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Utility Companies Still Working to Restore Service

by ARLnow.com July 2, 2012 at 9:44 am 8,534 131 Comments

(Updated at 12:55 p.m.) Dominion, Comcast and Verizon are all working to restore service to thousands of Arlington customers still affected by Friday night’s storm.

As of 9:30 a.m. on Monday, 27,586 Dominion customers were still without power, down from 59,000 at noon on Saturday. The company says it has 4,200 employees and contractors working to restore power to customers in all affected areas, but notes that the huge scale of the damage is making restoration a multi-day process.

“Many poles and cross arms need to be replaced, and other infrastructure needs to be rebuilt,” Dominion said in a press release.

Verizon says it’s working “around the clock” to restore phone, internet and TV service. According to spokesman Harry J. Mitchell:

As with most services in the immediate aftermath of the storms — a situation faced by more than a million residences and businesses throughout the Washington metropolitan area — Verizon has been making every effort to assess damages to its facilities and immediately had crews working to get services back online. However, due to extensive commercial power outages across the entire region, our crews have had to deal with a number of technical and mechanical challenges, in addition to storm damage such as downed poles and trees on our wires.

A power issue in one of our Arlington facilities has created several issues that we’re currently working through, including difficulty some callers are having when dialing 911 in Fairfax and Prince William counties. These counties’ 911 centers now are receiving most calls, and we continue to work diligently to restore full calling to them.

We’re working late hours — often around the clock — and bringing in additional technicians from other parts of our service area to assist in bringing service back as quickly as we possibly can. We appreciate customers’ continued patience as we work to restore services in the wake of one of the worst storms in recent memory.

Comcast, meanwhile, is also facing significant service issues in Arlington in the wake of the storm. Last night many Twitter users reported that their Comcast TV and internet service had gone out, despite it working earlier in the day. According to Comcast spokeswoman Aimee N. Metrick:

At this time it appears most issues are directly related to commercial power outages, and for the vast majority of people, service should be restored as power comes back on to their homes. However, given the severity of the winds and rain that arose from this storm, we are also seeing some more extensive damage caused by falling trees, poles and more that will take longer to repair.

We are working closely with state and local emergency personnel and power companies, and have employees working across the footprint to assess and repair damage in impacted areas once provided clearance that it’s safe to do so. We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding, and will continue to work until service has been restored for all.

With temperatures again expected to climb into the 90s, Arlington County’s libraries and community centers are open today as cooling centers for those without power. Among the centers that will be open are:

  • Aurora Hills Community and Senior Center (10am-3pm)
  • Barcroft Sports and Fitness Center (8 am-10:30pm)
  • Carver Community Center (9am-9pm)
  • Charles Drew Community Center (3pm-9pm)
  • Fairlington Community Center (8am-9pm)
  • Gunston Community Center (2pm-9pm)
  • Langston-Brown Community Center (9am-10pm)
  • Lee Community Center (9:30am-6pm)
  • Madison Community Center (9am-9pm)
  • Thomas Jefferson Community Center (6am-10pm)
  • Walter Reed Community Center (8am-10pm)

Arlington’s libraries — including Central, Aurora Hills, Glencarlyn, Shirlington, Westover — are scheduled to be open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. today. Yesterday Central Library and Shirlington Branch Library stayed open until 11:00 p.m. to accommodate those who lost power. According to the library blog, some 600 people were crammed into Central Library yesterday afternoon. The fire department also set up a temporary spray park at Central Library to help kids cool off.

The Cherrydale and Columbia Pike libraries are closed today due to lack of power. Also closed is the Lubber Run Community Center, the Long Branch Nature Center, some schools and some summer camps. See a full list of county closures here.

Dogma Bakery in Shirlington (2772 S. Arlington Mill Drive) is remaining open until 9:00 tonight and welcoming pets and owners who need a cool place at which to hang out. Owner Sheila Raebel — whose own house is without power — says she has set up chairs and tables after finding out that other cooling centers weren’t necessarily welcoming pets.

“We had people who were asking about it,” she said. “We found out the county… doesn’t have a place for people with their pets to come when it’s really hot. There are a lot of dogs who are older and a lot of cats who can’t live in a place where it’s 85 degrees”

The store’s Lee Highway location is currently closed due to lack of power.

