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Sunday Evening Power Outage Update

by ARLnow.com July 1, 2012 at 8:15 pm 7,207 135 Comments

Dominion continues to make progress in restoring power to Arlington households in the wake of Friday night’s storms.

As of 8:00 Sunday night, 33,879 Dominion customers were still without power in Arlington, down from 59,000 around noon on Saturday. Dominion says it hopes to restore power to 80-85 of all customers by Tuesday night, and 90-95 percent of customers by Thursday night.

“While we are dedicated to restoring power as quickly as possible, safety remains the No. 1 priority,” said Dominion spokesman, in a statement. “We want our customers to be safe, and we want our crews to be safe. Our crews will be working under extremely trying conditions due to the extreme heat while wearing heavy protective clothing. We ask that everyone be considerate of them and not interfere in the restoration process.”

In a press release, the company noted that it’s focusing on restoring power to larger customers before focusing on neighborhoods.

Initial restoration work focuses on large electric transmission lines and critical facilities such as emergency call centers, hospitals and cooling centers. For that reason, customers may not see crews working in their neighborhoods in the initial days. The focus then turns to power lines serving large numbers of customers and then to neighborhood circuits. Dominion will work around the clock until all customers have their power restored.

  • River house 1400 pentagon city

    We used to have comcast cable tv and Internet but it just went out. Still have electricity and water though

    • Ballston Will

      Lost Comcast at Randolph Towers in Ballston about 15 minutes ago. Didn’t have any issues until now, guess I’ve been lucky.

      • B

        Think it went down across the county in last 20 min. Fun. Good thing is it’s likely a central issue, at least for those that have had it restored aince the derecho, and something they can resolve fairly quick.

    • kc

      I’m in Rosslyn and lost cable at the same time.

    • Cate

      Mine went back out around the same time – I’d had my Internet back for a couple hours, but no cable at all.

    • river house

      Hello 1400 River House, I left for Florida on the 27th and am due to return back on the 6th….Have we lost any power during the storm? Thanks…

  • Alex

    Still out in Barcroft neighborhood of South Arlington, VA.

  • yrb

    Same here (Clarendon).
    Comcast went out around 8pm.
    Looks like not just me?

  • DB

    Comcast just went out on the western end of the Pike as well.

  • Johnny

    Does anyone know if the Cavalier Club apts on Wilson have power?

    • Elisabeth

      I called this morning at 9am and April said it was still out but according to Dominion’s website they’re working in the area today so I’m hopeful.

  • SnArl

    anyone know if NSF has power?

    • Power Ranger

      NSF does have power. I just walked and took a look for you, neighbor.

      • SnArl

        Thanks much! Though I’d prefer a different answer so I wouldn’t have to go in tomorrow 🙂

  • InAHotel

    Is Quincy Plaza still without power?

    • Rick


      • InAHotel

        Outrageous. Sorry to hear it. Hope you all get it back tonight.

        • KH

          I called building management about 11PM last night, and the nice lady at the front desk said that more or less that Dominion had given up for the night. I hope they aren’t planning to raise rent any time soon!

  • JQSkate

    Anyone know about Fillmore Gardens Apartments?

    • hc

      Still no power at fillmore gardens.

      • Andy

        Crap. Damn these older apartment buildings!

        • vivek

          Yeah.. It is freakin hard at Fillmore.. !! The whole dun lorin and vienna got power.

  • Out is Ashburn where the houses have 3 AC zones

    Anyone know if the WestLee condos have power?

  • lets build a trolley

    So lets think about this. The county wants to build a trolley along CP that will have no impact what so ever on traffic, yet, hasn’t contemplated burying power lines to prevent the fact that people could be without power for a week. Wow!

    • Alex

      Pretty sure one of their goals is burying utilities along the Pike.

      • John K.

        That actually didn’t help much this time. Some stretches of the Pike with buried utilities still didn’t have power. Of course, it still doesn’t have an pertinence to the issue at hand.

    • drax

      Nice try. Keep working on it.

