party which protects their rights — the Democratic Party. That you don’t think it is important to widely share this initiative is a shame.

Bruce Shuttleworth will continue to encourage the citizens of VA-8 to get active and engaged and to fight for social and economic justice for all citizens. In fact, there will be another robocall going out tonight that will encourage Latino voters to participate in the White House Hispanic Community Action Summit this weekend in the District. We think it is important to support the President and get the Latino community engaged.

The campaign also released a transcript of the call (after the jump). Shuttleworth will face incumbent Rep. Jim Moran in the Democratic primary this coming Tuesday, June 12.

Forgive me for interrupting your evening.

I’m Sonia Klein, Deputy Campaign Manager for Bruce Shuttleworth. I have a short message for all the women out there.

It’s been 92 years since women achieved voting equality and yet still have a gender pay gap, lack of access to healthcare and a third of our sisters face daily abuse.

Bruce Shuttleworth is a tireless advocate for Women rights. He will lead not follow in Congress and speak truth to power. Use the power of your vote to elect him as your Candidate for Congress on June 12th.

Bruce will be on the first DNC Women’s Caucus Call tomorrow at 4.30pm with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Press 1 for more information if you would like to join him.

Thank you for listening.

  • jackson

    If only he had used plain English…

    • Chuck Biscuits

      It seems pretty plain to me, but it wouldn’t matter. BlueVA is out to protect the Moran dynasty.

      • jackson

        Ah, I see you missed the great “Plain English” debate of yesterday:



        • Chuck Biscuits

          No, I was aware of it yesterday.

          I just don’t care about it.

          • irony detector repair man

            senor biscuits – we have a June special at the moment – I suggest you take advatage of it!

          • Irony Misuse Agent

            You’ve been reported for a Class III misuse of Irony.

          • drax

            If you don’t care about something, you shouldn’t post about it.

          • Chuck Biscuits

            I had a comment on the article. I don’t care about the plain English discussion about yesterday.

            Also, I’ll post about what I want.

          • j


            Lighten up sweetheart. It’s Friday.

      • geri

        The problem is not Blue Virginia backing Moran. The shady thing is that Red Virginia backs Shuttleworth. Shuttleworth speaks at Republican events and that well known Republicans who ran the the patrick Murphy campaign are major backers. This guy has no integrity, but like all scam artists, runs on the issue of integrity. I hope Republicans cross over to vote in the Democratic primary so that their strongest candidate loses. Karma

        • MCW

          The DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has already called out Shuttleworth for falsely claiming an “inappropriate link” to her; Shuttleworth is not endorsed or supported by the Democratic leadership, or perhaps anyone other than his wife’s fast-food industry clients and a handful of personal cronies.

    • drax

      Ironically, the caller, his campaign manager, had a pretty thick English accent.

      • irony detector repair man

        yours seems to be in fine working order sir.

        • drax

          I take my irony pills daily.

      • Tabs

        If it was a woman, I don’t think she’s his campaign manager, per se.

        • drax

          It’s what I remember hearing her say, but I could be wrong.

        • sunflower

          sonia klein, deputy campaign mgr.

      • sunflower

        sonia klein is worth a google. muslim and former candidate for parliament…….

        • David Bain

          oh no…she’s a muslim…

        • speonjosh

          Does she also have spots?

          Get her up against the wall….

        • sunflower

          my point being that she was a many-faceted person; your narrow minds can take from that what you will

      • David Bain

        I forgot, we all grew up here with perfect American accents…funny, I thought we all immigrated here…and many of the district are either first generation or naturalized themselves. Wow, have we really bought in to the trivialities, divisiveness and vitriol…guess we like our politics like our reality TV shows and then wonder why we have so many issues in government and have no respect globally

  • vc

    He is getting desperate, cutting corners, purposefully misleading…not good for Northern Virginia.

    • Arlington voter

      idk – I think Blue Virginia and a lot of the Democratic establishment is in the tank for Moran. This is hardly a story.

      • yequalsy

        Of course they are. Moran’s a well-established and influential incumbent. Two months ago no one had ever heard of Shuttleworth and I’m sure it’s still the case that only a small percentage of Arlington voters have any clue he exists. Why wouldn’t the establishment be in the tank for Moran?

        • Arlington voter

          Fair point. It’s not surprising that the Democratic establishment supports Moran. I’m surprised about Blue Virginia though as on other issues he tries to be edgy and more of an outsider.

  • HughJassPhD

    Progressive Warrior!


  • Tothepoint

    Will Jim Moran be on that call?

  • JamesE

    Robocall? Dead or Alive, you’re voting for me.