Flickr pool photo by ddimick

  • SW

    Still no power in Arlington Forest. I’ve never been so happy to go into work this morning and soak up the a/c.

  • SomeGuy

    Anyone know how often the library disinfects its furniture? I’m asking that in all seriousness.

    • WeiQiang

      Not often enough. Recommend bringing bleach wipes with you … and not just during Electric Refugee Events.

    • Bender

      “How often” or “if’?

  • Moderated

    Are you serious? Disinfected? Uhm, how often do you think? Does never sound good? Okay. Let’s go with never. It’s a library pal, not an operating room.

    • SomeGuy

      To think that they might occasionally wipe down a table, run the vacuum, or mop a floor is not to suggest that it houses operating room conditions. I’ll assume from your comment that you don’t know the answer, “pal.”

      • drax

        Do you always worry about this, SomeGuy? It’s not like having random people use the library furniture every day is a new thing.

        • SomeGuy

          Yes. I always worry about it. But I worry even more about the sanitary conditions when the facility is being touted as a shelter and reportedly has “some 600 people…crammed into” it.

          It seems you don’t have an answer to the question either though.

          • drax

            I’d worry about that too, but the furniture isn’t the biggest worry in that case.

          • Moderated

            Calm down there, Howard Hughes The answer is probably never. Does this mean we’re not pals?

          • SomeGuy

            I am calm. And whether the library disinfects its furniture has no effect on whether we’re pals. But my name is not Howard.

  • South Awwlington

    Thanks to all the crews working around the clock in the extreme heat and for little thanks. Remember how dangerous this job is people.

    • WeiQiang

      + 220 … 221 … whatever it takes

      • JohnB2

        Lol @ Mr. Mom reference. You’re dating yourself there…

        • WeiQiang

          … or we both are. *heh*

    • CrystalMikey

      I agree….major kudos to the guys/gals working out there in this heat.

    • Oranger

      Yup. While I know that people suffering in houses without A/C is miserable, I was there with you this weekend, the guys out fixing the stuff are 100x worse. They don’t have the option of going to another A/C-ed place, they’re in heavy protective gear, and are probably worrying about their own house/family. I hope they’re staying safe and hydrated and everyone can get back to normal soon.

    • Arlingtonian

      + a million!

    • JimPB

      South Awwlington: You speak (write) my mind.

  • South Side Chris

    Drove through Lyon Park and Village this morning, quite disaster seen. But also plenty of cleanup and power crews out getting it done. I foresee an excess of Arlington county mulch in the near future.

    • Buckingham Bandit

      At least the smell of the Glebe Rd. hobos will be overmatched by the smell of rotting organic material.

      • Lyon Hall Res

        Good to know that you saw crews in Lyon Park this morning. I was told that we wouldn’t see anyone until Friday. It looks like a tornardo ripped through most of our neighborhood.

  • JSmith

    Can anyone post here if the power comes backup in barcroft (s four mile run)?

    • Not yet – I’m also in barcroft – a bit closer to rt 50 and we are still dark

    • David

      Barcroft is back working. We’re near S George Mason/S. 4 Mile Run…just came on in the last 10-15 minutes

      • Wow congrats – we are closer to rt 50 behind the Unitarian church
        Hope we get ours soon too. The prospect of AC seems AO distant right now

        I’m very happy for you guys 😉

  • really

    Are the utility trucks invisible? I can’t even find one to bribe to come to my street.

    • Nitin

      try looking anywhere listed here (today’s locations): https://www.dom.com/storm-center/pdf/crew-locations-northern-va.pdf

      • ChrisS

        That’s awesome. They list every street for a 4 block radius around mine, but not my street. I have to assume if they are working on those streets they would fix our problem too. Assume, or hope.

      • WeiQiang

        nice link. thx. any idea if doc has an “as of” date/time?

        • Nitin

          Updated as of today (7/2). Main page is here:https://www.dom.com/storm-center/crew-work-locations.jsp

          • WeiQiang

            Rog. Thx.

          • Loocy

            That makes me want to cry. Nothing anywhere close. We have a cluster of three pulverized poles, wires, transformers, mixed with trees, fences, etc, between 25th pl and 26th street off George Mason and it’s going to take a LOT of work. I was hoping that one of those out of state crews could get started on it this morning because it’s a huge job.

            Getting cranky, sorry.