    • courthouse dude

      So lets [sic] think about this. Use a thread that’s meant to help people deal with a *non-county caused* power outage to flog a dead political horse. Wow!

    • nom de guerre

      No plans to bury power lines. The le streetcar is to have an overhead electrical power system-the end of the world as we know it.

  • Ashton Heights

    The crews can go back to Texas, my house had power throughout the storm and its aftermath.

  • drax

    I went 24 hours without the power I need to whine about stuff on the Internet. It was unbearable. I demand an explanation from Nature!

  • Loocy

    The Verizon Fios salesperson assured me that my Fios would have a battery backup that would ensure that I would still have simple phone service (using a corded phone) in a power outage. My phone has been completely dead during this whole episode. Was I misled, or is this probably a bigger problem, such as no continuity on the path to the house? Am I going to have phone service when my power goes back on? Do other people in the area affected by the outage have phone service?

    • courthouse dude

      I think you were misled, we have Fios and also lost phone when the power was out. We had power throughout, but no phone or internet for a while. A lot of businesses in Clarendon seem to have had a similar situation — open, and with power, but not accessible by phone. Probably worth pursuing – affects our ability to dial 911. I suspect with enough feedback they will fix it in future.

      • Rick

        Has to be a break in the line. I had the same problem too, but never before. Was always able to plug a corded phone in and call out.

        • courthouse dude

          ok, hope you’re right.

      • Chris B

        Wouldn’t have helped you anyway since 911 was down this weekend.

        • Eileen

          It’s on FIOS.

    • Arlingtonian

      I live in South Arl and our Fios is still out as well.

    • Suburban Not Urban

      I’m not sure the prob lies with FIOS – the old copper was dead in the water for over 24 hours – it would call out but there was nobody at the other end. Wireless was also crap for over a day. I think we’ve taken 1 reliable system – and redirected resources to 3 partly reliable systems – copper, fiber and wireless – and ended up with something so fragile that any real stress and we’re streching string and using cans.

    • KHM

      I was told by Verizon several months ago that the Fios battery should last about 8 hours (phone only – not internet). We had to replace ours but the new one maintained phone service for about 8 hours as advertised.

    • Owen R.

      Just an educated guess as someone with a VoIP background, but the outage looked to me to be a centralized service problem. We kept power throughout the weekend and both FiOS phone and Internet were down until Sunday. My best guess is that the power outages took out both primary and backup IP PBXs (the brains of the phone system), which meant that subscribers’ boxes couldn’t register their phones on the network or route calls.

  • Marianne Petrino

    COMCAST tv cable out since storm in DouglasPark. Power up on 16th st in Douglas Park. BIG power problem on S POllard in DouglasPark

  • Nitin

    Looks like cable just came back on.

    • JohnB2

      Yep just got Comcast back in Ballston after a 1.5 hour outage.

      • Nitin

        and i think it just went out again.

        • kc

          Yes. Mine was back for a bit but died again awhile ago.

  • Rick

    Rock Spring has power for the most part!

  • Anybody know if Stratton house (3601) on 5th st south has electricity. We are in front of the 7-11 on glebe road. Next to te fire station. Any news? I’m out of town and would like to know.

  • Quincy Resident

    Quincy Plaza is still without power. The management is nowhere to be found. The building is uninhabitable because everything runs on electricity. The hallways reek of trash because the trash chutes are clogged. This is a disgrace, considering the rent that Quincy Plaza charges.

    Everyone in the Nelson/Quincy and Wilson/Fairfax quadrant has power except Quincy Plaza. The problem is with the building. Dittmar refuses to do anything. The front desk posted signs instructing residents to contact Dominion (even though Dominion ask for an account number and no resident has one because utilities are included in the rent).

    I submitted my rent check on Thursday night because I didn’t want to be penalized by Dittmar for submitting it late. I guess that was a mistake.

    • InAHotel

      I’ll be calling Dittmar to complain tomorrow. The number for their main office is (703) 356-6900.

      I encourage others to do the same.

