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Morning Poll: Taking Time Off for Independence Day?

by ARLnow.com July 2, 2012 at 11:45 am 2,879 6 Comments

This year’s Independence Day holiday falls on a Wednesday, which for many creates a bit of confusion about whether to and/or how to take time off of work.

Do you take off Tuesday or Thursday, giving yourself something of a mid-week weekend? Do you take two days off either before or after the Fourth of July, thus giving yourself a very long weekend? Do you throw caution to the wind and just take the entire week off? Or do you not take any time off work at all, and leave the easy long weekend for next year, when the Fourth falls on a Thursday?

How many days this week — including the Fourth — will you be taking off of work?

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  • Opie

    Taking Thursday and Friday. From a pure slacker point of view, taking the day before a major holiday is a waste of a vacation day. At least around here, not much will happen tomorrow, clients will already be out of town, and you can coast through the day and skip out a little early.

  • CW

    I’m just taking Wednesday. Personally, I’d rather have two two-day work weeks with a day off in the middle and save vacation to use some other time then have a five-day weekend.

  • CrystalMikey

    Just the one the gov’t is giving me, Wed.

  • DD

    My daycare is closed Wednesday through Friday

    • j

      You type very well considering you are in daycare.

  • Other side of the river

    How much of a vacation is it if the power is still out?


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