          • Opie

            Well it says 26th and Glebe, and 26th and Harrison, maybe they will meet in the middle.

          • PL25rd

            Ergh. That explains why our house doesn’t have power. That’s a block over from us. Was trying to figure it out yesterday, as our block seems OK. Stay cool!

          • Makes me cry too – my street isn’t even on the list! I have now made my 3rd phone call to report it.

      • really


      • brodies

        This was the most exciting document I’ve seen in weeks! I’m still almost certain that I will never have power back, but three of the identified streets have downed lines near my house. COME ON POWER! Needs me some functioning refrigerator and, maybe, a working fan!

  • Quincy Plaza Resident

    Dittmar and Quincy Plaza management should be ashamed of themselves. On Sunday at 11pm, Dominion power arrived to Quincy Plaza, where power has been out since Friday night (despite the fact that the power was restored to the grid on which Quincy sits since Saturday night). Dominion said that it was not until 10pm on Sunday that Dittmar and Quincy Plaza management notified them that Quincy Plaza did not have power. Only a callous landlord would wait 24 hours to notify Dominion that its building did not have power.

    It turns out that the problem was a broken transformer located inside Quincy Plaza. Domion has to drive up a transformer from Richmond. Had Dittmar notified Domion of the problem on Saturday night, the transformer would be here by now. It is not.

    The management of the building is nowhere to be found. The management escaped Quincy Plaza to the air conditioned Randolph Towers.

    • I dont think the landlord was callous. I think he was assuming that Dominion knew and/or that someone else did it. I had a neighbor contact Dominion when our power went out Saturday afternoon. They told her they didnt know, and that maybe a tree fell.
      Come to find out, they shut the power to prevent further outages and direct flow to businesses. It may have been on Dominons side.

      • drax

        Or they tried to report it and the phones were jammed, like they were when I tried to call Dominion.

      • dk (not DK)

        I don’t live in this building, and have had power continuously, so I have no dog in this fight and am no more cranky than usual. That said, I can only respond to your post as follows: WHAT?

        It is not the landlord’s job to “assume” anything. It is certainly not his/her job to assume that someone else did it. It is his job to MAKE SURE. Do you think he also ASSUMES the rent checks arrive on time? Or do you think he MAKES SURE?

        When you own/operate a rental property, it is your job to MAKE SURE the property is safe and secure following any unusual circumstances. You don’t sit at home and ASSUME the power is on when a million people are without it. And if you can’t get through to Dominion, then you MAKE SURE your residents are informed and are okay.

        • KH

          Here’s the problem. (Based on my observation and conclusions, for what they’re worth. Probably not much, but at least here’s my thought process.)

          Everyone’s power went out Friday night. Power came back on during the day Saturday except for a few blocks b/w VASQ Metro station and Quincy St, b/w Fairfax Dr and 9th St.

          Power was restored to that area around 10:15PM Saturday night, for about 30 min, at which point Quincy Plaza went down. A few minutes later the rest of that area went back down. At this point it seems pretty strong evidence that Quincy Plaza itself is the problem within that area.

          Sunday, the area I’m describing came back up during the day, except for Quincy Plaza. At this point all doubt should be removed.

          Quincy charges residents a flat utility fee – which even I’ll admit is a pretty good deal, $50/month – but in doing so don’t they take accountability for the service?

    • Opie

      Nobody that lives in the building took the time to report the problem to Dominion themselves?

      • anon.

        I did not, but only because of the signs posted at the front desk and in the one working elevator that mgmt. was in “constant contact” with Dominion about our situation.

        • Dude Where’s My Car

          condoences. as I type this, dudes in hard hats are sniffing around your building entrance, if that makes you feel any better.

          • BallstonNOTBoston

            I bet they smell 20 floors of trash backed up IN the building.

        • drax

          “Dominion said that it was not until 10pm on Sunday that Dittmar and Quincy Plaza management notified them that Quincy Plaza did not have power.”

          Perhaps that’s not true.

      • Ballston View

        Friend who lives there is a refugee at my place. I’m told when residents called Dominion Power for help, they were asked for acount numbers. Electricity is included in the rent, hence no one has an account number and no help. Still, many griped to them about the situation.

        • Clarendon

          Electric included in the rent ? Dittmar is saving some money then while the power is out – make sure you get some rent credit.

