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County Launches New ‘Building’ Website

by ARLnow.com June 11, 2012 at 2:35 pm 3,647 14 Comments

Arlington County has launched a new website for residents and businesses. The site, Building Arlington, is being billed as a “one-stop shop for your Zoning, Permitting, Plan Review, Inspections and Code Enforcement needs.”

Building Arlington is an effort to simplify what the county admits “can be a confusing process.” For those looking to build a house, an addition, a store, or a new commercial building, the site offers the following features:

  • “Simplified design and content in a centralized location to find all Zoning, Inspection Services and Code Enforcement information.”
  • “Information uniquely relevant to our customers; whether you are a resident, business owner, contractor, developer or design professional.”
  • “Accessible on mobile devices from anywhere. Browse permit requirements, schedule inspections and zoning regulations via your smartphone, tablet or other devices.”
  • “Popular project content that explains the process and requirements to start and complete common building projects.”
  • “Resource library & keyword search so you can quickly access forms, applications, checklists and links to topically related resources.”
  • “Question & answer section for ‘commonly asked questions’ about development services.”
  • “Email sign-up for latest news on changes to zoning, codes and regulations.”

  • JamesE

    It has a convenient slider that lets you adjust affordable housing donations and the size/location of your building changes in real time.

  • JimPB

    Kudos to ARLCo government — “Building Arlington” seens like a welcome response to a real need.

    Is there provision for evaluating the extent to which “Building Arlington” delivers and for continual improvement?

  • veeta

    Does anyone know if developers are required to repair roads following construction? Due to house remodels as well as the construction of skyscrapers, our roads are abysmal.

  • Elmer

    So what can I buy at the new “one stop shop” for my “contribution” to the county board of say, $8,900,000.00?

    • drax

      Nothing, unless you negotiate it with the board and it is discussed and debated in a public hearing and voted on by elected officials.

      And the contribution isn’t to the board, it’s to the treasury – in other words, to the taxpayers.

      • speonjosh

        I’d just ignore him from now on — no indication of any willingness to see things differently.

        • DCBuff

          If by “differently” you mean for him to see things your way.

      • Elmer

        Then its not “One Stop Shop”; its more like “Lets Make A Deal”.

  • Swag

    Nice site.

  • GreaterClarendon

    The zoning process is a bit of a joke from my experiences. Whereas in zone R-5 VA Square, I was denied the ability to place a storage shed on my property since it was too close to the house / fence (not viewable from the street). A neighbor on the next street over just built a McMansion (I like it ) that covers way more than 56% of the lot, when you include the 3 car garage and living quarters above the garage on a relatively tiny lot. No complaints about the new house, just complaint about the hypocrisy of enforcing some zone rules, and not others.

    • Elmer

      You should have ponied up a “contribution.”
      It works for some developers.

    • DCBuff

      Your shed does not contribute enough to the property values, and therefore not enough to the escalating pyramid scheme that is the Arlington Co. budget.


    Ah, another means to funnel my money to Arlington County! Great! DERPHERP


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