New Jersey Man Struck By Car in Ballston

by Katie Pyzyk June 21, 2012 at 1:30 pm 4,817 66 Comments

A New Jersey man is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a vehicle while walking in Ballston last night.

Around 9:40 p.m., police responded to a call of a pedestrian struck at N. Glebe Road and Wilson Blvd. Their investigation found that a 64-year-old woman had been driving westbound on Wilson Blvd and attempted to make a left turn onto Glebe. She struck the 70-year-old man, who was walking eastbound on Wilson across Glebe Road.

The woman said she didn’t even see the man until she hit him, according to police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. Witnesses say the man had the right of way, and was in the crosswalk while obeying a walk sign.

Although the call initially stated the man was in critical condition with a head injury, he was upgraded to stable condition and is able to speak. He suffered from multiple abrasions, lacerations requiring stitches and a broken femur.

The driver was cooperative, and there are no indications of impaired driving. The investigation is ongoing, and there’s currently no word on whether she will be charged.

The pedestrian, who is in Arlington visiting friends, is at Inova Fairfax Hospital. We’re told he’s been able to talk with police and his friends.

Sternbeck says police have been called to quite a few distracted driving accidents recently, including the major accident last night on Washington Blvd. Police are asking drivers to always be aware of their surroundings, and to not text or talk on the phone while driving.

  • Fellow Pedestrian

    Terrifying. I hope he recovers quickly and completely.

    Will the ArlNow haters blame the victim?

    • Dr_Klahn

      No, they’ll find a way to turn it into a debate about cars and cyclists, sprinkled in with a few clown questions.

      • drax

        Yep, happening already.

      • Richard Cranium

        I blame the pedestrian for using an obviously manual transmission.

      • D'oh!

        Well the trail accident involved a 60-something year old man on a Walmart mountain bike determined not to be at fault and people called for his head and those of everyone else who’s ever ridden a bike. I fully expect those same people to do the same for drivers, especially since clearly the driver is at fault.

        So… [crickets chirping]

        • drax

          Shut up, crickets!

      • Charlie

        Yes – Reckless driving in Arlington has gotten out of hand: reckless changing of lanes, speeding, running red lights and stop signs. I vote for electronic ticketing. Don’t get me started on how “intitled” the pedestrians are. . .

  • Josh S

    Actually, I believe it is ARLNow policy that we will now find and post all pictures and speculative data about the driver of the vehicle. Which will then be used to tar and feather her in the court of public opinion.

    • lance wannabe

      but no call for swift justice from KKev

      • drax

        It is noted that KKev is coddling criminals.

    • SomeGuy

      Josh, you are correct. Unfortunately since ArlNow already described the driver, that pre-empts accusations of the driver being a shirtless yuppie BMW-driving privileged frat boy d-bag in flip-flops whose daddy would bail him out.

      Turns out it was just an unfortunate accident unless… do we know if that lady owns a bike?

      • dk

        Come on, you know there is no such thing as an “accident.” Someone must pay the pound of flesh!

  • that guy

    So, is there something wrong with the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington that all these emergencies get sent all the way out to Fairfax?? Is there something we all should know about it, or does Inova have some sort of contract with the AFD?

    • Picantito

      Trauma center ? maybe?

    • daniel

      Maybe just a busy ER? I live on George Mason, and there are plenty of Arlington, FC and FFX/Bailey’s ambulances headed to VHC daily.

    • Westover

      Virginia Hospital Center is great for elective surgery, but it is not a Trauma Center.

    • drax

      Yes, it was explained in the previous article about a horrible car accident in the Ballston area on June 20.

      Fairfax has a higher level trauma center or something.

    • SouthernPrincess

      Virginia Hospital Center is not a Trauma Center….closest are Inova Fairfax and GW.

  • PL25rd

    Holy crap, that’s scary. I hope he makes a quick recovery!

    I think it’s been previously posted that Virginia Hospital Center is not a trauma one center; Inova Fairfax is.

    • that guy

      thanks for that magical piece of the puzzle, hadn’t seen it before… I just wonder what to do if I have an emergency at home and I’m driving to the hospital myself… the 2 miles to VHC or the 10 miles to Fairfax.

      • Westover

        Depends, are you sick or are you injured? Either way actually, I would head to the Fairfax ER, the two are only about 7 miles apart in miles, but Fairfax ER is far ahead of Arlington Hospital in everything else.

      • drax

        If you can still drive, Arlington can handle your problem.

        • Westover

          And have 8 hours to spear in the waiting room.

          • SoArl

            I’ve had a few nights where I had to rush my kid to the ER for fluids and I never had to wait the long.

          • SoArl

            “that” long…

          • drax

            I drove myself to Arlington Hospital’s ER once. I waited less than five minutes.

        • dk


      • JD

        i would drive to VHC and let them determine if you need more advanced care and possibly an ambulance to take you….

    • Picantito

      ahh we were all thinking n typing at the same time..

  • USA

    Head trauma generally goes to Fairfax or GW. VHC is not at the same level for trauma as the others.