    • girlFace

      I live next door to QP and currently there is a crane and a flatbed truck with your new transformer(optimus prime?) sitting on it on the Pollard side of the building
      so, maybe soon ?

      • BallstonNOTBoston

        Thanks for the update!

      • WeiQiang

        optimus prime … classic. Shia LaBeouf saves Arlington.

      • Pat Ting

        Much needed new thanks so much!

        I stayed in Woodbridge last night because of the temperature and smell of rotten food and refuse on my floor. I hope it comes online soon!

      • Dude Where’s My Car

        uh… that’s not a flatbed truck… that’s… uh… you see, when two transformers love each other very much… they… uh…

  • Richard Emerson

    No power in Fairlington, the Arlington, or the Heatherlea. More than 3,000 units in those three areas alone, and there is no indication from Dominion that they are working on the surrounding areas to restore power.

    • comeatmebro

      North Fairlington and 1/2 of South Fairlington have power.

    • Mike

      The Heatherlea (where I live) appears to be out because of a utility pole down at the corner of Arlington Mill and Walter Reed. They dropped off a new pole yesterday afternoon, but as of this morning, it was just lying next to the road.

      • ShirliMan

        I live in Heatherlea too. I was disappointed when I check Dom Power’s website this morning (from my cold office) and saw no indication of work crews in our area.


        • Mike

          My fiance is at home, and tells me that they just started digging out the old pole!!! Maybe we’ll have power back tonight? It’s actually a little exciting following this, cause other than the heat, we’re all doing ok with it.

          • ShirliMan

            Great! Thanks neighborly update.

          • ShirliMan

            I meant, thanks FOR THE neighborly update.

  • b

    The Comcast statement doesn’t really address what happened last night.

  • db

    Comcast statement is not true. I never lost power, but my cable, which includes tv, Internet and phone, have been out since the storm. The guy said: “…for the vast majority of people, service should be restored as power comes back on to their homes.” Well, power was always flowing to my home, so why no Comcast? The guy across the street has Fios bundle, and he never lost his service. I smell a rat, Comcast.

    • HollaArl

      Not sure if it’s your case or not, but we have out Fios and Power coming from two different poles. So your power line might be okay, but the pole where your cable comes from might be damaged. Just a theory.

      • WeiQiang

        Exactly how it is in our neighborhood. Power and Comcast are on the lines in front. FiOS is on the line behind.

      • JohnB2

        Or an intervening repeater for Comcast has a different power feed than the repeaters for FIOS. Lots of reasons can cause one to go out but not the other.

    • drax

      “Vast majority” < everyone. Math.

    • Oranger

      Comcast lines were different from power. At my old place I lost Comcast a lot during storms, but power merely flickered at worst. My guess is some of their routers are above ground. Right now I think the power guys get priority when digging/replacing, or they could be disrupting power to the boxes, and power is way more important than internetz.

      Just a suggestion: monitor how much your line has been down and ask Comcast to pro-rate. I lost CC for four days after the “snow storm” two winters again (the 6″ in a few hours during commute time) and called them and after talking to two people, they transferred me to the billing dept and they agreed to give me a $20 discount.

      • NoVA Nurse

        I just tried calling Comcast to speak with somebody, and I actually received this automated message: “We are unable to take your call right now due to very high phone volume.”

        Good luck trying to speak to any humans. They appear to be swamped right now.

      • Dude Where’s My Car

        Called Comcast about service outage in DC once. They said they had 575 customers connected to a box at the top of a utility pole a few blocks from us. So, yeah, maybe above-ground 😉

    • 5555624

      It seems to me that in order for your “power to come back on” you need to lose it first — be careful what you wish for.

    • Ballston View

      I know many FIOS folks without service. My Comcast was only down for an hour or so last night. Everything has been so random.

    • Mike

      Same thing happened to me with FIOS – I never lost power, and FIOS worked immediately after the storm, but starting Saturday morning FIOS internet and phone went out for several hours. FIOS said the problem was power outages in the area, even though power was on at my house. Internet started working on Saturday, and phone came back Sunday by morning.

    • Ivy

      Comcast never works even when there is no storm. That is why I got rid of them a few years back to go with FIOS and it’s the best decision I ever made

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Comcast question.

    I have the digital converter box. Green light on the right is on now that I have power, but the green light on the left is out and I get nothing when I attempt to power on the box.