      • Enna

        For the folks at Quincy Plaza: I’m sorry to hear it’s so bad there. That sucks!
        It’s irresponsible (at best) that the ‘management’ company doesn’t even have a property management contact available, though someone should be on site at least some of the time!
        If trash is backed up and stuff, has anyone thought to call Arlington county and log a health and safety complaint?
        I hope your power is back up soon and good luck to you all.

      • BallstonNOTBoston

        I’ll be calling – this is crap!

  • chanel

    No comcast. Tv nor internet service since friday night in crystal city 1200 block.. I don’t get it, other buildingd didn’t experience the same a couple blocks up the same street 🙁

  • saysay

    Quincy sucks I ain’t paying rent

    • Quincy Resident

      Right with you!

    • Buckingham Bandit

      I’m sure they’ll be more OK with you reneging on the terms of your legally-binding contract.

      • Quincy Resident

        Legally-binding on the landlord to provide a habitable residence. The landlord materially breached the contract. We pay for a habitable residence. Landlord failed to provide one after payment. Case closed.

        • Buckingham Bandit

          Habitable does not equal AC. Good luck with not paying the rent, bro.

          • courthouse dude

            let it be, BB. People are upset, your trolling doesn’t help.

        • anon

          I am not a lease contract expert but there might be a force majeure clause in your lease, which may let the management company off the hook due to an uncontrollable act of nature. This was a powerful storm and a state of emergency was declared. Please review your lease before you take drastic measures that could hurt your credit (e.g., not paying rent).

          That said, I agree your management company is awful for not getting the trash shutes unclogged. Keep on posting and on other websites. Negative PR might motivate them.

          Best of luck and hope you get power soon!

          • Seriously2

            I don’t know, Quincy Resident sounds like a lawyer. They used a lot of big lawyer-type phrases. I’d let them have some more rope before advising something as onerous as reading a lease.

  • Lenox Resident

    No Comcast TV since 8.30 p.m. Only NEWS8 – local channel exist.

    • chanel

      Lenox building is lucky..am next door and 48 hours of no comcast. I guess we are fortunate to have had no power outages..

    • kc

      Thanks. I didn’t realize NC8 was still working so can at least watch the news before bed.

  • Anyone have a clue why power is still out in barcroft between rt 50 and George mason? We have lost power before but it’s never been this long in returning. When it has gone its been obvious – trees down nearby. But this time we have not seen anything obvious. To make things stranger, some homes have power while others don’t. Anyone have an idea? I know dominion is doing their best – have even seen contractors driving but we are feeling a tad frantic at this point 😉

    • Buckingham Bandit

      That’s a clown question, brah.

      • courthouse dude


        please, NomdP, BBandit, WeiQ, MarA, HdiosM, and all the other trolls, just take the stale jokes to your own little corner. You can all amuse yourselves, if you aren’t the same poster. If you are, just talk amongst yourself.

        • WeiQiang

          dude … lighten up. I made *ONE* impertinent comment on a PREVIOUS thread, out of almost 350 posts. Given the pushback that the “trolls” [sic] here have gotten, it’s apparent that the problems that anyone has here with me in particular pre-dated the electrical problems. Take a deep breath. Get some perspective and focus on whatever it is important to get you through the issue at hand. Don’t dump your pent up frustrations on me.

          Like others on here, I’ve got a hot house and stinky fridge and no idea when the electricity is going to come back on. I’m dealing and see no need to take it out on anyone else. Good luck.

          • courthouse dude

            Dude . . . you’ve made way more than one “impertinent comment” the last two days, and a number of folks have called you out. Just give it a rest, hey? Thanks.

          • WeiQiang

            I’ve read my posts from the last thread. I reiterate … focus [you and the number of folks] on what’s important to you. stay cool.

          • courthouse dude

            you clearly can’t keep track of what you write. just calm down.

            You’re far from the prime offender, only one of the ancillary ones.

            Let people use the thread for important things, like keeping themselves safe.

            Peace out.

          • WeiQiang

            dude … you’re losing it. keep yourself safe.

