Grateful Red Wine Store Now Open in Clarendon

by ARLnow.com July 3, 2012 at 3:00 pm 6,800 17 Comments

Grateful Red, a new boutique wine and gift store from the owners of Screwtop Wine Bar (1025 N. Fillmore Street), is now open in Clarendon.

Located at 2727 Wilson Blvd, in the old Shoefly space, Grateful Red will carry (the store is still building its inventory) 500-600 bottles of wine, primarily from lesser-known independent producers, including local Virginia wineries. The store also offers beer, gourmet snacks and cheeses, and gifts.

While Screwtop will continue to operate its small retail wine shop, owner Wendy Buckley says she opened Grateful Red in order to offer more variety to customers. Many of the wines at the store can’t be found elsewhere in the immediate area, she said.

“When someone comes here, they won’t see a lot of wines they see in grocery stores,” she said.

Buckley said she’s happy to have hired some of the former staffers from Best Cellars, the Clarendon wine store that closed last year. She said the closing of Best Cellars in Clarendon wasn’t due to a lack of business. Instead, Buckley suggested, the store was doing well, but closed due to financial problems with the parent company.

Store General Manager Amanda Weaver-Page, who formerly managed the Best Cellars location in Dupont Circle, will be offering wine classes at the store, including “wine 101” and classes that focus on specific wine-growing regions.

Buckley noted that the store is pet friendly, takes pride in its sense of humor. Gifts on sale include funny t-shirts, bedazzled flasks, and an ice cube tray that makes ice in the shape of the Titanic. Although the staff is knowledgeable about wine, Buckley says they “don’t take themselves too seriously.”

Future plans for the store include adding the capability to fill beer growlers, and launching a wine basket delivery service for the D.C. metro area.

  • (another) Greg

    Forget the growlers, I’d rather have one of those awesome French wine pumps!


  • CourthouseChris

    I hope they target Best Cellars’ price window, which was very nice. Sometimes you want a drinkin’ wine, not a sippin’ wine – like when you have no electricity and no hope of getting it anytime soon.

    Growlers… that sounds like the ticket.

  • Clarendon

    Sounds pretty cool. I think providing some unique gift-type items is a good idea.

  • nunya

    they have the cliff bar wine. booze in a bag. im so there!

  • CW

    Now there are going to be people arguing for months whether it is called “Grateful Red” or “Grateful Red Wine” a la “Lime Fresh”…

    • nom de guerre

      It’s pronounced Lee-MAY Fresh, yo, bro. I recommend distilled spirits as they provide more bang for the buck but I hear that liquor, beer, wine, cigarettes and lottery tickets are in short supply.

  • Andy

    So yuppie.

  • James Moron

    Is that the Riddler in picture 6?

  • Buckwheat

    Been there multiple times already. Fun shop and great wine! Can’t wait for the custom growlers:).

    I like the French pumps too, but associated with a short red dress:)

  • Great little store and nice owners. Best of luck to them

  • ytk

    hahaha! Grateful Red– i just got-it.

  • ytk

    I will be by,
    to peruse
    their booze

  • hi-time

    Since Jerry can’t roll in his grave his ashes are restless…

    • Tater Salad

      no doubt enjoying some Ripple)

  • karzai

    Good luck. And just to update my fans, I walked by Bronx Pizza this A.M., bearing in mind they were targeting a July 1 opening. It is now July 5. I predicted a Labor Day opening, if then, and I see nothing to alter that prediction at this point.

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  • Definitely a great help to have wine classes instead of just doing a trial and error with the unlimited wine choices around. Gift items are also a great idea especially since the holidays are near.


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