Moran Wins Nod in Democratic Primary

by ARLnow.com June 12, 2012 at 7:50 pm 4,820 52 Comments

(Updated at 12:35 p.m.) Incumbent Rep. Jim Moran cruised to an easy victory in Tuesday’s Democratic House of Representatives primary.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting in the Eighth District of Virginia — which includes Arlington, Alexandria and parts of Fairfax County — Moran received 74 percent of the vote to Shuttleworth’s 26 percent.

In Arlington, Moran captured a 2-to-1 to 3-to-1 advantage in most precincts. One notable exception is the Republican-heavy Madison precinct, near Shuttleworth’s home in the Old Glebe neighborhood of north Arlington. Shuttleworth received 196 votes from Madison precinct voters, to 182 votes for Moran.

Moran will now face Republican Patrick Murray and Independent Green candidate Janet Murphy in the Nov. 6 general election.

In the Virginia Republican U.S. Senate primary, George Allen has been declared the winner.

  • Frank

    Boo, so sad. Mr. Shuttleworth needed better PR – how can you not beat someone with such a mercurial personality – and I don’t mean that in a good way.

    • fauxnews

      Totally. Shuttleworth had some good points, but he also seemed to be a bit unhinged, once you actually talk to him. Wanted to vote for “the new one” but couldn’t. Next time, don’t run crazy vs. Moran, and they might have a chance.

      • drax

        I found him much better in person than in his ads and robocalls.

    • Just Me

      I just don’t like Moran period.

  • Tommy

    Frank, it’s easy. Jim Moran votes the way the majority of his constituents want him to vote. That matters more than personality. And, why would voters want to forfeit the advantages of his seniority?

    • geri


    • drax

      Yep. Not rocket science.

    • AJ

      pretty much. Moran’s an ass, but he votes the way I want my rep to, and his office has always been accessible.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Advantage of senior representation over decency in our representative, one of the few good arguements to put some term limits into effect.

      • John K

        Yep. I don’t care how senior he is or if he votes the way I would want most of the time – Moran is vile. He’s not the worst, but he’s bad enough. I expect to vote against him for many, many years. Sigh…

    • Craigonomics

      What seniority? What advantages? There is a difference between seniority and longevity. During Pelosi’s reign Moran was known as the Dem with the most longevity who was not chair of even a subcommittee.


    On the senate side, I voted for that inarticulate tea party guy.

    • fauxnews

      you mean the republican primary? I think the inarticulate TP person is actually a woman . . . .

      • Now That Is What I Call Inarticulate

        “I think the inarticulate TP person is actually a woman . . . .”

        Now that is being really inarticulate….

  • Tumblebum

    Jim Moran. I’ll drink to that!

  • Arlington cat

    She forcibly speaks their language, kinda like Sarah Palin. The guy from pw county is just plain dull.

  • RightwingWhacko

    So, if you think Congress has too many folks who are professional politicians, you just re-elected one.

  • ArlLawyer

    Clearly Shuttleworth was a Republican shill. He won in the Republican precinct where many Republicans crossed over to try to oust a senior Democrat who actually represents the majority of the voters in the district. Its too bad that Virginia does not require party registration well in advance of elections so that these shenanigans would be harder to try. I’m just sorry that Moran had to spend what little money he spent on the campaign. Maybe next time, Shuttleworth will try for the Republican nomination. He might even win that primary.

    • Harry

      To Moran’s credit he didn’t exactly slump through this election. I’ve seen him at events all over the district in the past few weeks, and he had *real* people making phone calls to voters and community leaders. I’d say this victory was well earned.

      • arlvarunner

        And how many times before those past few weeks have you seen him anywhere in the area? How many times after last night do you think you’ll see him? Probably not again until reelection time.

        • Arlington, Northside

          ArlLawyer obviously did not look at Shuttleworth’s stances or listen to his speeches. I think the shill here is ArlLawyer for Moran.

    • marie antoinette

      A Republican shill? Are you drunk? Egads, Esq.!

    • Rick

      Well unless you can skip a ballot option, who do you propose republicans vote for in primaries with dems on the ballot? Who was I supposed to vote for, Moran? He is an embarrassment to the congress and the 8th district.

      • Thes

        On this ballot, a Republican would be voting for the Republican nomination for Senate and have no access to the Democratic ballot.

        Or do you think Democrats should have voted for en masse for someone besides George Allen to become the Republican nominee?

        • Arlington, Northside

          Has happaned here before when Moran has been unopposed. Happaned with the presidental primary this year when dems came in and voted for anyone to try to take Mitt out of the running.

      • MariaC

        Your voting option must have been different than mine. When I checked at my polling station in I was asked if I wanted to vote as a Republican OR a Democrat. When I said Democrat, the poll worker set up the voting machine for me to vote for the Democratic congressional primary candidates. As someone who actually is a Democrat, I voted for Moran

        • Elmer

          Yep. That’s the way it worked and no loyalty oath/affidavit/signed declaration required either.
          You chose the party nomination you wanted to vote in when you got to the polling place.
          Simple enough?

          • drax

            Yes, but that means that when there’s no real question who will win in one primary, voters can shift to the other party’s primary and mess with it.

        • drax

          I don’t think Rick even voted.