    Is my box fried or is this due to the outage? I can’t reach anyone at Comcast.

    • Loocy

      Is it plugged into a GFCI circuit? That may need resetting.

      • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

        The box is getting power. When I plug it in the display goes though initialization, but then it is dark. No time of day.

        • zimmy

          Based on past experience with Comcast equipment if it is not displaying the time that means it is not getting a signal from the comcast office.

        • South Awwlington

          This is typical when service is not available. Waiting game.

    • drax
      • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

        That was helpful. Not. But thanks.

        • drax

          I guess you’ll just have to hold a hunger strike in front of the Comcast HQ until you get answers.

        • drax

          Seriously, did you read the manual or the troubleshooting guide? Because it’s probably there. And when you wait on the phone for an hour for a guy in India, where they laugh at people who whine about air conditioning and cable TV, he’s going to read from the guide for you.

          • IP678

            Not true. Comcast can interact with your device and perform diagnostics while they have you on the phone.

          • drax

            Not when you can’t reach anyone at Comcast on the phone, which is what he said.

  • Loocy

    Serious question here folks. I have a very full freezer that stayed frozen for a really long time, but it’s just beginning to unfreeze and given the damage in my neighborhood and dearth of utility trucks, I suspect I won’t get power for a long time. I have some really nice burgers and chicken that are not thawed yet (but will be soon) — anyone know of any charitable organizations with power who might welcome some uncooked meat?

    • Tabs

      They won’t take them.

      Check the front page of the Washington Post for guidelines on what to toss and what to cook.

    • CH

      Can you grill them up and invite the neighborhood over? (Or make friends with a neighbor with a grill first!)

    • drax

      I’ll take it.

  • B

    I was so glad to see 16th St S on that Dominion pdf, thanks. Looking out my window and seeing fellow Arlington Village neighbors not even 100 feet away enjoying their AC during the day and their lights during the night has made this wait a bit tougher to swallow. Fingers crossed.

    • do you still not have power in arlington village? i was extremely surprised when we got our power back saturday night (i’m in the first row off the pike) but comcast is still out, at least was as of this morning. “no timetable for restoration,” per the tech i spoke to yesterday. trying to be thankful for AC, and for my smart phone, and for wtop streaming from the website…

  • Justin

    Anyone having cell phone network problems? I’m on Sprint and haven’t been able to connect to 3G since the storm.

    • Ballston View

      VZW and ATT were out til Sat pm.

      • Opie

        It varied. I had Tmobile service first thing Saturday, although only in certain parts of Arlington (Lee and Lexington for example, barely a bar). I had absolutely no service at home, until all of the sudden at around 10:00 last night it popped on full strength.

        • nom de guerre

          erectile dysfunction has been resolved!

    • Ballston

      Is it out everywhere or just at your house? I was unable to get AT&T 3g at my house, but Verzion 3g worked fine. Additionally, when I drove to get lunch, AT&T 3g worked. Leads me to think it’s dependant on whatever cell tower is closest to you.

      • WeiQiang

        this one

      • GOT U


  • In communicato

    Okay – so I had power all the time, cable tv, internet, landline and cell phone after the storm, too until at least 1:30 am. I want Comcast AND Verizon to let me know why the next morning and still up till today tv and internet service only worked an hour or two each day and then went dead. I have a landline verizon phone at home and it still doesn’t work. That never happened before.

  • d’man

    Power is back up in Alcova Heights!!

    • Congrats to you! One by one we will all have our electricity fixed! I just can’t imagine living before ACs were invented!!!

      • Glebe Roader

        Hey you young Wippersnapper! I’m 50 years old and did not have AC in my house until I was about 20. And, yes, it DID get up to 100 degrees in the 1960s and 70s. We also only had 3 TV stations and had to get up to manually turn the channel.

  • JQSkate

    Still nothing in Fillmore Gardens. There is a note about power running off generators and not to use AC, but I’m almost positive people didn’t heed that.

    Off to spend another night with a friend off site….

    • FG resident

      I live in FG apartments too, and had only heard second hand about the generator situation as I’ve been camping out at a house w/ power and AC. Could you clarify what the note says/what’s happening?

      • JQSkate

        The management put handwritten notes on all the front doors which said something like “Power is running off generators. Do not plug in your AC or it will blow the generators.”

