Open Houses in Arlington This Weekend

by ARLnow.com June 15, 2012 at 1:55 pm 2,979 46 Comments

Forecasters are calling for another warm, sunny weekend — making it a perfect time to do some house hunting or condo shopping. To that end, more than two dozen open houses are scheduled in Arlington this weekend.

See our real estate section for a full listing of open houses. Here are a few highlights:

5025 7th Road South
Condominium — 2 Bed / 1 Bath
Listed: $230,000
Agent: Cathy Poungmalai
Open: Saturday, June 16 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

4501 Arlington Boulevard
Condominium — 2 Bed / 1 Bath
Listed: $265,000
Agent: Grant Doe
Open: Sunday, June 17 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

1301 Courthouse Road North
Condominium — 2 Bed / 2 Bath
Listed: $529,800
Agent: Richard Nathan
Open: Sunday, June 17 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

2513 Quantico Street North
Single Family Detached — 3 Bed / 2 Bath
Listed: $750,000
Agent: Scott Shawkey
Open: Sunday, June 17 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

316 Kenmore Street North
Single Family Detached — 3 Bed / 3 Bath
Listed: $990,000
Agent: Bath Ruth Boyer
Open: Sunday, June 17 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

2717 Oakland Street North
Single Family Detached — 6 Bed / 5 Bath
Listed: $1,699,000
Agent: Bath Ruth Boyer
Open: Sunday, June 17 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

  • Mary-Austin

    I want that one on Kenmore Street!

    • Bluemontsince1961

      You and me both.

      • SomeGuy

        It’s under a million. Go for it.

  • Quoth the Raven

    House in our neighborhood is up for 1.3, and it sits right on top of 66. I’m sure it will sell, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would pay that much money for a house that’s within spitting distance of a highway.

    • drax

      “Conveniently located within walking distance of transportation to downtown Washington DC and the Blue Ridge Mountains!”

      You gotta think like a realtor.

    • Joe Hoya

      Just close your eyes and pretend it’s the sound of the ocean.

      • CW

        Honestly, it really works – until a Harley comes along.

        • WeiQiang

          … in which case you pretend it’s a personal watercraft.

          • curious george

            I used to like next to the beltway. A big rig using jake brakes is even worse than a Harley. At least no trucks on 66.

          • WeiQiang

            wait … are ‘big rig’ and ‘jake brakes’ terms that I need to put in the ArlNow Blue Book?

  • CW

    Hop on that 4501 Arlington Blvd listing. Sure its only a 1BA, but 1083 sqft for 265k? Get outta here. Finishes, schminishes, you can’t upgrade square footage and they don’t build em like that any more.

    Architectural nightmare of the week award goes to Quantico St. – can’t imagine the first time Grandma came to visit and accidentally put her Buick through Johnny’s bedroom wall because no one told her it wasn’t the garage anymore.

    • South Awwlington


    • BreakPause02

      I wonder if the price is low because the condo fees are high.

      The description says “All utilities included” which would usually indicate high condo fees.

      • CW

        Do condo associations mark up on utilities? I don’t see why they would since they are not for-profit. The money has to go somewhere. Conversely, they might get volume discounts on cable, etc., right? I mean unless they’re egregiously marking up on the utilities then it’s zero sum whether you’re paying them as part of the condo fee or on their own.

        • BreakPause02

          I wasn’t implying they were marking up, but rather inferring based upon previous viewings of condos that had shared utilities, they typically had higher condo fees than individual metered units.

          Maybe these buildings are typically older and thus have higher maintenance expenses?

          • Helen

            Actually when the condo fees cover utilities the residents are not careful with usuage causing the fees to go up. Most do not include cable with the fees. Also did you know a lot have cell towers on their buildings to make additional income? A lot of money in those cell towers.

        • chipotle_addict

          I’m not sure where the money goes but it does seem like the “utilities included” condos charge a lot more in fees such that other locations with lower fees are cheaper overall even after paying your own utilities.

          Part of it could be that utilities included encourages some waste, hey who cares if you leave the TV on electricity is included! Or it might just be the the locations I looked at were older buildings and the fees were higher to cover building maintenance and repairs that newer buildings didn’t need.

      • chipotle_addict
        • CW

          Yeah true but still compared to an apartment building not bad – you can easily pay $100 for each of cable/internet, electric/gas, and parking at many places. So mortgage + fees you can still be out under $2k/mo with a decent downpayment and be getting equity, not terrible for these parts.


