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Video: CD Cellar in Clarendon

by ARLnow.com June 18, 2012 at 4:58 pm 3,793 17 Comments

Even in the age of iTunes, Pandora and Spotify, local record store CD Cellar keeps chugging along.

The store — which buys and sells CDs, LPs and DVDs —  is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. CD Cellar first opened in Falls Church in 1992, and subsequently opened a location in Clarendon, at 2607 Wilson Boulevard.

Arlington Independent Media recently profiled the store in a short video (above).

  • Swag

    Think they’d take a bunch of free CDs that I haven’t touched in years and just want to get rid of?

    • Scott


  • nom de guerre

    That’s a clown question, bro.


    Please click here to donate.

    • Mary-Austin

      I wish arlnow had a like button!

  • Roycroft

    They need to drop the “CD” from their name.

  • Hipster

    Yea dawg, they be rollin’ deep in LPs.

  • James Moron

    FroYo shop, yoga studio or brown flip flop shop within 12 months. Guaranteed.

    The wanna be hipster with the goofball hat is a caricature of himself. Sad that he did have some kind of awesome facial hair like a goatee or flavor savor.

    • Roycroft

      They have been around for a few years now and seem to be doing well.

      • Josh S

        More than a few years. Also, multiple locations (or at least they used to have multiple locations – I can neither confirm nor deny that they still do).

        • jackson

          Twenty years in business (Falls Church location; Clarendon at least 10). It’s in the sentence below the video, folks.

          I’m glad they exist. Both stores are worth checking out.

    • Spectator

      Why do you have to be soooo negative?

      Vinyl is on its way back… the sound is sooo much better!

  • ismelldank
  • Friends of the Library

    If you want to donate used CDs, vinyl, tapes, DVDs, drop them off at the Library and you can ask for a slip for your taxes. It’s deductible and they get sold at the Friends of the Library sale.

  • JamesE

    CD’s still sound better man! Actually I have some SACD’s and DVD-Audios that sound amazing I am just too lazy now to actually get up and put them into my player when I can just stream everything.

  • U Roy

    Great place, I am happy there are still here.

    • Spectator

      If you want them around, then support them. Too many folks here are click happy, and then they wonder why so many decent shops are out of business.

      The Washington Antiquitarian Book Association has some members that also sell CDs or vinyl, http://www.wababooks.com

      By local, about 70% of the money stays local, by big box corporate stores like Walmart, only 15% of the money stays local, buy online, ZERO money stays local! When everyone complains about the roads in and around Arlington, remember this…

  • Real friendly staff, great place to pick up some music.


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