    I would photoshop his face on there but all I have right now is MsPaint.

  • Swag

    Non-story, even by political standards.

    • Ballston

      I think the biggest take away from this is just how many times this guy gets himself into trouble. First there were dealings with Republicans that people found shady, then there was his issue with the campaign consultant, and now this? I honestly don’t know who to vote for, but every time he makes news he just seems more and more unprofessional.

      • Swag

        Trouble? Something isn’t “trouble” just because someone, especially a political opponent, says it is.

        –BREAKING NEWS: Bruce Shuttleworth has no hair! Can Virginians ever trust a skinhead??!?–

        See? It’s stupidly easy to make up s–t for people to get all ragey about. It’s pretty much the entire reason that political blogs exist.

        • VotersForChange


          The biggest take away from this is that people already have their allegiances set up. Everybody wants to be a cog in the system these days, and outsiders are not welcome.

          • David Bain

            Well said

        • David Bain

          Well said…well said

      • drax

        Still a much shorter list than Moran’s. Though he might catch up given time.

    • AH

      I agree. How is this news? Candidate and opponents argue over how to construe a sentence that could be understood several ways. (The meaning of “Bruce will be on the first DNC Women’s Caucus Call tomorrow at 4.30pm with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.” depends upon whether you mentally put the word “listening” or the word “speaking” after the third word.)

      I recently met Shuttleworth at a neighborhood meet-and-greet, and will be voting for him (this Tuesday – primary). Our neighbors seemed to be impressed – all the lawn signs got taken. Shuttleworth seemed to have common sense and some good ideas. He was a Navy fighter pilot and believes in keeping military jobs in NOVA. He wants to reduce the budget deficit, but not with cuts to military jobs in VA, from what I could tell.

      • arl resident

        so he’s for reducing the deficit, but not in a way that would adversely impact his constituents or people with his life experience. profile in courage. yep, sounds like he belongs in Congress.

        • drax

          Yep. Sounds like he wants to stick up for his constituents’ interests, like every other congressman, and that’s why they all get elected by the voters in their districts.

  • Jason B

    Robocalls misleading?? Shocking!

  • Buckwheat

    Amazing the arrogance of the Left on women’s rights.

    I’m sure all the perpetrators of the recent sexual attacks on women in Arlington are on the dole democrats. Where’s the Moron outrage!

    Take away Hillary and it is difficult to name an outstanding female Democrat. Easy to line up a 100 outstanding women Republicans.

    • drax

      This is parody, right?

      • AH

        It must be. Someone bored at work, hoping to stir up outrage.

    • Tabs

      “Easy to line up a 100 outstanding women Republicans.”

      Really? Go for it.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      N-Steve, is that you?

  • CW

    Wow, this is pretty ridiculous. The outrage is supposed to be over the fact that he said he was “doing a conference call”? I mean, how else would you describe what he was “doing”? It’s not like he said he would be personally meeting behind closed doors with the DNC chair. That, if untrue, would be a misleading claim.

  • geri

    This guy is so shady. He runs on the issue that Moran is too effective for this district. Arlington is dependent on the federal government. Why in hell would I vote for someone promising to be less effective. Oh,yeah, because his PAC in Texas told him to.

    • MCW

      Shuttleworth was originally sponsored by a Texas Republican PAC, which subsequently dropped him. A USNA-grad Navy pilot has up to a fourteen-year service obligation (this is actually explicit in statutes and Navy regulations), but Shuttleworth was released after the “basic 8.” Shuttleworth has literally no local political, policy or government record at all, and hasn’t even been actively employed for much of his post-Navy civilian life. He has not articulated a single credible policy position – on anything. His campaign now is being funded by his wife’s law firm colleagues; she represents the fast-food industry in litigation. Sorry; no way, under any circumstance, would this guy ever get my vote, ever.

      • David Bain

        I take it you are an Academy grad and know this as fact? It’s not and you are uniformed of requirements particularly during Bruce Shuttleworths time in service. I guess all of the West Point grads that left after 3 are also being shady and dishonest? Why let the truth get in the way of a good blog comment…

  • Diddles

    At a meet and greet, Bruce S referred to that intense shot of him that used to appear here, and the comment someone here made about Mr. Bigglesworth missing. He said “it was a video screen grab!” Ha.

    Anyway, I don’t know. On the one hand, it’d be nice to have fresh blood, and I like his background in the military and business, over politics and law. On the other, no one can tell me anything specific about Moran’s alleged “corruption.” We know he’s a hot head and probably worse. But he has influence in Congress, and he is a skilled politician.

  • marie antoinette

    “Social and Economic Justice”



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