    I’m never gonna be about to buy in Arlington at these prices! Arghhhh…

    • CrystalMikey

      You and me both…so depressing looking at these listings.

      • drax

        These are not the typical prices. These are high-cost properties that require some extra publicity to sell, hence being here. The median price for a @BR home in Arlington is 400k (probably includes condos, not sure).

        • drax

          Dang it, 2BR not @BR.

        • SomeGuy

          It’s often the down payment on these properties that’s a killer. I.e., Laying out $200K (20%) for a $1 Million property and still having cash reserves for when the water heater inevitably breaks in your first month.

          • drax

            True (but if you are trying to buy a $1M property, I have no sympathy for you).

            On the water heater thing, two words: home warranty.

          • SomeGuy

            drax, which part of my comment suggested that I was seeking sympathy for anyone? I was merely stating that it’s often not the monthly loan repayment that causes sticker shock on a home at any price. It’s more the idea of writing an enormous check to get one’s name on the deed.

            No need to go all “99 percenter” on that. Would you prefer I use non-round numbers for you next time?

          • drax

            Don’t take an offhand comment personally. I was just saying that $1 million was a bad example for someone who is having trouble buying a home. I know you meant any price.

          • R. Griffon

            Many banks will still allow 10% down (maybe some even as little as 5%) if you have great credit. Plus these aren’t exactly starter homes (unless you’re a 1%-er). So you’re probably looking at rolling over $100-200K in equity from your former home. I’m pretty sure that’s what most of these buyers are doing.

        • CW

          Median is probably not a fair indicator unless the data is parsed…it’s pulled down by condos, Colonial Village, Fairlington, etc. True SFH median is probably 700k+, with the mean much higher.

          • drax

            That’s why I said condos are probably included.

            But hey, if you’re a first-time buyer trying to get in the market, a condo is an option.

          • Arlingtonrunner

            Unless it is a luxury condo in Rosslyn where you will pay $5 million for that condo

          • drax

            Well, yeah.

        • John Fontain

          “These are not the typical prices. These are high-cost properties that require some extra publicity to sell, hence being here.”

          I don’t think so. I think Scott somewhat randomly selects properties from the MLS listings to show a decent variety of what is for sale. When local sellers start listing their properties directly on Arlnow (i.e., buy ad space), then they will probably get listed here instead.

          • That’s correct. Currently, our open house highlights are just randomly selected to provide a range of price ranges and styles. It’s a purely editorial decision, not a business decision. If that ever changes — if we start listing open houses as a result of a promotional arrangement — it would be clearly noted in the article.

          • R. Griffon

            Kudos for the variety in price and location (which I guess pretty much goes hand-in-hand). It’s a nice change of pace from the $2M+ homes featured at the top of the Real Estate section.

          • Location

            I love the NY Times Sunday real estate feature that highlights properties in 5 separate price ranges, in 5 ny metro locations. Could arlnow do something similar?

      • Troll Patrol

        Half of the folks currently living and owning in Arllilngton could not afford to re-buy their homes.

        • WeiQiang


  • South Awwlington

    That’s some serious reno on Oakland Street. Inside – yes, Outside – meh, ok. Curb appeal is a bit lacking…and what happened to the garage?

  • chipotle_addict

    An reason the real estate section doesn’t list the condo or homeowners fee for the properties? It’s a very important figure for a perspective home-buyer, since in this area there are condos with very small fees such as $200 or so a month and others with fees nearing $1000.

    • WeiQiang

      don’t know the reason, but MLS lists it. would be helpful to have that info available up front.

  • billj

    ugh, if only 1301 Courthouse wasn’t next door to the planned 24/365 homeless shelter…

    • R. Griffon

      Indeed. I’d expect to see more of these on the market as the shelter gets closer. I imagine people may want to cash out before values drop.

  • South Awwlington

    North Kenmore is mine! Hands off!

  • atozwriter

    My husband always tells people that I married him because he already had a house in Arlington (in Lyon Park–10 minute walk from Clarendon Metro). I assure people that wasn’t the only reason–but it certainly made the deal sweeter! We totally could not buy into our neighborhood now.

  • arl2012

    You just need to move from a more expensive area and these prices seem like a tremendous deal.


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