Courthouse Road Bridge to Be Closed, Demolished

by ARLnow.com June 22, 2012 at 4:30 pm 5,838 9 Comments

Drivers coming to and going from Courthouse on eastbound Route 50 will have to find another route later this summer. VDOT is planning to demolish the busy Courthouse Road bridge as part of the ongoing Route 50/Courthouse Road interchange project.

VDOT spokeswoman Jennifer McCord says the agency is currently planning on closing and tearing down the bridge either in late August or early September. She said the exact timing of the demolition is contingent on some other work, including the completion of new ramps to and from westbound Route 50 and Courthouse Road.

Once the closure is in place, eastbound Route 50 drivers will be directed to the next exit — Rhodes Street — and detour signs will point them back to Courthouse Road. McCord said engineers are still working on a detour for those trying to get on eastbound Route 50 from the Courthouse area.

A new Courthouse Road bridge is expected to be complete by Spring 2013, McCord said.

Another interchange project-related closure is planned for Monday. Workers are planning to close Fairfax Drive, which runs parallel to Route 50, from N. Taft Street to N. Scott Street. The closure is expected to remain in place until project completion in fall 2013.

Photo courtesy Keith Hall

  • Having fun yet?

    Glad I don’t have to take that detour. It’s already chock full of commuters seeking an alternative route to Courthouse, and the road surface at the first four-way stop is terrible.

  • SouthArlJD

    Oh, crap. Now my commute will be longer.

  • Chris

    I wonder how far along 10th St. will be when this happens? Probably same as now. I probably wouldn’t notice the increase in construction noise at this point, anyway.

  • novasteve

    10th street. Why take a year off or whatever they are doing?

  • courthound

    I need to move to Rosslyn until this headache is finished. Or maybe Manhattan.

  • Greg

    Couldn’t have moved to Clarendon at a more perfect time.

  • Spectator

    Hopefully it won’t take any longer than a year. The Telegraph Road Bridge was supposed to be completed by summer last year. The construction is still going strong here in June. Driving in the area takes nerves of steel and a liking for playing chicken.

  • Paul D. Bain

    I think that this story could have been greatly improved if it had included a map. I had to go to Maps.Google.com in order to ascertain how this demolition would affect me.

    — Paul D. Bain

  • GrandArch

    I thought they weren’t rebuilding the 10th street bridge? The notices all said 10th street onto 50E would be permanently gone.


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