Phoenix House Lauded for Rehab, Job Training Work

by ARLnow.com June 19, 2012 at 11:05 am 3,717 32 Comments

Rep. Jim Moran (D) visited the Phoenix House at 521 N. Quincy Street last week to highlight the nonprofit’s addiction recovery and job training work.

The Ballston-area facility is one of numerous Phoenix House-branded treatment centers in 10 states across the country. It offers intensive residential substance abuse treatment programs for men, women, and teens, along with counseling and job training programs. The facility serves more than 900 adolescents and adults annually, and more than 150 on any given day.

Last Wednesday, Moran toured the Phoenix House and talked with some of the individuals who have been utilizing its services. Moran said their battles with addiction, and their struggles finding jobs after recovery, demonstrate why programs like Phoenix House are important for society.

“That’s why I’m here, to make the case for why we should support programs like Phoenix House,” Moran said. “We have to show people this this works, and then we need to replicate it across the country.”

Moran said he was struck by how one bad life decision could eventually lead down a path to addiction.

“There but for the grace of God go I,” he told the small assembled group of treatment center clients.

According to statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse cited by Moran, every dollar invested in an addiction treatment program yields a return of between $4 and $7 in reduced drug-related crime, criminal justice costs, and theft. When health care costs are added in, the savings can exceed 12 to 1, according to Moran’s office.

Moran, who directed $250,000 in federal funding for a vocational training program at Phoenix House in fiscal year 2010, promised to work to help get more funding — even though, he said, securing such funding has become more difficult as a result of the defacto ban on earmarks in the House of Representatives.

Moran’s visit was part of his event series, “Investing in Northern Virginia: Building our Community through Smart Federal Spending.”


  • sunflower

    “There but for the grace of God go I,” he told the small assembled group of treatment center clients.

    o k posters–spare me the dogpile

  • KalashniKEV

    No more earmarks?! Oh, no… how are we going to fund our pet projects now?

    • drax

      How much as the earmark ban saved the taxpayers so far?

    • b

      beyond the demonization of the word in the media, why do you not like earmarks?

      • KalashniKEV

        I just don’t like the government stealing my money and blowing it on nonsense. Taxes should be 1/3 what they currently are for all Americans.

        • malaka

          Thus speaks the person who has always lived on the government’s dime

          • KalashniKEV


          • Ed

            Kev, malaka is probably assuming that you are or were in the armed forces, based on the image you use. Which means you are or were paid by the federal government; plus you may have access to VA healthcare, maybe education benefits, maybe housing loans, etc. I don’t know if vets really have great access to healthcare, education, and housing, but I’m happy to pay taxes to improve that, if not 🙂

            So, can you illuminate us?

          • KalashniKEV

            “So, can you illuminate us?”

            I’d be more than happy to. I currently draw no government benefits nor am I paid by the United States government.

          • drax

            Kev thinks the military should be one of the 1/3rd of legitimate government spending (which most people don’t dispute).

            The problem is that everyone else thinks they should be in the 13/rd too. Everyone thinks their spending is “vital.”

            I’ll bet even Kev couldn’t fit all his “vital” programs into 1/3rd of the current budget. Of course, he’s never shared his magical budget with us.

          • KalashniKEV

            Why do you think you know… what I think?

            My expertise lies with the military… I’m slashing them FIRST.
            (and BIG)

          • Ed

            There you are, malaka. Kev is on his own . . . he’s like the Thoreau of Arlington.

          • Malaka

            I don’t believe that…..I think he is a government contractor…stilll the government’s coin…just more of it

          • KalashniKEV

            Malaka- you’re free to speculate… or I’ll just tell you:

            I draw my wages directly from the pocket of an Eeeeeevil 1%er. I’ll bet you like me even less now!

            (BTW- that’s the MORAL way to get money out of rich people)

        • drax

          You don’t understand what an earmark is, Kev.

          Banning them doesn’t save a dime.

          • KalashniKEV

            PORK BARREL!

          • Homer


  • DarkHeart

    Does Arlington have a wet house?

    • Lyon Park

      just basements

  • Corey

    Look, I’m all for addicts having a place to recover from their illness and become productive members of society again. But does it have to be in my neighborhood? Sales of homes around this block have plummeted since this place opened up, and folks are worried about their safety and the safety of their kids. I’m pretty sure this place has also contributed to the terrible traffic in the neighborhood, making it very difficult to get my kids to the places they need to be.

    I’d support a federal grant moving this place to DC or to somewhere else in Arlington, like Columbia Pike. They’d probably be closer to their target population, anyway.

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster

      You mean sales of “homes” next to the parking garage and the auto repair shop? Didn’t realize that recovering addicts were increasing “traffic” all that much more than the copious new restaurants and office buildings in the area.

    • Mike


      As someone who has been involved in the real estate market in arlington (and a native for over 15 years) I feel compelled to respond.

      The Pheonix house has been there for over 10 years, in fact it used to be called Vanguard Services, before they merged (crazy I know!) and Real estate values in that area have been rising just as much as anywhere else in Arlington (in the past 10 years there have been at least 10 high rise condos built within a quarter mile, The capitals practice area, the new DARPA building being constructed, and many more). All of these are within 1/4 mile.

      So please, get your facts straight, and can you please show me any correlation between crimes and those residents?

      • drax

        Corey is pure satire, guys. Welcome to ArlNow.

        • MC 703

          Not new to arlnow here. He apparently just whiffed on this one.

    • KalashniKEV

      “Sales of homes around this block have plummeted since this place opened up…”

      How are sales of rocks doing?

    • MC 703

      Corey – As a resident of the Columbia Pike corridor I would like to thank you for your well-thought out suggestions. My crack-addicted, meth-producing neighbors and I have been thinking about entering treatment but there simply aren’t enough in-patient facilities for all of the addicts, pimps and hoes down here.

      Thank you for being so generous and personally advocating for Phoenix to be moved via federal grant to my crappy, run down, needle scattered neighborhood of single family homes, median value >$400,000. I hope your property values go up with your burden transferred to South Arlington where it obviously belongs.

      • Jessie



      Move them to Columbia Pike ??


      • KalashniKEV

        ASPAN too!

  • tumblebum

    It’s good to see Jim seeking the help he needs.

    • nom de guerre

      Which type of help? Rehab or Job Training, or both?

  • Linda

    I’m puzzled as to why the negative comments about Phoenix House, an organization that has been serving Arlington for 50 years and which is responsible for, literally, saving hundreds of lives. Before you criticize something that you may not know anything about, take a tour of the facility, listen to some of the people who are in recovery, and then form your opinion. I dare you to walk out with the same attitude and opinons as when you walked in. Kudos to the staff of Phoenix House for 50 years of service to Arlington.


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