          • Rick

            You’re right. Skipped this trip because I’m on crutches and didn’t want to get my cast wet hobbling from the parking lot of my polling place into a school with presumably wet tile floors. First election, primary or general, that I’ve missed since I’ve been able to vote. Even voted in a primary before I was 18 because I was allowed to (was 18 by the time of the general election). I haven’t voted in a multiple-primary election in awhile.

      • arlvarunner

        I’m curious to know about this too. You were supposed to have been given the option between voting Democrat or Republican. Not both. If you were given the option to do both, something’s fishy with that.

      • drax

        Rick, do you understand how primary elections work?

        Republicans have their own candidates in their own primaries. They should vote for theirs. Same goes for Dems.

    • Disgusted

      What utter nonsense from a “lawyer”.

      Who exactly is shilling here? Do you actually believe that?!! Did you spend even a millisecond looking at the candidate’s positions?

      No wonder citizens are so turned off by the process and are reluctant to participate on any level.

      Certainly one would expect voters in certain districts to be less enthused about Moran.

      As for representing the majority of voters in the District, I think it would be hard to argue that any Democrat wouldn’t be capable of doing that.

      The question was whether a neophyte could handle the role over an entrenched pol with some baggage.

      I actually think the challenger out-performed expectations to some extent considering the monster $ edge that Moran had (was it 7-1?) and all the natural advantages of being an incumbent.

    • Arlingtoon

      Clearly you’re wrong. This morning Bruce sent out an e-mail to his supporters which I’ll paste below. He’s no more a Republican shill than I am (and I’ve only voted for one Republican, back in 1972).

      Thank You Greetings!

      Am I crazy to feel good this morning? I’ll leave that to others to answer.

      With just 4 months time we got over one quarter of the vote. So my son Reece, math whiz that he is, smiles and says, “Gee Dad, with 8 months time we would have gotten over half!”

      I love that kid.

      And I love our supporters. I want to express my profound thanks to all of you who were, and who are, tirelessly dedicated to what remains a worthy cause.

      My congratulations go out to Congressman Moran on his hard-fought victory yesterday; and my congratulations in advance on his victory to come in November!


      • arlvarunner

        That’s a gentleman.

    • Aaron

      Shuttleworth was better at convincing his immediate neighbors to vote for him than he was elsewhere in the district, and that’s “clearly” evidence of a Republican plot? The paranoia is strong in this one.

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Those over-sized postcards were just so compelling. I had to vote for him.

    • Heloise

      And they can be repurposed for many other uses:
      festive placemats; doormats; cat box scoopers;sturdy paper airplanes and I am just scratching the surface here.

  • Barry

    If re-elected in November Jim Moran will disappear and not be seen until sometime in the Spring of 2014. Unless you are one of the 20 or so special interests that he caters to or a member of his extended family you will not be able to locate him when he’s not on the Hill catering to the interests of his extended family and 20 special interests.

    • Mick Way

      You just speculating or do you have some facts to back that up? I see Jim at events all over Arlington; even mid-term.

      • Julie

        Yeah, he’s often seen at events that benefit his pet special interests and extended family.

        • mick way

          Eye witness you are? Examples please.

          One woman’s special interest is another’s vital community project.

    • Tommy

      I would rather that he get work done in his office (including responding to constituent needs) than make appearances, just so people like me can shake his hand. I realize that the latter is a necessary part of retail politics, but it’s a mistake to assume that everyone judges any pol more positively, the more glad-handing s/he does.

  • Dan

    Will the results by precinct be reported here ??


  • jigga

    why are we all morans

  • George

    I found it disturbing that he campaigned for republicans to interfere in the democratic primary. A man who is trying to run on “integrity” should try to gain votes honestly.

    Now its possibly that Republicans would cross party lines to honestly vote for a “Progressive Warrior” but its much much more likely that he and his campaign were trying to game the system.

    • Tommy

      You may be onto something there. I couldn’t figure out why any opponent would choose the slogan “Progressive Warrior” as a way of differentiating himself from Jim Moran, since those words pretty much sum up what a lot of people think of Moran (for good or ill). So, if I want to vote for a “Progressive Warrior”, I’ll vote for the familiar and proven one, not for someone whose votes I have to hope will go as I want.

      Not a smart communication strategy…

  • Pedro

    Moran is a strong proponent for federal employees like me, that’s enough to get my vote. Frankly I don’t like the way Republicans denigrate our service and are constantly trying to cut our pay and benefits. Go Jim, you’ve got my vote in November.

  • Neophyte

    “The question was whether a neophyte could handle the role over an entrenched pol with some baggage.”

    Kinda like McCain -v- Obama…how’s that working for ya comrades?

    • Disgusted

      Actually, about as well as could be expected.

      I shudder to think what kind of mess we would be in with a McCain/Palin administration.

      Thanks for asking, oh uncomradely one.

      As for gaming the system and other such nonsense, I find it hard to believe that Moran supporters are serious on that score.

      Since our “comrade” brought up a comparison with Obama, I expect a challenger to try everything to bring new blood into the party and the process. I think that is what Shuttleworth was doing – not some underhanded tactic per se.

      In fact, if Shuttleworth did well with his neighbors and those he came into contact with it is a good sign for him going forward. A quarter of the vote is nothing to sneeze at for an unknown.


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