  • Rick

    He wasn’t used to cars turning left.

    Hope he makes a speedy recovery. For all the crap people give New Jersey, most of it isn’t bad at all, especially the people.

  • Pedestrian Safety Advocate

    Someone needs to invent airbags for pedestrians, which I would hope will look like this when deployed:


  • Picantito

    best wishes to both, i’m sure the lady is a bit nerve racked too.

  • Jason

    If he had the right of way, why wouldn’t she be charged? She was supposed to be cautious as a driver. If she didn’t see him, she was not cautious enough.

    • brian

      Were Arlington county streetlights properly functioning?

      • Dr_Klahn

        Is that you Jackie Chiles?

    • Picantito

      she’s not a cyclist… only they get charged for this.. or do they?

      • drax

        Very clever.

        She wasn’t charged, and neither was the cyclist in the recent death. They were treated the same. Yet you twisted it to make it sound like cyclists get special privileges! You should write political ads.

        • D'oh!

          Because nothing brings out the hate like an incident involving a cylist. You’re not new here, Drax.

        • Washingtony

          You should write advice columns!

      • byclist

        Actually it was the NJ man who should get the ticket………………….if he were a cyclist:

    • Maria

      Well, it was at night, so it’s possible he was wearing dark clothing and it wasn’t easy to see him. I’m not saying that DID happen (or that she shouldn’t be charged even if that was the case), but I’m just saying there are sometimes circumstances beyond just “she’s an idiot and should be charged no matter what.”

      Besides, they didn’t say they weren’t charging her, but unlike us here on a blog, the police actually have a duty to do some investigating before pressing charges. Novel concept, I know.

      • drax

        I can’t remember if you said the same thing about the cyclist who hit the old lady. Did you?

        • Maria

          I don’t believe I said anything in that thread because it had all been said by the time I read it. But yes, I feel the same way if that’s what you’re asking. Sometimes accidents happen, and it’s up to the police to determine if there should be charges, not up to people who weren’t there and have no idea what actually happened.

          • Maria

            (For the record, my original response was to Jason’s comment which had nothing to do with cyclists, in case there was any confusion)

    • curious george

      You get automatic immunity from prosecution when you get behind the wheel of a car.

      I doubt she will even get a ticket.

    • dk

      …and here’s someone asking for the pound of flesh.

  • jeez, broke his femur. hope everything works out well for both.

    • Westover

      If that is all, he has some pretty strong bones for a 70 year old. Drink your milk kids!

  • Joe Hoya

    When will this old-on-old violence end?

  • SouthArlJD

    This type of thing scares me. When crossing on a crosswalk at night I usually take out my cell phone and light the display and waggle it around so approaching drivers can see me and try to catch their eyes. I’m not above waving my arms and yelling to get their notice either.

    • dirty biker

      That’s awesome but I bet that you look like a total nutcase. Do me a favor, use the same trick on the trails if you use them at night…

    • Rockapotomus

      You are like the guy in my neighborhood that wears a reflective vest and carries a flashlight with him when he walks around at night.

      Maybe a caboose lantern in each hand would be a good idea too.

      • dirty biker

        Actually, it’s no joke, literally I stop and thank those people sometimes- vests are a great idea. It’s dang near impossible to see walkers on the trails and roads in the winter darkness.

        • Rockapotomus

          Yeah, but this guy is just kind of creepy. Not as creepy as the guy who walks around with paper towels stuffed in his mouth, but kind of strange in his own way.

          • drax

            He should wear all black and walk around at night. Then he won’t be creepy.

      • drax

        “You are like the guy in my neighborhood that wears a reflective vest and carries a flashlight with him when he walks around at night.”

        You mean very smart?

      • WeiQiang

        You mean vest, flashlight, AND hatlamp. Next up, he’s going to be sending up flares.

  • Salmon Ella

    I hope this makes people wise up, and LOOK when they walk in the street. If you walk across the street and you are talking on a phone, or texting, and you get hit by a car…sure you have the right of way, but you will not win the battle of person vs vehicle.

    • Byclist

      yes you should LOOK at the car as it smashes into you! Totally the Peds fault for not LOOKing

  • Fred

    That left from Wilson to Glebe is tough for both drivers and pedestrians. For drivers, the left turn signal is laughably short, and for pedestrians it is just a wide road to cross.

  • lorenzo

    on your right!

  • CW

    Nice to know that “Police are asking drivers…to not text…while driving.”

    “Pretty, pretty please! With sugar on top!! Obey the law please, we’d not want to have to enforce it, noooooo that would be too hard!!”

    How about this from Sternbeck: “If we catch you texting while driving, we are giving you a ticket. If you hurt someone while doing it, we are throwing your @$$ in jail.”

    Note: I am NOT making a statement about this case, only reacting to a completely foolish statement from the police.

  • kikinow

    The driver may not be charged, but the victim can always sue. My dad bumped somebody in a crosswalk (he was stopped and took his foot off the brake). They sued and the judgement was $130,000 for minor injuries. By that standard, Mr. 70 should do well.


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