      • WeiQiang

        I wouldn’t go there.

  • Who cares if Comcast is out! Some folks dot have any electricity. Geez!

    • Lotus

      Not really feeling too sorry for those sitting in their air conditioned homes, with lights and unspoiled food in the fridge and freezer. Read a damn book if the cable and internet is out!

    • chanel

      No need to take on your frustration on others. We are just exchanging info on this forum. I actually need the internet so I can do some work from home. Yes we are lucky to have power..

      • Lotus

        Yes you are lucky.

      • amb007

        Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been lucky to never lose power, despite being in a Dittmar building at Virginia Square. I lost Comcast early Saturday morning and got it back last night, and it lasted until the outage that everybody is commenting on. No, it’s definitely not as horrid as being powerless. I get that and I feel for the folks that continue to be without electricity. Unfortunately, I do need Comcast so that I can work tomorrow and it was a relief(?) to know that it’s not just mine that it out.

        I’ve enjoyed watching this community help each one another out over the past couple of days.

        • Enna


      • Lotus

        As do I but I went to Starbucks for the day and sat in the glorious AC and worked. Forgive my “frustration” but I think you’d be a little irritated if it was you. Preparing for another night in the kiln oven. Thanks for your understanding and support.

  • Lotus

    Still no power on west side of N Tazewell St in the Townes of Ballston despite power never going out right across the street.

  • Enna

    I don’t get the impression people are complaining about not having cable etc., people are just trying to share information. It’s easy to tell: if a dwelling is dark, it’s without power. But a cable box might have been fried, and people don’t know if it’s theirs or widespread.
    If people have bundled services, and have medical issues, being without a phone if they need to call 911 could be a concern.

  • Carmen

    I actually just clicked on this article to see if I was the only one whose cable was out. So the information was helpful to me. I also didn’t know that channel 8 is working. That does not mean that I don’t feel bad for people who still don’t have electricity.

  • Quincy mope

    Dominion just showed up to Quincy plaza at 10pm. So far they have moved their trucks 3 times in between pacing aimlessly around the block. Not confident

    • BallstonNOTBoston

      At least they showed up – more than our mgmt has done thus far.

      • DaveW

        Any Quincy residents on here want to get together this week and plan on organizing a “resident association”. Think condo assn but no dues, and would be able with more authority deal with dittmar. I’ve live in other dittmar buildings and have had random issues with them that I had wished some resident advocate association would have been available. Thoughts?

        I luckily have been in Colorado since Thursday and missed it all, but hearing of the torment makes me furious. I assume my fish (couple hundred dollars worth) are probably dead and there’s noone there. That’s unacceptable.

        • CW

          Good Lord, you people are ridiculous. Have you ever been in a hurricane? Wildfire? Ice storm? War zone? Yes, your one apartment building happened to be the unlucky one that probably had a major portion of its supporting power equipment blown completely apart when the grid went down around it. The power has been out for 48 hours. No, Mr. Dittmar is not going to come down from the sky on a unicorn and unleash a torrent of electrons from his butt to power your espresso bean grinders. Dittmar is a big company that probably has SOME pull with Dominion, but in the end Dominion is going to have to do the work and if Dominion says they’re not first in line then that’s how the cookie crumbles.

          Why don’t you folks watch some old news coverage of a real distaster and calm the F down?

          Yes, I agree they could unclog the trash chute.

          • Jackfan

            Wow…what a condescending, nasty reply. How does it bother you – oh sanctimonious one – that some people are frustrated at their management situation? Does it really put you off or make things difficult for you that others are commiserating? Telling people to put it ‘in perspective’ in an ugly way doesn’t add any civility to the discourse. It’s just rude. Maybe you should take a break from this board if it bothers you so much.
            And this is coming from someone who still doesn’t have power (the Arlington association).

          • Skipper

            I wish I had the option to ‘like’ this comment

          • CW

            I’m pretty sure it’s the angry mobs that are ready to march on the property manager’s office with pitchforks that I’d describe as “sanctimonious”. They want to start a “resident’s association” because the power is still out 48 hours after the biggest storm to hit the area in years came through? No, your property manager is not going to come and individually bathe each of your teacup poodles. Perhaps they could do a little better with PR, but everyone is making it sound like there are crimes against humanity going on there.