        However, I had no power as of 9pm…I left to go stay with a friend, though it is definitely a cooler night tonight than other days.

        Here’s hoping tomorrow is our lucky day!

        • FG resident

          Thanks! I am keeping my fingers crossed for sure. It seems like so much is getting restored around us that tomorrow will hopefully be it. I’m almost afraid to even say that though.

  • Alex

    Power back in Barcroft neighborhood of South Arlington, VA (22204). It was on behind us at our neighbors on 7th St S last night, but it came on here around 3:30 pm at 8th St S. Heard from a friend that power in the residential area near Glebe and Columbia Pike is back as of around 5:45 pm this evening. Hang in there folks. We’re slowly returning to ‘normality.’

    • FG resident

      This is so close to Fillmore Gardens it’s killing me! Do you have any idea how late Dominion has people working (is it still continuous in shifts, or is it more just like a standard work day)?

      • Aurora Hills resident

        They seem to work around the clock. I saw some lights in the alley behind my house past 11pm last night and our power was restored by 11:45pm. Hang in there and good luck!

      • Matt

        hey, do you know the FG situation right now?

      • Matt

        Any idea of current state of FG?

  • VA

    Tonight around 6pm the power was still out in several of the shops (like Papillon and Twisted Vines) near the corner of Walter Reed Drive and Columbia Pike… and out in the condos near Walter Reed and 13th Street and 13th Road South. I noticed the Dominion crew working on the poles/power lines near Walter Reed and Arlington Mill soon after 6pm too… fingers crossed.

  • Like Alex, we had our lights come back on at about 6:00 PM. I actually screamed when lights came on. Our area is also 22204 – off of Rt 50 and S. Geo Mason, behind the Unitarian Church.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO DOMINION POWER. The work is awful and folks are doing the best they can.

    For all those nearby, hold on – your turn is coming.

    By the way, I did call Dominion again earlier in the afternoon and made another request. I read here that it does not hurt to do that. So others may want to do the same.

    It’s such a relief!!!

    • MyHood

      Show off! Seriously congratulations to you.

      • 🙂

        Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone without power. Hope it comes on today.

  • MyHood

    South Arlington west of Kent still no power. Squirrels guarding the downed tree on 23rd street just below the Ridge doing “Yeoman’s work” it hasn’t moved an inch.

    • WeiQiang

      Thanks for the heads up. I stopped by the house after work then ventured over to 23rd. The squirrels have tapped in to the FiOS cable on the pole that the tree fell in to and are enjoying a few episodes of ‘Trueblood’ on HBO before karaoke at Freddie’s.

  • Matt

    Any updates on Fillmore Gardens?

    • Lola

      At Fillmore Gardens, the power is still out but generators are being installed. They have not finished installing the generators, so some buildings are still without power 🙁

      • Matt

        we cant use A/C with generators anyway right?

        • FG resident

          I think that’s the case, using the AC would use too much power or something like that.

  • Evan

    Does anyone know if the power is on at Falls Station Condominiums?

  • RVue

    I still had no power at my place at Rosslyn Vue as of 7:30pm. I finally caved and checked into a hotel. We are now the only building on that stretch of N. Quinn without power. Fingers crossed for tomorrow??

  • Fire neighbor

    How nice they built firestation # 3 with new electrical service that is done with in one storm. Our street has only ever lost power during Irene until our new fangled firestation with underground lines and new transformers. Where does that leave us? In the dark for a few more days.

  • Stratton House Resident

    Any word on the Stratton House apt complex off glebe and 5th street south

  • hc

    Fillmore Gardens now has power.

    • FG resident

      Yay! I’m almost afraid to ask – full power? AC? Or did they just get the generators working? Thanks!!

  • Eileen

    Any update for North Arlington 25th St. N. We have been without power since Friday night along with most of you.

  • Panda

    Lost power at Fillmore Gardens around 10 PM. Called emergency number and they said the power should be on by 2 AM. It is 4:30 AM and nothing. They aren’t answering their Emergency line either. Is that legal? I’m on the 3rd floor and it is so hot. I’m in my car with the AC on. At least there is that. I called Dominion Power but since I don’t have an account with them directly, they can’t report an outage because I’m not in their system. The address of FG is also not in their system. This sucks!


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