          • Neighbor

            So now we know that CW is really this Bonnie lady. I’ll chime in here to say what someone else was saying over the weekend: if you have nothing constructive to add at this time, you should take a break (or start a forum where you can go prattle on to your heart’s content). This is not the time or place to hurl invective at people who are suffering.

          • CW


            I am glad you are new around here and now directing things with the stern manner of a proper elementary teacher.

            I was simply pointing out that some individuals suggesting extreme measures might be overreacting a bit and may need to get a grip on reality. Why don’t they talk to some of the folks in Colorado right now? Or Syria, for that matter?

  • Its hot in here

    Does anyone know if power is back on Cleveland st off lee highway?

  • courthouse dude
  • Any south glebe by TJ news

  • Col Pike Neighbor

    My friend went to QP to pick up some stuff and two Dom Power trucks rolled up. TBD

  • Bender

    Comcast cable and internet just came back up. They were out from about 9 to 11:05.

    • amb007

      Same here, at VA Square. Hope it holds out!

  • Col Pike Neighbor

    Comcast back at s. courthouse & col pike

  • ArlingtonRes

    Comcast internet just started working here in Sheffield Court, but TV is still out, DVR works tho. Kinda bummed i cant watch Newsroom tonight, but that’s nothin compared to others problems.

  • Matt

    Anybody know if there is power at Fillmore Gardens (Near the Drafthouse: Walter Reed and Columbia Pike)

    • Enna

      Doesn’t look like it. 🙁

    • The whole block from TJ to the pike is out. I’m spending the night in fairfax

  • AT

    Verizon DSL is still down in Rosslyn. Does anyone have it back up yet?

  • clayton

    Comcast TV/internet back up at The Chatham condos – 4501 Arlington Blvd

  • AJ

    For those still wondering on the Quincy Plaza front, word from the Dittmar HVAC and Dominion guy on the scene is that Quincy has a bad transformer, and the nearest replacement is in Richmond. The Dominion guy said it would be there by tomorrow evening.

    Apparently Quincy blew out its transformer last night when power was briefly restored. Other residents on the scene were also saying that they heard that Dominion didn’t even know the Quincy power was still out, although that’s just word on the street. Still no sign of building management as off 11:30 PM.

  • saysay

    Wowww 72+ hours at Quincy now fuxkinnnn Bonnie

    • KW

      Bonnie was staying at Randolph!

  • nunya businiss

    Fillmore Gardens (Columbia Pike & S Walter Reed) still without power??? Wondering if I can come home yet…

    • hc

      Still no power at fillmore gardens and no visible dominion crew.

      • nunya

        Thanks so much! 🙂

      • 8th street s

        I live in Fillmore Gardens too. Thanks for the update. I plan on stopping by later to check in, but I have doubts.

        We tried sleeping in there on Saturday night, but it was unbearable. Luckily now we are with a friend in River House who has power, but no Internet.

        • nunya

          Will you let us know what you find out? I’m staying in Reston so can’t check myself. Fingers crossed it’s back on!

          • 8th street s

            Just checked up on my apartment. Still no power in the complex or the surrounding neighborhood.

  • brodies

    As of 630 this morning, most of Lyon Park was still dark (though there seems to be a few random blocks close to Washington Blvd that have power). The generator at Long Branch Elementary has been running continuously and very, very loudly since Friday evening, but I’ve yet to see anyone go in or come out of the school. The stoplight at 50 and Fillmore is back up, but it’s being powered by a small generator, and the light seems to be operating on a pure timed schedule rather than the pressure sensitive thing it usually uses.

    I know there are people in the world who sleep in this kind of weather every night, but no one in my house seems capable of doing so, myself included. It’s hot at night and remains super stuffy, even with all of the windows open, and laying down somehow just makes it worse.

  • Rvue

    On N Quinn, Rosslyn Vue & one of the Rosslyn Heights buildings is still w/o power this morning. I’m getting a little worried that we are being forgotten since everyone else in the surrounding blocks is just fine & I haven’t noticed any Dominion trucks around. Sigh.

  • HenryBennetXIII

    So how did all those lads on the Car Free Diet charge their cell phones this weekend?

    • CW

      Apparently using the outlets at Courthouse Plaza.

      When I first saw this article with that pic of the two dudes standing there, it was on my phone, the pic was small, and I thought they were peeing on the wall. I was like, wow, Arlington really has degenerated into chaos!

    • drax

      At Starbucks or whatever, like most people. Duh.


    My power was back up, around 6:30 pm, Sunday. S. Courthouse Rd in Penrose. Still there are a lot places with out power in South Arlington.

  • PL25rd

    No power at my house this morning! I’m at work now, enjoying the AC. It is SO hot.

  • Still no power in barcroft – route 50 and s George mason
    I just saw on WTOP that the state department school is closed so it seems the outage is still around here. So weird when neighbors across street all have power but the houses on a side street are dark (we are a corner lot)
    Thanks for clarification on Comcast – had not thought of folks who have bundle services – phone is critical now!
    Tried calling dominion power again today to report the outage again but Verizon is not working well. Will try later today.

    • Slater

      You can report you outage over the internet on Dominion’s site. I pay my bill through their website, so I just logged on and there was a link to report an outage on the account.

    • Eileen

      Can your neighbors run an extension cord across the street to you? We’ve done that in Columbia Forest.

  • MyHood

    Still no power in the South Arlington Ridge Rd. West of Kent vicinity. I’ve never been so happy to be at work.

    • WeiQiang

      Here’s a link that someone else posted: https://www.dom.com/storm-center/pdf/crew-locations-northern-va.pdf

      CAn’t tell whether the S 16th & S 17th Sts are in our hood, but the 24th & Arl Ridge location looks promising because it’s a block from the downed tree on 23rd. We’re just preparing for outage through Fri.

      • MyHood

        Thanks! That is promising.

        Walked the dog early this morning and on 16th S. between Joyce and Lynn there were many extension cords stretched from the South side of the street to the North with people helping each other get a little power. It was really nice to see. I had a hard time discerning which side had power and which side was getting the hand. If you are @ home and the situation changes, I’d love a heads up.

        • WeiQiang

          LOL. Love the extension cord bit. Neighbors have been accomodating. 17th up to K seems to have power. 19th up to K seems to have power. 18th from J to K is out both sides. For all the times we’ve had power through hurricanes and storms, the neighbors east of J good-naturedly remind me that they’re just balancing the scorecard.

        • WeiQiang

          oh … and at work today, but am checking several times during the day. and there’s our one neighbor on the corner who has power and is keeping watching all day with plans to call if it comes back on. will let you know.

          • Dave

            Called dominion this AM after seeing the work list to tell them that they missed the major one on 23rd st s. they logged it but as of five minutes ago no progress. Let’s hope tonight!!!!

  • bert

    For the Quincy Plaza residents out there, if you’d like to send a complaint to Dittmar management, try this email..

    [email protected]​y.com

    I had a complaint about QP staff a few months ago and it was quickly resolved through that person at Dittmar management. Not saying that the types of complaints here will be solved quickly, but I’m sure any professionally stated concerns will be helpful.

    Dittmar/QP may not have been able to fix anything without Dominion, but they could have helped their residents provide other options rather than abandoning the building. We’ll see if they do anything today…

    • Mad_at_Bonnie

      Tried but the email must no longer be valid. Please let us know if you get through.

  • clayton

    Power back on in The Chatham condos – S. George Mason & Hwy. 50

  • Any updates on 5th street south Stratton house apt? Staying in fairfax.

  • Lesley

    Have been in Annapolis (without power) since Thursday … wondering if I will be coming back to melted stuff in my freezer. Does anyone know if the North Fairlington/Shirlington area has power?


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